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  1. thewritestuff

    PGM Brenda Starr 9

    Thanks for the replies. I guess this stands as a warning in regards to pressing and spine correction. I decided to have a small group of books done by someone. One turned out brilliantly, two show enough improvements to make it worthwhile. Then there this one... I posted a PGM a few weeks back and most people estimated 6.5-7.5 with a shot at a higher grade with pressing. The photos show the cover staple was clearly attached, so there’s no doubt the spine correction and/or press did it in... I should’ve been satisfied with a 6.5-7.0, I guess.
  2. The cover is stunningly bright. Front cover detached at bottom staple. Centerfold also detached at bottom staple. Some light stains on back cover. This book was recently pressed but not cleaned. thanks!
  3. thewritestuff

    CGC Won't Cover Full Insurance Value

    I totally agree that it’s their fault, and I understand how infuriating that can be. I can relate, albeit on a smaller scale. Maybe you can post some photos online and shame them into doing the right thing.
  4. thewritestuff

    CGC Won't Cover Full Insurance Value

    I know it’s probably a matter of principle, but I think I’d be too pumped about the extra $7-$10k I’d be getting, rather than letting the $30 annoyance get me down.
  5. It looks great. That said, I am not knowledgeable in color touch/trimming but I definitely noticed something odd with the color, too. The top edge looks a bit strange as well.
  6. thewritestuff

    Brave and bold 1st justice league

    Thanks for the reply. That’s the ballpark I was thinking price-wise, too
  7. thewritestuff

    Brave and bold 1st justice league

    I’m thinking of selling this but not sure what to ask. I figured I’d finally poke around my old comic boxes and post more photos, in order to see what people think regarding grade. Cover has ripples or waviness. Spine split resulting in detached staple and centerfold loose at one staple. Pages are cream ... maybe tan? It’s fairly delicate, though the colors aren’t too shabby. Some guru could probably make it look a bit prettier, but it is a nice key regardless...
  8. Great cover! First time seeing this one.
  9. thewritestuff

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Awesome. I’d love to have a Terrors 18 that nice!