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  1. Awesome. And very interesting! I will update the page on my site about that issue. Thanks!
  2. Also, regarding the main question, I initially assumed it was a girl, but the model is pretty androgynous, so I've never been quite sure, especially given the coy reference in a subsequent issue mentioned above.
  3. Mark from Mark's Very Large National Lampoon Site ( here... I have two copies of this issue and there is a full page ad on page 84 in both. I note as well that the Letters from the Editors feature in that issue also says "continued on page 84". I think it's quite possible that there was a late ad insertion and that the press run was interrupted for it, resulting in some issues containing the "jump" copy and some with the ad. This wouldn't be the first time differences appeared in two copies of the same issue. I have only seen issues with the ad, so I assumed it was a joke (as it says on my site), but maybe not. OtherEric, would you mind posting a scan or photo of the whole page? I'd be curious to see if the rest of the Letters feature is there, too, possibly next to a 2/3 page house ad (which in magazines are generally use to fill unsold ad space).