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  1. I like Heritage the best. Their site is easy to navigate and you can really zoom in on the comics. CLink’s refusal to declare hidden defects and/or post back cover photos has soured me on bidding there. ComicConnect is okay, but their offerings just haven’t appealed to me for about a year now. Also, the last book I won on ComicConnect came with a crack on the slab. Their consignment rep told me “not to worry about it’.
  2. There can’t be too many of these around... All Famous Police Cases #1 . This is an Australian variant.
  3. I wondered about that myself. I also know the 7.5 belonged to a boardie who offered the book to me not long before this RS fiasco. He must be overjoyed with the auction results.
  4. Epilogue: I want to post a quick update that I just received my unopened envelope (containing my check for payment) from RICK STARR/John T. My envelope was postmarked on October 14, however, John attached a note stating that he received it on October 31. Hopefully this ties up any loose ends...