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  1. Grade is in. 8.5! Very happy with that.
  2. Yeah it was a stash from a storage unit. I was pretty bummed when I saw the shape it was in. Do you think it's worth pressing/grading? What would you give it?
  3. I'm a little worried about damaging the book, considering the shape it's in. Would you consider this one safe to press?
  4. So I'm wondering what you guys think this low grade Hulk 180. Any chance it would manage a 3.0? Also do you think it's worth sending in? Sorry for the bag I put it in there before I realized I had no front pic.
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll press it and post the results.
  6. I just found this book and I'm wondering if it's worth grading. From what I've seen it's not worth much unless it's a high grade. What do you guys think? The cover is way off center and I see two small faint yellow stains on the back. Thanks
  7. The book has a scratch on the back. The pages are yellowish. What do you guys think? How bad does the scratch on the back hurt the grade?
  8. Hi, My Iron Man 101 has a diamond around the price instead of a square. Is this significant? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm new to this so I didn't know if there was any method for saving a book like this. Not a key though I just like it because it's my oldest book (1954).
  10. I have a book that has paper stuck to the back from another book. Is there a way to safely remove it without damaging this book? If I sent it in to be pressed and cleaned would they be able to remove it for me? Thanks for any input.
  11. Found this comic from the 50s in an old box of odds and ends! I'm very excited about it. Do you think it's worth getting graded because of the age? Or is it too beat up? Also the paper on the back corner is stuck on from another book. Is there a way to safely remove it without damaging this book? Thanks in advance.
  12. What do you think of this one? Thanks
  13. What do you think of this one? Thanks
  14. What do you think for a grade? Sorry I forgot back pic but no flaws that I can see there. That one slight bend is only visible under just the right light. Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks everyone for the input. What are you guys seeing that I'm missing? To me it looks really good but I'm new to this. Would it be worth pressing?