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  1. Brittany is the best. The others..... not so much.
  2. They are probably just pushing it under the rug as always. We don't matter. No one besides Brittany has ever come into these forums and discussed these problems. They are cowards. Full of pride. Let's all sneak onto CGC property and replace their vehicles windshields with their own plastics.
  3. Ya think they might actually look at those negative comments and conclude that they need to rid their slabs of this problem?
  4. "Newton Rings are caused by an interference pattern" What a load of BS. Even PGX holders look better than CGCs and that's the ugly truth of it. Don't see them on CBCS slabs either. Why? What are they doing right? Maybe call them. Pretty sad a guy running a business out of his basement can make his slabs look better than our companies. Oh wait though we have those cool Spider-man stickers on our slabs. What a joke.
  5. That is really sad. A 5 month TAT shouldn't happen ever! I guess my books subbed in July will be next year.
  6. Well that's that. See yall in an hour when there will be rejoicing and also weeping.
  7. This would be a good round for a mulligan if there was one to use. Of course I may get lucky.
  8. I'd say you're right in the ballpark maybe even 6.0
  9. Unless you bullseye, you have undergraded or overgraded. Just sayin.
  10. I graded the books from this round on my cell phone with my contacts out. Sometimes ya gotta mix it up a bit.
  11. 8 points for this that everyone thinks is a chick and loser for watching nascar.