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  1. Thank you for the input guys. I just have anxiety about pressing and grading a comic for the first time. I think I will do the prescreen just to be sure its necessary. Thank you again!
  2. Hey all this seems like a hot debate and it always get side tracked. I am very new to collecting comics. For the most part I have just been collecting random side characters because it was fun. Randomly felt the need to buy my most desired comic with the Hulk 181 (yipeeeee). However, I need to get it graded. It seems to be a beautiful comic with the exception of the spine curling a little. From what I understand this should definitely be pressed. I do not mind throwing in the extra money if it can help but I literally have no idea how to determine what is the correct thing to do. Trolls appreciated and useful information as well. Thanks!
  3. In the exact same situation with the exact same comic. Congrats on getting this bad boy! Hopefully someone gives some good advice