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  1. Call me lazy, but can someone tell me everything about this tread in a succinct manner, where I only have to read one short paragraph at most?
  2. I know the book (saw it in person), I know the store, I've talked to the collector (he posted on FB asking for help): it's a situation, but happy the collector got his money at the end. I have heard of MUCH worse situations in comic book transactions. A little bit of personal experience to relate to this story; I once consigned a book to a dealer, and took 4-5 months to actually get money, even though it was basically sold the day I offered the book. But here is what I think everyone needs to understand, just like any other business transaction, trust and having a relationship with someone you do business with, goes a long way. The dealer I was dealing with, is A++, and explained to me the whole time, where the money was, why I didn't have it, and when I should be expecting it. I have a good relationship with him, it is why I consigned with him, and didn't worry once I wouldn't get my money.
  3. How many ToS57 Curator copies are out there? Because this copy clearly states "Curator" on label. Does anyone know who performed the CPR?
  4. I'm like a week late, but I finally caught up with this book. Modern books like this never cease to amaze me. For $2K I can get a nice high grade WWBN32!!! ASM129? GSX1? Having said that, this is a cool modern book to own, no doubt, but really wonder if this is really that rare.
  5. paying above GPA --- let me know what you got Came close with a copy copies, but the wrap wasn't to my liking.
  6. You have to remember, there are tons of Comic collectors who know NOTHING about social media, and forums. Some rely on their LCS, and eBay only. I'm sure it's out there, but it might be hard!
  7. As title states. If anyone has these two books, let me know. PAYING 5-10% above 90 GPA! Thanks!
  8. Damn Lou --- is it me, or does this book scream "I NEED A PRESS!!!" ??????