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  1. That's a damn good 6.0! Congrats!
  2. FF48 is arguably my favourite cover in all of comics. Kirby artwork that defined silver age comics for me, and the colour used for the cover is bright and rich. I'm not the biggest FF fan, but seeing the worried faces of the First fam tells us a lot about what is coming. The anticipation of who is coming, and why FF is so worried makes the whole reason why we love superhero comics. We NEED that super powerful villain to challenge our heroes. And you want to keep on reading how the hero defeats this evil. Believe it or not, we all seek this. We all want to see that OVERPOWERED bad guy, and we also all want to see the hero prevail at the end, after a struggle. It's the most basic (and successful) superhero storytelling.
  3. wait --- can we go back to your story for a second. So your card was originally graded a "TRIMMED" card. But with PSA, they didn't detect it? Doesn't that still make you wonder if it's trimmed or not? My personal opinion, detecting trimmed edges is VERY VERY hard. I'm curious, does anyone know how most companies detect trimmed edges? Or is that a trade secret that no one likes to share, to prevent people from gaming it?
  4. That's another pretty good point to bring up. I feel like the same applies to Silver Age 7.5-8.5 books. You see a lot of books bunch up in pricing within that range. And it's not until you hit 9.0+ you really see a spike. Either way, let's all just agree, comics are worth EXACTLY how much someone is willing to pay for a book We all have our reasons why something should be less or more in pricing.
  5. I haven't seen the exact copies you are talking about, but the pricing doesn't always puzzle me. I am always in the market to buy a copy of high grade 181s, and what I realized is, not all copies at the same grade are the same. Mind you, I'm more of a collector than a flipper, so I always go after the best looking copy, which means the following to me. 1. Nice wrap / centering. It can show a bit of white spine, as long as it's straight. 2. White Pages. I'll settle for OW-W if it is in OLD LABEL. 3. Bright fresh colours (not usually a problem with high grade). 4. No writing, or ugly stamps - I can live with a clean date stamp, ideally on the back cover. 5. No obvious printing errors that look like stains or anything that is a huge eye sore. So as you can see, with all these items I personally look out for, it's no wonder to me, that some buyers will pay premium for a nice copy, and something like an off cut copy can sell for a lot less than expected. Also, don't forget, depending which state or country it is bought from, the tax laws are different, so that's a huge factor as well.
  6. I try not to look at comics as investments.... but it's hard not to when prices reach so high!!! I want to realize some gains. Having said that, even when some books dip, I'm more than happy to hold. And never sell. This is after all a HOBBY FIRST, for me I really wonder, how many people on this board are purist, and just buy BIG BOOKS, for the whole reason of collecting, and not flipping to make a quick buck.....
  7. Isn't it true, if you crack open a CGC case, and return the label, they'll take it off the census?
  8. anyone have an X-Men 1 to sell me?
  9. We have to keep in mind, anything can be viewed as a bubble. Reality is, comics are not a commodity, as much as you want it to be. Very technically speaking, comics (and any collectibles for that matter) are basically useless junk with some cool history to it. But if the comic book industry is alive and well, X-Men 1 is as safe a bet as any book. If WW3 does happen, I think the value of my X-Men 1 is the last thing I'm worried about, right?
  10. I don't think anyone needs to convince others on this forum, that comics can be a good investment