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  1. What is your IG name? Should we all put or IG name in our bio? Never mind I read the thread adding Newforcecomics now
  2. Let me know what your name on IG is mine is m.austin.k
  3. I was really hoping for some ECs or Harvey labels
  4. Thanks! Since I was 16 I remember wishing I could get one here it is.
  5. Oh man, I traded about 5 pre code horror books and some cash to get my copy last year
  6. I’m really surprised this isn’t closed, I just read about 50s on the probation list
  7. All I can picture is some character like Ryan from The Office. Sitting in a closet pumping out a press with comics stacked op top of each other . I feel like maybe the people who clean and press the books are interns, but I feel uneasy about that thought. Some credentials should be necessary I believe.
  8. Awesome! I would be beyond happy with a 3.0 on this one!
  9. Maybe I should wait to see if I can find a better grade one instead of getting this one graded. Thanks for everyone’s input!
  10. The rust so far is just on the staples, so I should probably act quick on this one. Also the water stain doesn’t seem to go through multiple pages. It’s as if it’s just on the back cover
  11. I know! That damn tape! Probably a good book for conservation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯