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  1. FWIW  I just received a Consignment payment from MCS,  but it was dated 3/27 


    Also I noticed that I had not recieved an EMail  from CHuck this week.  Went to the website and it looks like no new books added to inventory since Saturday.  Looks like he was shut down 


    I still contend that the attendance at the live portion of Heritages  online auctions MUST be way down.  Maybe that is why only one of my 3 offerings from Saturday session the March signature Auction  received a single bid from the floor..  For that matter neither did my HULK  181 in the earlier auction.

  2. Well I got absolutely hosed on my entries in the March signature auctions

    My New Book of Comics #2 5.5 sold for barely half of either guide or the last heritage sale from just December. 

    Never heard one word from my heritage rep, nor do I expect to.  What can he say?  " sorry we suck" Once they had my books last September their communications were basically non existent 

  3. Finished, at least for now, a redesign of my spreadsheet to be able to produce a concise 1 page want list that  distinguishes missing from upgrades.

    Many thanks to kaculler for providing me with the Title Index  so I could import the data

    While the new style is much more cluttered than the one I came up with a few years ago,  I think that adding the title and and current grade is very valuable





    Full Want list 8-15-18.jpg

  4. 20 minutes ago, lou_fine said:

    Wowzers, so this was your copy of Spidey that sold in Thursday's session??:  hm  :whatthe:

    Silver Age (1956-1969):Superhero, Amazing Fantasy #15 (Marvel, 1962) CGC NM 9.4 Off-white to white pages....

    If so, congrats and very well done!!!  :applause:

    I had to go back and read what I actually wrote. 

    Meant to say biggest of the 25 lots I consigned through heritage, and the biggest sale of a book for me in my 55 years as a reader/collector/part-time dealer/investor/four color collector  in comic books.

    Got a few other Early golden age books closing tomorrow like New Book of Comics #2 

  5. For the first time ever I watched the live streaming of the Thursday session It was fun seeing several of the books  increase 5 fold in the 2 minutes it took.

    I sold the biggest lot in that session  Was both happy  and disappointed for the Highest graded Special Edition #1 to reach auction in well over a decade  to only jump from 3100 to 3700.  To me that is a big book.  Could not even imagine paying/owning a 50K book

  6. Updating my spreadsheets to track all the new books since last year.  I realized that upping my average grade to a 5.0 is going to be the most difficult  of my 2020 goals 

    Since I have about 1250 books, increasing the average grade by even .1 would take an additional 125 "points"  which translates to replacing 25  at 2.5 with 7.5's

    Making it even harder I am focusing on adding books that are either First Series or under 100  which are usually going to below my current 4.6 average grade 

    Here are two of my most recent additions/upgrades from MCS 


    fc 017 Popeye.jpg

    FC FS 25 Popeye.jpg

  7. Hulk closed at 2001.  nipping the other bidder who was at 2000


    The 4 books I bought as an investment back about 15 years ago are closing this week  starting off with the Special Edition #1  TOMORROW.  This is the nicest copy of the first book devoted to Captain Marvel in well over a decade


    During that closing I will likely be at the Retina specialist  getting a pelet inserted into my EYE via needle.  Hoping to stop the diabetic retinopathy


    Remember if you win one of my books I will purchase some of your FOUR COLORS

  8. Still looking for Key Four Colors


    Have 4 nice books closing this week on Heritage led off by a 6.5 copy of Special Edition #1,  The first comic devoted solely to Captain Marvel.  This is the nicest copy of this Key book that has been up for auction in over a decade.


    Hopefully someone will want this book

  9. I think this is a generally accepted list


    1217     Ken and Barbie #1 01-053-207        
    1228     Bonanza 01-070-207        
    1277    Mother Moose    01-530-207    
    1292     Cain’s Hundred #1 01-094-207        
    1314     Donald Duck Album 01-204-207        
    1315     Follow the Sun 01-280-207        
    1316     King Leanardo 01-390-207        
    1317     Laramie     01-418-207    
    1318     Leave it to Beaver 01-428-207        
    1319     Lolly and Pepper 01-459-207        
    1320     Man From Wells fargo 01-495-207        
    1321     Marge’s Lulu and Tubby in Japan 01-476-207        
    1322     The Prince and the Pauper 01-654-207        
    1323     National Velvet 01-556-207        
    1324     Pixie Dixie and Mr. Jinx 01-631-207        
    1325     The Real McCoy’s 01-689-207        
    1326     The Twilight Zone 01-860-207        
    1327     The Untouchables 01-879-207        
    1329    1329 This is unusual. Ben casey seems to fit the spot (#1 ) 12-063-207        
    1362    However Gyro Gearloose also seems to fit the spot. In fact I have a Gyro Gearloose in a CGC case titled Four Color #1329, despite the fact that 1329 is listed nowhere on the title or indica.        
    1331     Blue Phantom #1 01-066-208        
    1334     Dazey’s Diary 01-174-208        
    1338     Fury 01-292-208        
    1339    1339 Rawhide 01-684-208        
    1340     Beany and Cecil 01-057-209        
    1342     Brenda Lee’s Life Story 01-078-209        
    1343     Bullwinkle 01-090-209        
    1344     Drift Marlo #1 01-232-209        
    1345     Famous Indian Tribes #1 12-264-209        
    1346    1346; Jungle War Stories #1 01-384-209        
    1347     King Of Diamonds 01-391-209        
    1351     The Magic Sword 12-496-209        
    1352     Ponytail #1 12-641-209        
    1353     77 Sunset Strip 01-742-209        
    1363    The Twist 01-864-209        
    1355     Bonanza 01-070-210        
    1356     The Three Stooges Meet Hercules 01-828-208        
    1357     Mickey Mouse Album 12-518-210        
    1358     National Velvet 12-556-210        
    1359     The Twilight Zone 12-860-210        
    1360     The Untouchables 12-879-210        
    1361     (q?) Walt Disney’s Goofy Scoutmaster 12-308-211        

  10. Now that I have so much more data accessible I have been doing more statistical analysis


    My longest unbroken streak is between 598-672  for 75 consecutive issues.  the next best ones are only 45 and 43 issues


    the average grade of my books is only 4.63 with the lowest grades in the below 100 section as we would expect, in the low 3's but the highest grades are in the 6,7, 8  and 1100s  all of which are just over 5.

    My goal for 2020  is add at least 25 missing books  and upgrade at least 50.  Would love to bring the average grade up to at least 5.0 as well