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  1. Thanks! Since I was 16 I remember wishing I could get one here it is.
  2. Oh man, I traded about 5 pre code horror books and some cash to get my copy last year
  3. I’m really surprised this isn’t closed, I just read about 50s on the probation list
  4. All I can picture is some character like Ryan from The Office. Sitting in a closet pumping out a press with comics stacked op top of each other . I feel like maybe the people who clean and press the books are interns, but I feel uneasy about that thought. Some credentials should be necessary I believe.
  5. Awesome! I would be beyond happy with a 3.0 on this one!
  6. Maybe I should wait to see if I can find a better grade one instead of getting this one graded. Thanks for everyone’s input!
  7. The rust so far is just on the staples, so I should probably act quick on this one. Also the water stain doesn’t seem to go through multiple pages. It’s as if it’s just on the back cover
  8. I know! That damn tape! Probably a good book for conservation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I remember the first batch of books I sent you, I think 1/3 of them were beyond fragile and yet you did a stellar job. I feel like if I sent them to ccs they would of come back half a grade lower if not a whole grade. I think ccs might not have enough employees for the volume of books they get submitted so they are just pushing the books out. Another thing I was thinking was, they probably don’t have people who might take pride in the work they do. Probably do to the volume of books they get submitted. Does anyone know how many people ccs has on staff to clean and press books? I have to imagin
  10. Thank you! I will add it to the pile to grade! Thanks for your input!
  11. I am looking to upgrade my Black cat mystery 50. I would like a 1.5-2.0 for my 1.0 plus cash. I am willing to trade other comics as well if higher grade.