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  1. What are the requirements for a "mega key"? Must be written down somewhere but I'm too lazy to do a search.
  2. Every book was raw at some point. You must learn what to look for and find reputable sellers. I have only purchased a few graded books and generally prefer the hunt for candidates for slabbing.
  3. I sell CGC slabs only with my account and lately I've been getting annoying messages from supposed buyers. Thay ask if I can ship the book right away. I say yes. No response for days. Finally same person apologizes and asks again if I can ship right away and also if I ship in a box. I reply yes to both. Never hear back. Weeks pass another buyer pulls the same thing. I'm to the point that if someone messages me asking if I can ship right away, I don't respond.
  4. Ride the Tiger


    Maybe the Black Cat got their tongue.
  5. Ride the Tiger


    Tired of seeing that already. As much as WOW or LOOK in the description.
  6. I had some fresh off the shelf books pressed once by the best presser in the game in Hope's of 9.9 but they still came back 9.8 I also subbed another of the same book without a press. Also came back 9.8 Sometimes it helps depending on the book and sometimes it doesn't.
  7. Ride the Tiger


    Well with 1061 graded books I'd be afraid to even touch that book.
  8. Ride the Tiger


    With 3 main grading companies and another few no one has ever heard of... why would you even want to gamble by giving out a certain grade knowing the buyer could use a 3rd world grading company and be way off from what our CGC would have given it? Whew. Talk about run on sentences. Anyhew... if the buyer subs to a lesser know grading company and complains about the difference in grade is Ebay gonna understand and tell the buyer they can't ask for a refund because they didn't use CGC?
  9. Ride the Tiger


    I don't care what grade is assigned as a buyer when it comes to raw books. If there aren't good enough pics/descriptions then I just move on. If I bid on something with blind faith hoping for a great book when there is nothing in the description and pics to support said greatness, then that's on me when I receive a garbage book. I have a small stack of those books at home and I have never asked for a return or left negative feedback. I believe the buyer has to accept their own stupidity at times.
  10. Ride the Tiger


    I always put " grade of book is estimated by PGX standards. Sending if off to any other grading company may have incorrect results. " and have it at the bottom of all this other stuff in the auction description.
  11. Yep. Summer of 2021. I'll never do standard value again. It was over 100 days last month.
  12. I would also consider getting the cheap Associate Membership so that you don't have to keep going thru a 3rd party to track your books. It's worth the small fee!
  13. Under service terms it says that you CC will be billed upon receipt if your books. We all know that's not 100% accurate but why??????
  14. Last 2 submissions CGC has charged my card as soon as they received the books. Never used to be that way. Maybe its different for everyone????
  15. What size box are you using? I was shipping all sorts of sizes for $11 with USPS Priority but now the prices have doubled for me.