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  1. That's an ebay Fine all day! As a collector on a budget it gets my seal of approval.
  2. I have received my reholdered books back. Three slabs were sent off. Two of them have one tiny NR and the other one is totally clear. I'm satisfied with the books so right now I'm getting ready for another submission. A big thanks to Brittany for taking care of this issue. CGCs customer service is excellent IMO.
  3. My reholders are supposed to arrive today. I'll make sure to give a report. I have new books ready to submit and don't know if I should hold off.
  4. The hobby is becoming more expensive every day. Variants are wreaking havoc. SA books that used to be affordable are crazy expensive. Some keys cost more than a new car. Its whack.
  5. Gonna cash out at some point and give to family.
  6. If Swami is here in another form this will tell.
  7. Eyes cant see interior of book while in slab. I'm not Superman.
  8. Variants always seem to cause speculation and many people buy them up to get graded and quickly flip for a profit before interest in it does down. I purchased a few variants but won't go down that road again.
  9. My optically challenged books have been reholdered and are on their way. Keeping fingers crossed.
  10. When the book is encapsulated in plastic all you have is the label.
  11. Hey someone said there were some silver age deals in that pond down there.
  12. If yer sleepin you ain't gettin deelz to make $$$$$. So drink that monsta.
  13. Going fast track with Voldy?