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  1. I wander if they will teach kids how to read and learn math while watching the movie.
  2. Wait are you series? You use the internet to tell you how much a comic is worth vs a person who's specialty is to appraise art?
  3. Damn, comic book tv shows are coming out of the woodwork every few months if not every year.
  4. That is why I prefer my comics to stay in a plastic holder like the ones cgc uses and sells. Also I see people on e Bay selling hundreds of boxes full of comics and it makes sad how they don't or can't take care of something so delicate and fragile.
  5. And terrifying if something goes wrong with a person's collectibles.
  6. So far I've only purchased one comic but I'm looking to sell in the future. If we have done business before please feel free to give me a shout out and I'll do the same for you. Thanks!
  7. I like that they 're using the name design from the comics.