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  1. Dazzler lot All high grade issues Isn't Dazzler going to make her Marvel Movie Universe debut in the next X-Men installment? 2 3 4 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 23 24 25 28 30 31 32 34 35 38 2x40 3x41 42 28 issues with a guide value of close to 200. How about $125 in trade value towards something you want to pass on
  2. Astonishing Tales Lot Containing the following issues 3 5 10 11 12 12 14 16 17 19 22 23 32 34 35 With an average grade on this lot of VF guide should be about $300 How about $200 in trade
  3. Next up is a group of 20 different Indian Head Pennies, These are all in G/VG condition Each set contains the following 20 coins 1882 1883 1887-1892 1897- 1908 The newest coin is 110 years old, while the oldest is 136 Retail by coin is about $40 How about $25 in Trade? I have at least 10 sets like this available
  4. here is the other high grade Casper lot from the early 70's This is Casper and Spooky and the run contain all 7 issues. Probbaly the best run you will ever find in one place
  5. The easiest way to trade might be for you to contact me if you have something on my want lists While working on a few deals here are a few more groupings that I am offering A very high grade group of Bronze Casper and the Ghostly Trio issues 1-7 of the total run of 10 books These were part of the Harvey warehouse find and are all beautiful unread books
  6. Here are the ear;per issues pg Casper and the Ghostly Trio
  7. I think these are all subscription copies, but they are all OO issues that I have had for over 50 years
  8. I never realized that this was a reprint. I was looking in the guide after I was this and found there were a total of 5 full reprints *and a couple of partials) with this being one of the earliest Oldest I saw was Snow White 382 which was a partial reprint of 49 Next Partial was 545 Pinocchio which was a partial reprint of #92 693 Song of the South was a partial reprint of 129 The best known full reprint is likely 668 which was the Dumbo with a different background cover,, but the same number. 682 Was a reprint of 505 Sword and the Rose, but with a different title There was 966 Tonka which changed titles to Comanche with the reprint at 1350, the next to last Four Color Then there was Donald in Mathmagic land which was 1051 and later 1198 1235 Mr Magoo was reprinted in 1965 several years after the end of the series, but with the same same number. Just a guess, but perhaps they were trying to cash in on the renewed popularity of Jim Backus after Gilligan's Isle. I will have to check to see if I have the Original or reprint Have a few of these scans handy, but not both versions of any at my fingertips
  9. And a few more from Terry Btw is anyone here fighting over the TWIST missing FC that Blissard has up for sale? Way higher tham I would have thought, even for a high grade copy
  10. I enjoy seeing a good Harvey cover, and actively collect the 3-D books along the way I picked up some nice Harveys that were part of there warehouse Some of these might contend for top of the census
  11. I have picked up a few multipacks over the years I have had many of these classics sets on display in a standing cardboard classics rack I also have a bunch of the harvey packs there as well
  12. so we must be about the same vintage Brian I was also buying from a spinner rack, or a magazine stand I know that i had a subscription to 3 books for a couple of years. Pretty sure that adventure was one of them These two were from a great 2 parter where they introduced 4 great members
  13. Legion is getting another boost on Supergirl this season with Nia Nal an ancestor of Dreamgirl (Nura Nal) being added to the cast Hope the books do not have to be in high grade to be appreciated here. The green dots indicate that these two are from my original collection, and less than a year after I got hooked on comics
  14. Thanks for catching that. Turns out the smudge is NOT on the comic, but instead was on the glass of the scanner. Wonder how many images had this until it was noticed. Guess it only really showed against a white background
  15. Trying to develop a better eye for sumbitting potential books for prescreen/grading I have almost a full set of this run that were untouched file copies. pages on most are very white. The number 1 does have a crease on the back cover but it is very hard to see in the scan Does seem to be some browning on hte back cover