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  1. Hi guys looking at making my first purchase seen a copy of Batman #180 on Ebay. Sorry about only the one photo its all he has up. Was just wondering what your guess would be of what grade it would be? And if is less desirable because its a UK variant I think? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey guys new member from Scotland. Any recommendations on UK sites that sell graded comics?
  3. See this is a thing im a bit worries about as well. The only comics I know that are worth big money are the obvious ones like the first Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Thor and Hulk. I really love this one that's for sale on Ebay right now, I just love the Joker in that iconic Mask pose. But the seller is wanting $140 which I thought was a bit steep?
  4. I think you may have gotten the wrong idea man. Im not looking to just buy low and sell high I'm under no illusions that I'm going to become a millionaire flipping comic books lol. Ive just never previously bought comics that's are expensive most I've ever dropped is probably about £20. Since this is all rather new to me I just want to make sure I don't make a beginners mistake and buy something for say £100 and then realise it wasn't even worth half of that. Thanks for the info on shipping though, didn't know that so will probably make a couple purchases before sending them off.
  5. Hey guys Been a massive fan of the medium for years and have recently decided to start look at collecting graded comics, but since this is a world I have never really entered the whole thing seems a lot to take in and understand. So would be really appreciative if anyone would be willing to give me a few pointers to get me started. For example I am currently watching a copy of Thor#169 It seems to be going for a reasonable price and looks in decent condition but has yet not been graded I checked the price of what a graded copy of Thor#169 went for at Not sure if that site is an accurate account of what comics go for or are people just asking for a lot but if it is I think I could make some money on this one How much would it be for me to just have that one book graded? Was wondering if the cost of having the grading done would eliminate the bulk or all profit I could potentially gain from this comic. Any information would be greatly appreciated Regards