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  1. Asking: $350USD + Exact Shipping (You tell me how you want me to ship it) All Sales Final *NO RETURNS* Accepted Payments: Cash / E-mail Money Transfer / PayPal Pressing History: Unknown. I was not the original owner. For those who have bought from me, you know I pack well and secure
  2. Does anyone know how he even became an OS advisor? (Sorry if I missed it in this thread or anywhere else).
  3. Just got this beauty from @blazingbob . I don't remember the last time I saw a copy with WHITE PAGES, I had to get this! Thank you goes to both Bob and @Guardian Comics (for helping to receive) ..... two of the best I know in the comic world!
  4. Are you at all interested in a Avengers 257 CGC 9.8? PM to further discuss
  5. I got a EOSV2 CGC 9.8 if you are interested. PM me your price.
  6. WHOA, this is a really old post I made. Long story short, during this time, only 1 person offered me a copy. It was a fair price, but I didn't take it, as I didn't love the wrap on the copy. Over the year, I kind of gave up the book, as prices have really gone up to a point, I rather not own it, and have the cash. This is what I mean.... look at the price:
  7. I wish I was as good looking as you
  8. Quick and secure shipping No issues whatsoever, happy to purchase again in the future. Thank you!
  9. This is the most generous OCD offer I have seen! I'll keep an eye out for you