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  1. In essence, one could theoretically take an otherwise sharp modern book with a top corner ding, take a pair of tweezers, make a small incision and--abracadabra--you've got yourself a bindery tear and score a higher grade than you would with the corner ding?
  2. Again, considering this exact same copy was deemed a 9.6 with lesser page quality only a month or two ago, you be the judge.
  3. It’s to say it looked better than a 9.6, but either they missed the press damage or the damage didn’t show up until after (regression).
  4. So... this 9.8 was a 9.6 with a CVA sticker only a couple months ago. I was the high bidder but I ended up nixing the purchase after it was confirmed that there were bad ripples/bends on the lower right side of the cover. The assessment was that this comic had a "bad" press that caused water damage in the form of ripples, and it is *believed* that the regression did not show up until after the comic had been slabbed and given the CVA designation. Otherwise, that would be mighty embarrassing to think a comic with such obvious damage could possibly receive the CVA designation at a 9.6. It appear
  5. Does the OP have any photos of the comic prior to submitting? it looks like there’s a little pieces of paper or other artifacts caught in the inner well to the left of the corner tear in the magnified photo...if so this would support the damage was done during slabbing. Early CGC books received purple labels on miscut comics, which is a factory error. If you send just about any comic with a chip that size already missing, they’d normally nail you on the grade. It would be better for the integrity of the company to admit the mistake and make good with the OP rather than
  6. I’ll take another look but I don’t recall anything in the way of stains on the inside cover.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to break out the magnifying glass but I never noticed any ct🤔