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  1. I think this is what the kids refer to when they say "You got served"
  2. Witches Tales #20 - $125 Has a coupon cut out, does not affect the story and looks AWESOME
  3. Baffling Mysteries #19 - $75 Has some issues but is complete and the cover is intact and presents pretty well from the front, all things considered. Staples have some rust and the interior has some spotting
  4. Going to add a few more and drop some prices on remaining books Here's a tough one to find in any condition Beyond #25 - $250 Cover is fully detached but not split, book is missing the first wrap so the first and last pages are missing thus affecting the story. But the cover presents REALLY well and is just too cool. You won't find another copy this cheap that looks this good!
  5. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Sounds like CGC made the mess up here. I doubt many people would have caught the back cover being missing since it isn't noted on the label. I definitely didn't catch it and I had my own 1.0 copy in hand comparing it to yours trying to decide whether to grab your signed one hahaha
  6. Might as well crack it open and see. Not like he'd be losing a SS label
  7. Just call your card company and do a charge back. Should be super easy
  8. My Value submission from October has been at SFG for two weeks now
  9. Well, hopefully Diamond learns a lesson from all this and starts treating shops a little better I'm doubtful, though