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  1. Nice grade. Did you have the book cleaned? Some staining on the front cover in the raw pictures, but looks like it's gone in the slab.
  2. Thanks, all. I was assuming 0.5. I searched for quite a while looking for a 1.0 in a condition like this, but when missing close to half the front cover I have found nothing higher than 0.5.
  3. Cover attached at one staple and centerfold attached at both staples.
  4. Are we only talking about which characters got hot when they were first introduced?
  5. You just hit the nail on the head. You can choose to declare the higher value but you will have to pay more for the higher tier. It's all a balancing act of what makes you the most comfortable.
  6. I know there are 1 or 2 people on these boards that are very good at detecting trimming. I am terrible at it. That being said, I have received numerous books back from CGC with cuts similar to this, or even worse, and they all have come back with blue labels. You can always ask CGC to screen for restoration if you do not want to risk the purple label.
  7. I believe CGC considers this a manufacturing defect and therefore would not preclude it from receiving a 9.8.
  8. Go with the original cover even though it is torn in half. I am guessing CGC will give you a 0.5, but there are lots of people in the world that would want that book.
  9. Daredevil is a great example. Arguably nothing after #1 is significant until #168. That's a whole lotta nothing for over a decade. This other example isn't exactly what you were asking but Incredible Hulk doesn't have much after issue #1 until you get to #180. Yes, issues 2-6 are still valuable, but they pale in comparison to #1. That's 178 issues (including TTA) of blah. Your DD example is still better.
  10. CGC, like any other company, is not perfect. But when they make a mistake, they are outstanding at taking care of it. Glad they took care of you.
  11. Tanking? Not at all. A 9.8 has had a few record sales in the past month. The book isn't skyrocketing like some other keys, but almost all grades are rising in value. Why do you think it's tanking?