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  1. Graders notes don't always tell the tale of the defect. You could have 2 books that say "tear at top of spine". One book has an 1/8 inch tear. The other has a 2 inch tear. The deduction will be different for both books even though they have the exact same wording in the notes.
  2. For one grading a modern comic 1975 - present costs $20 per book plus shipping. Obviously if you send in 1 book then the shipping will probably make the whole transaction close to $50 bucks. If you send in 10+ books then the shipping fee becomes less of a factor. Books in modern tier may not be valued over $200. I guess it comes down to what books they are. What ya got?
  3. I try to find that middle of the road value. Somewhere between what I paid and what I think it will be worth once slabbed.
  4. It worked both ways for me. I thought I lost a few books because it showed others posting "Take" before me. Later I looked and I was the winner. And of course I saw my name as the the 1st Take on a few others but that changed later on.
  5. I was looking for it on ebay also. Not because I want to buy it but for educational purposes.
  6. There is no universal definition to Grail. Collect what you want. Call the books you want grails.
  7. The OP mentions that they believe someone may have damaged the book when trying to trim it. If that's the case then this book will take an even bigger hit from a restoration label.
  8. This one of them Paul McCartney thingys?
  9. On the other hand look at the grading scale the site provides. If that missing piece fits the description of "moderate" defect and the rest of the book is basically flawless then they are right on.
  10. I'll go out on a limb and say the spine most likely wasn't trimmed. That is a pretty ridiculous comment from a seller I've come to trust.
  11. This sounds like a job for Bitcoin Barry.