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  1. FWIW I just received a Consignment payment from MCS, but it was dated 3/27 Also I noticed that I had not recieved an EMail from CHuck this week. Went to the website and it looks like no new books added to inventory since Saturday. Looks like he was shut down I still contend that the attendance at the live portion of Heritages online auctions MUST be way down. Maybe that is why only one of my 3 offerings from Saturday session the March signature Auction received a single bid from the floor.. For that matter neither did my HULK 181 in the earlier auction.
  2. here are the last couple I got from Blissard and even included another First Series
  3. Here are a couple Roy Rogers from my recent batch from Blissard
  4. I will see your Magoo And raise you Two Mousketeers
  5. many of the upgrades I got from Bliss are file copies , so that is always nice I was very weak on Little LuLu's. Not so much after these. Still missing the First #74
  6. Well I got absolutely hosed on my entries in the March signature auctions My New Book of Comics #2 5.5 sold for barely half of either guide or the last heritage sale from just December. Never heard one word from my heritage rep, nor do I expect to. What can he say? " sorry we suck" Once they had my books last September their communications were basically non existent
  7. here are a few I recently picked up from Blissard. WHile none of these filled holes, they were all nice upgrades
  8. So is there any discussion of the actual movie in this thread? I saw it last weekend and enjoyed it. Going to see The Invisible Man in an hour. It is comic related as I have an invisible man comic
  9. Finished, at least for now, a redesign of my spreadsheet to be able to produce a concise 1 page want list that distinguishes missing from upgrades. Many thanks to kaculler for providing me with the Title Index so I could import the data While the new style is much more cluttered than the one I came up with a few years ago, I think that adding the title and and current grade is very valuable
  10. And my last book just closed at well under either value or even 10% the last comp for the book from 6 years ago
  11. ANd my Seven Seas Big Apple was 1/3rd less than the book sold for last year
  12. OUCH my New Book #2 closed at barely 1/2 what the same book sold for in Decmeber
  13. I had to go back and read what I actually wrote. Meant to say biggest of the 25 lots I consigned through heritage, and the biggest sale of a book for me in my 55 years as a reader/collector/part-time dealer/investor/four color collector in comic books. Got a few other Early golden age books closing tomorrow like New Book of Comics #2
  14. For the first time ever I watched the live streaming of the Thursday session It was fun seeing several of the books increase 5 fold in the 2 minutes it took. I sold the biggest lot in that session Was both happy and disappointed for the Highest graded Special Edition #1 to reach auction in well over a decade to only jump from 3100 to 3700. To me that is a big book. Could not even imagine paying/owning a 50K book