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  1. The real issue is that you think they care about us lol. As long as we keep sending books and money they don't care one bit, they'll just string out the turnaround times some more
  2. Edit: nevermind, read the guest list wrong
  3. In that condition, that was one heck of an impulse! Hahaha congrats on an awesome pick-up!
  4. You're talking about the same people that forced managed payments, took away Ebay Bucks, and increased fees to improve our user experience
  5. Ok, that's all I have for now. Feel free to shoot me some offers on any of these. They were all pretty hard to price but I need to get them moved! I could also be open to trades for the right book
  6. Smash Comics 50 - $500 NOW $375!!! Another tough book, only 7 on the census. This is a REALLY nice copy, likely the nicest one you'll ever see.....if you ever see another copy to begin with. I think this book is an easy 7.0
  7. Eerie 14 - $900 NOW $700!!! Another really tough book, only 10 on the census, but this one is actually in good condition! I'd say its in the 3.0-4.0 range. Everything is still bound nice and tight and there's even still a bit of gloss on the cover
  8. Mysterious Adventures 13 - $600 NOW $400!!!! Super tough book, awesome cover. But lucky for you, the spine of this one is split and the front and back covers are completely detached, so its super affordable! (comparatively speaking). A 1.8 sold in 2018 for $500, which is the last comp I can find