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  1. I’m curious: Would any GA book listed but not pictured be considered a White Space book?
  2. I’ve never seen them advertise a big ticket book that has NR apparent in the photos, so it seems as though they are capable of slabbing NR-free when they want to...
  3. Wow. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy? We should be thanking them for all these magical oil slicks... free “superior” optical illusions with every purchase.
  4. My first experience with them was positive. After that, I’ve had mostly poor results. One book had an impact tear through the entire book. When I questioned them about it, they said “that must be why the grade was a 3.5”, as if the rest of the book was flawless. The next book in the batch had a detached cover. This, of course, was not disclosed. i won’t even get started on the CC auctions...🤬
  5. I haven’t tried the solutions. I feel I shouldn’t have to, and it’s sad that a company would sit back and let their customers seek solutions rather than solving the problem themselves. Some my books are rare enough and/or too important to me to risk SCS as mentioned above. There just isn’t any consistency. Some people get lucky while others are pissed. One book gets the wedges to hold it in place, another is loose enough to slide around the case. Some are fitted perfectly in the well, others have suffered staple tears or have the pages pull loose from the comic because the inner sleeve is so tight that the covers are held in place but there’s enough room for the interiors to pull loose. Again, no consistency. I just can’t entrust my books until there is
  6. Unfortunately the real collectors are stuck with the same crappy product as the flippers.
  7. It definitely sucks. A recent CLink buy had the rings. I know I could gripe about it, but what’s the good? The new slab probably won’t be any better, and there’s a risk in damage shipping it there, there’s more risk when they de-slab and re-slab it (I had a re-slabbed book come back with a nick on the bottom cover that definitely wasn’t there before), and again there’s a risk waiting for the return (not to mention the wait itself.) so why do I have to do all that BS, and spend my time and money for their mistakes? it really is infuriating.
  8. An excellent example of the “superior optics” .