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  1. These are all amazing, but H and I are blowing my mind.
  2. I love this cover, but always thought of how cool it would be to see Death through the windshield from the driver's POV, sort of like the Ken Shannon zombie cover.
  3. I agree. After watching his earlier video, I wrote that he reminds me of Gilbert Gottfried because I thought Dylan’s on-camera persona was part of his schtick. I no longer feel this is the case, and regret commenting. All joking aside, I think there are deeper issues here than we realize, and although I’m curious about the outcome of the story, I think the damage to two awesome comics—however it occurred—is punishment enough without being publicly humiliated and cyber bullied to the point this kid might actually want to hurt himself.
  4. Is anyone else getting a strong Gilbert Gottfried vibe from this fellow?
  5. Thanks to anyone who took the time to browse, inquire, and/or make an offer. I sold some other stuff on another venue, so I don't really need to let these go anymore.
  6. Here we have a couple of classic L.B. Cole covers... Blue Bolt 108 is in Good condition. As you can see, the cover is attached (barely), there is a major spine split at the top and extensive spine wear. Nevertheless, it "presents nicely", as folks are fond of saying these days, although it needs to be handled with care! Dare I say... it would look good in a slab! A respectable-looking copy, save for the spine. We also have a nice presenting copy of Criminals on the Run, featuring a fantastic shark cover. I guess this one is G/VG- due to rusty staples, some rust migration, and moisture damage. Again, a respectable looking copy, with most of the damage on the back cover. I'm going to start this pair at $600 and see what happens.
  7. Here is a precode comic I love, The Unseen 12, featuring an awesome cover by Nick Cardy as well as a very cool ghost story titled "The Helmsman". This one does not seem to come up often. Also, Out of the Shadows 7, featuring the story "The Plant of Doom, as well as a classic corpse cover (how's that for alliteration?). Both are in VG with obvious defects. I don't really want to sell these, so this will be the only price cut. $800. $700 firm.
  8. What's better than two Baker covers? How about THREE? I made a modest adjustment to the original price, but I am also adding a nice copy of Approved Comics 12/ Northwest Mounties in solid, respectable looking VG. Authentic Police Cases #29 in Fine/VF-, and Approved Comics/Western Bandit Trails #9 in VG (looks nicer, but there is a piece out of the back cover, and what looks to be an erasure? mark on the front. Take the Baker trio for $800.
  9. Next up we have two wartime comics, Camera Comics 2 and 8, both in the Fine range. These are very cool, mid-1940s comics (1944 and 1946, respectively) feature a mix of comic art and actual wartime photographs. Issue #2 only has 11 on the census, while issue 8 has a measly two copies graded! Nice PQ for 1940s comics! $700. TAKE THESE TWO RARE COMICS FOR $600.