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  1. Hi everyone, Looking to buy some golf clubs, which means I need to sell my other hobby item! (As per the wife) Asking $3600 - PayPal G&S, E-Transfer (If Canadian), and Cash (If local) (+Shipping, however you want me to ship it) Last 3 9.8 Newsstand (GoCollect Sales Data): $3800, $3999, $4000. Last 3 9.8 Newsstand (GPA Sales Data): $3800, $3750, $4000 No Returns, all sales final. I've sold and bought many times on these boards, let me know if you need respectable references. I may ask for references as well from buyer.
  2. Just saw this WTB thread and read through it. So what is the angle from OP? He likes fishing on the boards? Seems like there are sellers, yet he isn't buying. I know @Iceman399 decently well through the comic community, and he doesn't usually blast someone unless it is warranted.
  3. It is hedging on inflation. So all these comics are being inflated as well. Econ 102 here (It's the next course after learning supply and demand) We all know the US (and basically the whole world) is printing more money than ever. Right now, holding cash MIGHT (just a theory) be the worst thing you can do. If hyper inflations happens, you'll see the US Dollar value of these books go even HIGHER. Someone who understands economics more than me might want to explain.
  4. The post was from 2019 and he was selling little by little. Needless to say, he didn't sell all 200 at today's price. Even if he sold last week, he wouldn't have gotten top dollar! This book is just crazy!
  5. Uncanny X-Men #142 CGC 9.6 WHITE PAGES = $150USD + Shipping X-men #138 CGC 9.4 WHITE PAGES = $60 USD + Shipping Will ship to US / Canada at cost Take both for $200USD + Shipping No Returns ---- Can provide more photos if you want Trusted Seller - Many references upon request. Payment Method: Paypal and E-mail Money Transfer
  6. Almost impossible until I found this guy......
  7. Showcase 22 is a rare book in "OW-W". I have a feeling the buyer of this copy knows EXACTLY what he is buying. FYI - Try finding a WHITE PAGER for this book
  8. Decide to swing your massive...... I'll let you finish the sentence