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  1. Any grade estimates would be appreciated.
  2. Hard to tell from the picture, but is is there a horizontal crease on the front cover that goes across the entire book right through Joker's face?
  3. 9.0, but hard to tell what's going on with the back cover because of the scan. Usually when people state "Grade is in", it means they have posted the picture of the graded book.
  4. Appreciate the advice but I buy books for various reasons. The point of this post was to show a 9.8 that doesn't fit the "traditional" appearance of a CGC 9.8.
  5. Maybe 8.0. A cleaning and press would definitely make it look nicer.
  6. I actually bought this already graded. Had to check to make sure the case wasn't tampered with. Seems legit, but definitely overgraded. Seems like a 9.2 to me.
  7. Here it is. I'll admit...I'm shocked!!! At least 6 noticeable imperfections. How did it get this grade?
  8. I am not very knowledgeable on how CGC grades books with tape. Nonetheless, I'm going with 2.0.
  9. Maybe 9.4. Love this book. Just has a really nostalgic look to it. Did you check to see if it's a 1st print?
  10. What specifically should be asked about the spine ticks?