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  1. I'm looking for any facilitators going to MonsterMania 45 in NJ on March 13-15. Pretty solid guest list: Looking to get a CGC witnessed sigature from Sam Raimi on a comic book.
  2. I have a few of these certificates and stickers on some books too. If the seller has a high seller rating and positive reviews, it should be fine. In terms of the signature, it Really depends when these were signed. Most of my Stan Lee signatures were signed towards the last few years of his life and his signatures varied from classic Stan Lee to not legible at all. Some instances he signed twice because he started signing it Stanley. If you decide to buy books signed raw, make sure they came from someone you trust or saw with their own eyes. But the only way to be sure is to buy them CGC yellow labeled.
  3. When I first was offered to have a special Stan Lee yellow label, I jumped at the chance. But when I saw it, it was not as attractive as I was expecting. It was not a photo of him, but an artists rendering of him. And the artist is J. Scott Campbell. So, if you're not a fan of his work, then the Stan Lee label is not worth your money. This applies to some of the new Avengers labels they've announced, some drawn by Clayton Crain, etc. So this is something to consider for either your own PC or selling to the market.
  4. I'm looking for any facilitators who can take a few books I'd like signed. Guest list: Tom Holland, Jason David Frank, John Carpenter, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Steranko, O'Neill, McLeod, Lago, etc.
  5. Hey @Celestial Comics will you have a booth at Silicon Valley Comic-Con in August to accept books for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stone Cold Steve Austin? Thanks!
  6. Looking for facilitators who are attending SVCC in August 16-18, 2019. Nice guest list of celebs: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator reunion) Robert Patrick Edward Furlong Stone Cold Steve Austin Morena Baccarin Jason Mamoa Lou Ferrigno Austin St. John David Fielding
  7. Hey Bunky, Thanks for asking, really appreciate it! I'm interested in good looking low grade 0.5-2.0 (raw or slabbed) books, can be restored or incomplete: Captain America Comics 72, 76-78 Action Comics 33 Detective Comics 44, 54, 70 Plastic Man 33 Flash Comics 86 Green Lantern 5 Marvel Tales 93 and 94
  8. I've got books for Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and James Hong at Spooky Empire in Tampa on Oct.31-Nov.3, 2019. Any facilitators going to this?
  9. SAME! Would really love a Sam Raimi signature as well. And James Hong and Bruce Campbell cause why not.
  10. Excited for this show! Which vendors at the show would be good to see for Golden Age books, like early Action Comics, Detective Comics, Flash Comics, Captain America Comics and Sensation Comics? Thanks!
  11. I too am curious about any facilitators for this show. But more importantly, if Peter Laird will show to complete the TMNT reunion. Fingers crossed!
  12. Any facilitators going to Nickel City Comic-Con May 17-19 in Buffalo, New York? Looking to get Joe Jusko to sign a few books. Thanks!!
  13. That's a bummer. My gut feeling is fans (like me) will still pay for a witnessed signature, no matter the cost. Regardless, having CGC there or not, getting to meet Mr. Larsen will be a check off the bucket list. Thanks for the updates ya'll!
  14. I was a fan of hunting for NM raw books and then slabbing them for my collection. But after my experience with CGC's newtown rings, which 50% of the books that I've gotten back recently have had, I have changed my approach. I now hunt for older slabbed books, like pre-2014, which do not have the newton ring issue AND are so much cheaper since more and more collectors are selling off their old slab in favor of new ones. they may not be in the clearer and much more heftier slabs but not seeing oils all over my book makes it worth it, especially on an all black cover. just my opinion.
  15. Any facilitators out there who can get a Kevin Feigi signature on a magazine that I want signed and then sent to CGC for a yellow label? I know he'll be making appearances for the Avengers Endgame Premier and possibly at D23 in the future. Thanks!