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  1. I have one for sale but it’s not $200 if you are interested here’s the link
  2. Okay..oh boy I hope I did this right. Here I go. Hey guys how’s it going! I am trying to sell these two comics I have, I would like to sell them together for $440 add $20 for shipping. I will accept PayPal goods and services. I will Ship in the US only USPS priority mail With tracking. Sorry no refunds. I am new here at selling but I am on Instagram as m.austin.k. feel free to ask any questions, if I did something wrong PLEASE let me know.
  3. Gah soo many books I want but I’m holding out for the astonishing
  4. A couple crime comics I picked up. Crime does not pay has some of the most brutal covers IMO.
  5. This is a very awesome book! In fact this is only the second or third time I have seen this one! Are you flexible with the price any?
  6. Thanks! I don’t know who’s file copy this was but it’s the first one I’ve seen like this! I think this is my ninth copy too.