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  1. That means my 9.0 Vampirella #1 signed by Neal Adams should be a gold mine
  2. My Eastman books have moved to SFG finally
  3. Still waiting on mine, they didn't make the first round of signings showing received 2/8 hope it moves soon.
  4. I need help, I am hoping someone has some insight to this. So I am moving and I have 3 books at CGC that will most likely not make it back to me by the time I have to be out of my current house. I know I will need to change my address on my account but am concerned that it will not be relayed correctly and my books will end up at the wrong address. Anyone dealt with this before?
  5. Correction, I was looking at the wrong grade the X-Men 266 is 9.0 not 9.8, I want to be honest about my books I am not trying to post false info my bad
  6. This is one of my favorite covers, i love it!!
  7. Received - 10/23/20 Pressed - and back to CGC 2/23/21 Shipped - 3/4/21 132 day for 3 books, the only thing that makes it bearable is the grades. Secret Wars #8 9.8 and 9.4 X-Men #266 9.8
  8. Finally after 125 days my 3 books have moved to SFG.
  9. That's good to hear you had no issues. I live in North Dakota so I am used to the cold and snow, we just had a 10 day stretch were we didn't get above zero. Mornings we were at -22 below with - 40 below wind chill.
  10. 117 days (83 Working days) and counting, still not back from CCS
  11. Sent 2 books in for the Eastman + Bishop signing, shipped last Tuesday, arrived to CGC Friday and showing received today!!! I will probably get these back before the 3 that have been there since 10/23/20 still not back from CCS, I am hoping it will be this week.