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  1. I'm sorry but your book was destroyed by a group of rabid lesbian penguins from outer space and is no longer available. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Final price drop. $52.00 includes shipping to anywhere in the US.
  3. Up for sale is Avengers #51 CGC 8.5 The case is brand new with no scratches and it will be shipped to you in the same condition. I take great pride in my packaging so that no damage will occur during transit. ShIpping is included in the asking price and is only available for the US. No International' I accept PayPal goods and services for payment. I will accept returns within 14 days of of the item being received. No Probies, HOSers allowed. PM me with any questions or concerns. I will give you my ebay user name if you request it. 1st gets the book over any PM $69 includes shipping
  4. Yes the homicide rate was pretty high in Chicago pre corona. I guess the gangsters are more afraid of the virus than others gun wielding gangsters. Or they are all inside smoking legalized marijuana and eating boxes of ding dongs.
  5. What's more important. Having money to survive as you are out of work or holding onto that rare comic? People will start to sell off comics at lower prices so they can eat. I know I would.
  6. Obviously the State Police haven't. They are also busy approving a gazillion new gun cards.
  7. Speaking of guns..... I live in Illinois where you have a 3 day on all handguns while the state does a background check on you and make sure yer not wacko. I've been waiting over 2 weeks due to the volume of sales. Crazy times.
  8. Ok thanks everyone. I suspected the phone was the problem. Off to buy a laptop.
  9. I notice alot of threads where people just put the word "Closed" in the title but yet the thread is still open. Maybe this function is not available on cell phone???? I'm not seeing that sold icon anywhere.
  10. Actually that's where the thread is and I still can't figure it out.