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  1. Looking for contact comics 2, preferably graded by Raw is fine.
  2. 9.4 red just popped up on ebay
  3. 9.4 red just came up on ebay
  4. yeah, they auctioned it off to help local comic shops that were affected by the shut down.
  5. That's pretty much what does it for me. I like having books others don't Have or can't get.
  6. Yeah, i just want to see it. Kind of s#!t in my cheerios after I just found a red maxx 1/2 for the silver to pop up out of no where
  7. Gocollect certainly wouldn't have the silver foil listed. They barely added the red foil in March only after I asked why it wasn't there.
  8. I contacted cgc about the silver foil that was added and asked if they had a picture. I was told they'd only take a picture if the submitter requests it.
  9. Does anyone have any info on the wizard The Maxx 1/2 silver foil edition that was just added to the census?