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  1. Hello,

    this is my first time selling to the CGC boards, so I hope I’m doing this right.

    I have a few nice CGC Marvel keys up for sale.

    X-Men 101 CGC 9.2 - $550

    Fantastic Four 52 CGC 6.0 - SOLD

    Marvel Feature 1 CGC 9.2 signed by Neal Adams - $600

    X-Factor 6 CGC 9.6 signed by Stan Lee - $210

    Avengers 57 CGC 7.5 signed by Stan Lee - $800



    1) First :takeit: sign (by timestamp) in the thread or via PM is the winner. I am happy to receive PMs about the book but an unconditional :takeit:will be given precedence over ongoing negotiations.

    2) Payments - PayPal

    3) Shipping is $13.95 for 2-day Priority shopping to US only.

     4) Under no circumstances are HOS, Probies, or shady type people allowed to purchase.

     5) I don’t have any kudos on here yet, but feel free to checkout my eBay profile “michael.462”, I have sold several comics there and have had nothing but satisfied buyers.