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  1. I learned straight out of Overstreet comic guide 2018-19, read explanation in Classiscs Illustrated listing. Tricky at first then you can pick first editions no problem when your out hunting comics!
  2. At 4pm Kateeja at CGC left email and came through like a superstar, with clear directions how to send back: mechanical error, transit damage... with shipping label! That's why I appreciate and use CGC. Thank you! Highly recommended.
  3. Not so lucky on recent was intact, but a surprise inside. Sent an email, no visable damage to comic. Does UPS run over all their packages with a forklift?! Jeez! It is...or was 9.8
  4. ...thank you whoever read this and moved my received date to today! Hmmm...Santa?!!
  5. ...well I sent a comic in on wednesday too!...June 26...still waiting...not kidding.
  6. Hit all pawn shops in and out of your area, probably sitting in a display case for sale. Maybe you can call you home owners insurance agent?
  7. Got book from local flea market, ticket said 1.8 grade...took a chance. Please explain red and blue ink runs on cover, from factory, I think? And potential grade. Thanks!
  8. Can't figure how the box was that damaged?!...dropped out of an airplane?...maybe this?...oh, there it is on the right!
  9. Amazingly no damage! Didn't shift, no I say "got lucky".
  10. Exactly! Lots of padding...whew, I was sweating when it got dropped off.
  11. ...after pressing, restoration removal option, I observed the staples are gone(removed) and not listed in description in case, book remained a solid 2.0...tape remains on cover and interior cover.
  12. Got it back today, 2.0...should have reholdered it only. It's ok, I'm learning, thanks for advice. Got it out of that old broken case, and put it a fresh new one!
  13. Ok it's off to CGC, with grading,pressing,and restoration removal this is addicting, I think I'm hooked! Thanks
  14. I'm new to this, so thanks for the advice! I think I'll send in for a press and regrade. Lets see how this ends up, keep the chat going. I'll pack up and send out tomorrow...update, with pics in 2 months,ugh...guess that's how long it takes normally. I paid $20 for this comic, don't care of value because I like it. Thanks again!
  15. Need some advice. Bought a old CGC Green Lantern #2 graded 2.0, case is cracked. Tape on lower cover edge 1". Thinking of just reholdering it, but if I had it pressed and their new stance on tape...would I possibly get a higher grade? Just wondering...Thanks.