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  1. @Celestial Comics Glad to see you guys will be at the Silicon Valley Comic-Con in mid August. Will we be able to drop off books at your booth for witnessed signatures for creators at the event and for future conventions that you'll be attending?
  2. Yeah I've heard similar rumblings about that exact same thing. Thanks for confirming!
  3. Same here. I've been trying to get Hughes for a while now. He's cancelled a few appearances this year so I try to send in something when he shows up.
  4. Looking to get some books CGC signed with a few creators. Any facilitators in the Las Vegas area? Torpedo Comics has a great lineup in the next few months. Jim Lee Adam Hughes J Scott Campbell Mark Silvestri
  5. Pretty good line up of celebs and Walking Dead cast at the this Walker Stalker/Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. Looking to get a sig from Steven Yeun so any CGC facilitators in the San Jose area interested??
  6. Aznfunk

    Fan expo Canada 2018 con report

    Sad to be missing this. Really amazing collection of books!
  7. Aznfunk

    Rose City CC Sept 7-9 facilitator?

    Posted the same thing a few weeks ago and no takers.
  8. Aznfunk


    @Kevlar Are there still slots open for Tom Hiddleston and how much for a sig? Thanks!!!
  9. Aznfunk

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Just got my very first CGC SS graded slabs back after months of waiting and was somewhat disappointed to see 6 out my 10 books (which is a pretty bad percentage for error) with noticeable oily spots, which I later found out are a known issue called Newton Rings. I held out on getting books slabbed until after CGC had worked out the kinks and perfected the "slabbing" process. Unfortunately they have not. Bottom line is they look sloppy. I will be waiting until they fix this issue before I get anymore books slabbed.
  10. Looking for any facilitators accepting subs for Adam Hughes at Rose City Comic-Con 9/7-9/9 in Portland. Many thanks in advance!
  11. This is an amazing list! Anyone know of any facilitators for Rose City Comic-Con in Portland this Sept? Been trying to get some books signed by Adam Hughes.
  12. Definitely going to send a book in. When's the deadline for submissions?
  13. Any upcoming signings for Hulk Hogan or Mark Hamill?
  14. Thanks so much @Celestial Comics for the update! Much appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you guys.