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  1. Sorry I missed it. If you have any more lb cole stuff, please dm me🙏
  2. I made a decent haul from the last ComicLink auction. When I picked up the package at FedEx, I immediately got that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It looked like someone stomped on half the box. Long story short, after I got the package home and inspected the contents, I noticed one of the CGC slabs has a diagonal crack on the back of the case in the upper right corner. Thankfully, the comic itself appears in good shape. The slab in question contains a rather pricey comic (a few thousand dollars), and it took me a bit of time to find that issue. I am hesitant to send it back to be re-slabbed because I'm worried about giving FedEx another opportunity to kill it. however, based on the grader’s notes, it seems as though I could have cgc press it and then re-grade it for a potentially higher grade... but is it possible it could now achieve a lower grade since it’s in an older holder? Has anyone heard of this happening? I don’t know if I want to take that risk... Thanks!
  3. The 119 is really the first Cole issue that grabbed my attention. I really love this 117 but I can't seem to find a nice-looking copy.
  4. Let me know when you want to sell this one, Adam
  5. Congrats on the 112. I consider it the cousin of #119, another favorite. I almost made a run at it, but I have a nice looking raw copy to look at for now. I hope you’re right in supposing tight-fisted collectors will take advantage of the market, because I still feel like Cole’s reputation (and prices) will only grow, and I think people are realizing the beauty and scarcity of once-ignored books and have become obsessed with “the hunt” instead of following the overwhelming majority of superhero appearances, second appearances, costume changes, and so on, of which there are hundreds of thousands of copies for anyone to own.
  6. Not sure if I can shed some light on the subject, but here's my long-winded attempt: I am a comic book fan/collector from way back. I was exclusively into Marvel and DC as a kid, leaning heavily toward the Avengers and X-Men. My friends and I used to collect soda cans and cash them in to buy comics off the rack at a local convenience store. We'd read them, trade them, and draw our own comics based on what we'd read. Ah, those were simple times Later, I got caught up in the Image hype of the 1990s and snagged all the gimmicky variant covers, etc. I used to go around to comic book stores and buy all the variants, then sell them for five times the price at a local flea market. The money went right back into my own collection. Sadly, at the time, I ignored all the "old stuff" because I could not relate to it, but also because it was waaay out of my price range. The vibrant, shiny covers of Spawn, Gen-13, Lady Death and the like were my focus at the time; they were inexpensive to buy and easy to flip for a fast buck. Other independent titles such as Bone and The Crow are the only titles that still appeal to me from the "modern" era. After a lot of the local shops closed their doors, I went off to college, went to work, and my collecting days were few and far between... Flash forward fifteen or so years later, after I finished college, began a career, and bought a house, I had a little bit of extra cash and started to gravitate back to the world of comics, only to discover that my tastes had changed. I found a lot of the modern stuff poorly drawn and somewhat silly. I found a lot of the Bronze stuff somewhat goofy, but at least nostalgic. Eventually I discovered my tastes shifting to the Silver Age, then the Golden Age. Eventually I stumbled upon some old Golden Age comics at a yard sale--including copies of Spook 27 and Shocking Mystery Cases 56--and began to learn about pre-code crime and horror. The more I learned, the more I began to love and appreciate these two genres. I was already in the middle of writing a new novel, and I had already intended comic books to play a role in the plot. My interest in Silver and Golden Age comics began to filter into the story. I became hooked on the works of L.B. Cole. I can't explain it, really. His art just struck a chord with me, and the rest, as they say, is history. I'm not a completist. There are some issues that just don't appeal to me in the same way (I'll admit it, I felt that way about "the skull with the mullet", aka BB 115, until I actually purchased one and held it in my hands; I still feel that way about some of his other covers). There are plenty of horror comics out there that just don't appeal to me (for example, I don't care for Black Cat 50, it's just too "ugly" for me). Instead, I just see an issue I love, and have to have it. Why? The answer is simple. It's the same reason a lot of you horde copies of your favorite issues: 1) because comics are a form of nostalgia, and they remind us of a time gone by, and 2) because we are at the age where we can afford to do so. With the internet, social media, comic cons, etc., titles and artists that were only known to hardcore fans are gaining more and more exposure, and likewise more appreciation.. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that L.B. Cole and other artists have been featured in various books and price guides. I could be wrong, but I think that with the movies and television shows out there, comics have never been "cooler" than now, and I'd expect the young people of today to be the collectors of tomorrow... and eventually they'll shake off the variant craze and expand their horizons, much like I did.
  7. Just wondering if this is overkill... My slabbed books often arrive with open-top polybags, and on more than a few occasions the top CGC label has either fallen off or has become partially detached due to it sticking to the top of the poly bag and/or just general rubbing during shipping. Because of this, I started storing my graded books in the large Gerber Mylites. They look nice, and it seems to prevent scratching, and also protects the older books with the sticker label on top. Anyone else store their books this way? I was wondering if there is a downside to this... could this harm the slabbed book in some way? Please share your thoughts.
  8. I was wondering if anyone else uses the large (magazine sized?) Gerber Mylites for their graded comics? I've had slabs sent to me in polybags before and they always look crappy, so I started placing mine in the Gerber acid-free Mylites. They look fantastic, and I think the Mylites do a better job to prevent scratches/protect the corners. However, I am wondering if this could somehow be bad for the comic. Please share your thoughts.
  9. AuthorJMR

    Regarding rust on staples on graded books

    Thanks for the responses. I was thinking the same thing. The reply I received said they looked at the staples "under magnification", but I thought I could spot some rust in their crappy auction photo, which is why I contacted them in the first place. I'm sort of torn about entering a few bids anyway (it's still early in the bidding), since these issues are definitely rare and it might be a long time (if ever) that I get a chance to add them to my collection.
  10. Hello. I am relatively new when it comes to collecting Golden Age comics. That said, there are several books I'm interested in that are graded between 8.0-9.0 by two well-known third parties. I contacted one of the auction houses, and they confirmed that at least one of the books had "a small amount of rust' on the staples, and that a small amount from one of the staples had begun to transfer to the spine of the comic itself. My question is: how much does this knock down the grade of the comic? What about the value? Would I be better off bidding on a nice-looking 7.0 with clean staples than an 8.0 with rust on staples? My concern is that I might be purchasing an 8.0 or a 9.0, but (many years) down the road it might be difficult to resell the issues in question, especially if the issue worsens. Please share your thoughts...
  11. Looking for Perfect Crime 23, something in the F-VF range with ow-w page quality., graded or raw. Also interested in Perfect Crime 16, 20, 27, 29, and 30. Please contact me direct.