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  1. In case someone is wondering what this comic looks like here’s a picture
  2. Lol this is the only one I’ve seen laity on here!
  3. This person is selling a beautiful Black Cat 50
  4. Hey gang how’s it going? I hope this message finds you well. I am looking for a chamber of chills 24 to buy or multiple copies of it, grade doesn’t really bother me as long as it presents nice.
  5. Wow what a great price! This shouldn’t last long! I just sent one away to cgc yesterday! If for some strange reason this is still here by the 7th I would like it.
  6. I just got a crossover express book back today 5/21. I sent it away 5/13. First time using cgc as well, book came back better than expected.
  7. Man I wish I would of known a month ago! I had two! I’ll ask around for you!
  8. Oh yeah man I’ve been looking for almost 8 months for a back cover. Some comics that share the same back cover are black cat mystery 50, and chamber of chills 23 Both are high dollar books 😭. So I’m kinda out of luck unless someone on here has a back cover laying around? I’ve made a couple post on some other comic book forms looking for a sew leather ad from Harvey comics around 1954. Im trying to save a couple grand for a complete one that will replace this one. thanks so much for taking the time out to scan your book! This is the back cover that came with mine.
  9. Yeah I’m sorry about that picture, I’m so new at posting on here I wasn’t sure how to edit the picture/move it so it was all in view. thanks for your input! I love this comic so much.. I’ll just keep the look out for another one!
  10. Hey guys how’s it going? I have a tomb of terror 15 that has both covers detached and an incorrect back cover, my question to you is should I get it graded with the back cover or not? Should I get it graded at all? Should I pay for the cover to be reattached? Thanks for your input!