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  1. Last one for now. I’ll be closing this thread around 8 PM tonight, so dm me if you would like to make an offer. Crime Mysteries is a title that has been on fire, and one that shows no signs of slowing down. This VG copy of 15 features the infamous acid-in-the-face cover. overall a solid copy, with visible stress color breaks, esp. around the staples, as well as some doodles on the cvr—at least the moon seems amused by everything. Crime Mysteries 15 $550
  2. Uncle Sam Quarterly 7 VG+/F with a stern Uncle Sam staring down a puny Hitler and company. Apparently manufactured with one staple in the middle, with some stress tears near the staple, the centerfold just holding on to the one staple, and as an added bonus, that narcissistic d-bag Gordon’s signature right on Sam’s forehead. Uncle Sam Quarterly 7 $475
  3. Here’s one that seems to be on fire lately: Out of the Shadows 11, featuring a bizarre zombie cover. This looks like it should easily fall in the Fine range, with a bit of stress or scuffing near the top right of the spine and some bends on the back cover that look improvable. Am I asking too much? Maybe...but I was starting to work on the run, so grab it before it ends up back in my pc! Out of the Shadows 11 $1,050
  4. Here are two great copies of Spellbound, with the star of the show being #3 with an awesome cover by Russ Heath. Spellbound 3 has the eye-appeal and colors of a comic in the Fine range, but I’m calling it a VG due to an unfortunate spine split from the top corner down to the top staple and some damage to the bottom left corner. It nevertheless looks awesome in a Mylite, and looks far nicer than most examples of this book. Spellbound 29 is VG/F in its own right. A solid copy. Not sure how to price these two... $700 for the pair.
  5. Well, that's going to be it for now. If these find new homes, I will post a bunch more. In the meantime, feel free to make an offer, especially if you're interested in multiple lots. Anyone who purchases multiple items will get first crack at some other nice pre-code comics...
  6. This provocative sex-robot-operated-by-an-alien cover for Amazing Adventures 4 seems just weird enough to be on any genre collector’s list. Amazing Adventures 4. VG-minus - obvious rip on right front, small spine split, small tears back cvr, multiple stress lines . $400
  7. Chilling Tales 13 has nice eye appeal but the book was apparently manufactured with one staple (which is rusty), and the cover is completely detached (the spine is not split, so at least there’s that.) note: there is migration on the cvr around where the staple pulled through. A decent reader or starter copy. Chilling Tales with detached cvr. $300
  8. Undercover Girl #5, features a reverse bondage cover and a badass gal with a gun. I’d say this should fall in the Fine range, albeit with noticeable oxidation/discoloration on the top staple and a few spots on the bottom staple as well. Undercover Girl 5 $425 NOW $400!
  9. Matt Baker Lot. 1. The Wartime Romances displays vibrant colors and features multiple Baker babes. VG 2. Pictorial Love Stories -a solid Fine, just a really nice copy that has a couple small pieces out of the front cvr (does not run through book.) 3. Fightin’ Marines - Vg-Fine. A solid copy featuring Canteen Kate in the sidebar. 4. Cinderella Love features and awesome winter scene. Unfortunately the spine is completely split, both front and back covers are completely detached. Baker Lot. SOLD TO POINT FIVE! THANK YOU!
  10. L.B. Cole lot. A great starter collection of one of the premier artists of the precode era. None of these have been pressed (obviously, lol) 1. Ghostly Weird 121 Fine 2. Spook 30 looks better than Fine, but some discoloring/staining (?) inside front cvr 3. The Horrors 13 Good - obvious pieces out of front cvr. 4. True to Life Romances VG 5. Spook 27 vg/vg- small v-shaped pieces out of bottom fr cvr. 6. Shocking Mystery Cases NOTE: ALSO INCLUDES a graded copy of Popular Teenage Love (graded by the competition) as a 3.0 (photo will be re-posted) L.B. Cole Lot. SOLD TO EDWARD WENDT - THANK YOU!
  11. The cover of Crime Clinic 11 (technically #2, since it’s the second book in the series) is definitely the best in the run, and gets my vote for one of the most bizarre precode crime covers. I think this is a solid VG, the obvious issues being the stress lines along the spine and the tear on the right front. Nevertheless, the overall structure and colors appear much better than the few copies that are out there for sale. Crime Clinic 11 VG $525 Last drop before I pull it: $450
  12. Another book that does not seem to garner the recognition it deserves, I’ll admit I was shocked this copy of Katy Keene 62 did not come back higher. This features an awesome Forbidden Planet homage. Steal this undergraded copy, which in my opinion looks much better than similarly graded copies. Katy Keene 62 5.5 $500