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  1. I bought a pack of BCW Archival Mylars silver size and was wondering if the Gerber full back board will fit comfortably in these without too much pressure on the comics? These to be exact
  2. These caught my eye and are fairly new as it seems. I haven't seen them before but now I am very interested. Does anyone think that these are a good idea?? I would love to see the back of my comics and with these that is possible. But are cardboard backings better? Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I am trying to figure out whether or not I will be using the service anymore. It is extremely convenient for me as I barely have to pay for shipping whilst using them. They are a very popular store in my area and are an official CGC dealer and get lots of books to send in which cuts shipping to less than a dollar. Here are some hi res photos (click to see better quality) of everything including what appears to be surface dirt/grime that should have probably come off or am I wrong? And you can also see some of the smaller dents/creases that I was talking about before. I can also say for sure the blue color on the chest was there before. Any more help is appreciated.
  4. The color loss on the chest was there before I know for a fact. I guess my only concern is just what is pictured above and the fact there are some small dent/dings on the front cover that I expected to be fully gone with a press.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I think a 6.0 for this comic is about as good as it gets considering the condition the spine is in. Also, is it normal to sign before saying that the presser isn't liable for any damage that may happen?
  6. Hey guys I'm a newbie when it comes to comic grading and pressing. I sent my first comics out to be graded and had them pressed beforehand. I went through a reputable place so I know they are good at what they do. I didn't take any pictures of the comics before which was a mistake and now I am conflicted here. I can't remember there being this crease and what looks to be a tear? Maybe I didn't look close enough so I can't really say anything. But I can still ask you guys! Does this look like pressing damage? I am tempted to read the grader notes but for $5 I am not sure.
  7. I got my CGC comics back today and am excited! These were the first books I have sent out to be graded. I also had them pressed and cleaned beforehand. The Spiderman 41 came from an antique store collection. Most of the collection was mold spotted from water damage and most had extremely rusty staples. Luckily the only one that was not bad was the Spiderman! I like to think I saved this book from being ruined forever. It benefited greatly from the pressing as the book was somewhat warped when bought. You can even see a little water staining on the back. It got a solid 3.5 which I am happy about given how it was found. Finally was this Fantastic Four 30 found at a flea market in very nice shape. The only bad thing about it was the spine was rolled a little before and there is this one crease on the cover that didn't come out with the pressing. Still received a nice grade of a 6.0 without that crease would this have gone higher? I paid $5 for the FF and $30 for the Spiderman + grading for each.
  8. I sent out two silver age comics through a local dealer of mine, value with fast track. That was around two and a half months ago and still nothing. Does this seem right? To me it doesn't but it was the first time I had sent anything out to be graded. The store tells me they are scheduled for grading still. It somewhat sounds like they are not fast tracking them? Any advice?
  9. Hey guys I have thinking about buying comic extenders to prevent the aging process of some of my silver age comics. Are they worth buying? I would love to but the BCW extenders but have heard they really aren't good. I looked at the Cole life x-tenders but don't know which ones to buy. I also looked at Gerber and saw none on the website. What should I buy?? Which product from Cole is the best? Also, if my comics have already begun to degrade (I can smell the acidity) is it even worth it? Will the extenders stop it from going any further?
  10. so I have read around online and couldn't get an exact answer for my question. I go to garage sales thrifts etc and almost all the comics I buy have that classic old comic smell. From what I gather online it seems to be the acid from the paper degrading. The only solution to truly fix this is to but bookkeeper spray and spray every single page front and back and you're good to go. However, the comics I have just aren't worth spending the money on. Are there other alternative cheaper methods to deacidifying paper or whatever you call it? Anyways I have just been boarding, bagging and using Mylar for some of the better ones and store in a comic defense box. However, some comics don't smell as bad as others. Should I keep the decent ones separate from the ones that are worse? The smell doesn't bother me at all however if the bad ones affect the degradation of the better ones I would separate them. Basically does having bad smelling comics with decent smelling comics have any negative effects besides maybe making them all smell stronger?..... Thoughts On this? None of them are moldy or anything either, I always make sure to check for mold and if I see no signs they're good to go.
  11. Posted this on another thread but decided it should go here as well. How bad is a brittle page designation? Given these two comics which is the better choice? I love the fact that the 103 has perfect white pages.... but does that beat the earlier bondage cover? Any input? The bondage cover is $70 and the other is $60!
  12. Hey guys, new here. I have the opportunity to buy one of these Jungle Comics and was wondering which would be the better one. The bondage cover seems more desirable as is older, however it has brittle pages. The other one has a white page designation which is quite amazing given it is from 1948. That alone makes me want to buy it! Any thoughts on this matter? Each look like a perfect display piece but not knowing much about graded comics I wanted some opinions! The bondage cover is $70 and the other is $60.