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  2. Hey gang, George Perez just cancelled Terrificon due to health, making dragon con is final final con. Anyone facilitating that one?
  3. anyone for sure going to Spooky Empire this coming October? I really want a Sam Rami signed spiderman comic.
  4. yeah for $200! Thanks but no, Rather get Kelly Sue Deconnick
  5. So I am desperately trying to get a Brandon Routh signature for a book, but it looks like I choose the wrong year to do it, Routh's schedule is very limited this year, I was sending something to UK, but the fees were ridiculous. is there anyone doing anything in the usa, I know he's doing the Walker/Stalker convention in Chicago 4/19? Any facilitators? any help?
  6. I met Neal Adams a long time ago, I was like 12 years old, I was mostly at this convention for Mark Waid, I saw him and Adams talking, Adams was trying to get Waid to start charging for autographs instead of doing them for free, he was like "You can make at least $40 off these guys, everyone just has twenties, Hey kid!! what dollar bill do you have in your pocket right now!", Me not wanting to admit I had twenties told him "I have $10." and he said "Aww F**K you!." then he realized that I was a kid and came over to me and punched me on the shoulder "I'm joking, I'm joking!!" I smiled, He kinda reminded me of my dad in a way, Says what he means, talked to me like I was an adult, then realizes oh wait! he's a kid, whoops!!. Over all he's a nice guy, just a bit greedy, nothing wrong with that when Cons are you're main source of income.
  7. sadly, no facilitators, but many of the celebs are going to be at other cons this year, I was bumbed about missing Frank Welker, but he's going to be at megacon and dallas con this year, so that is great.
  8. I saw she is going to fan X convention, but I'm wondering how much she must charge. I think I saw something a few years ago that states she charges outrageously, like $300, but if it's like $80 I could probably swing it. anyone have any experience with her in the past?
  9. I freaking love this man. best cgc guy ever!!!
  10. Any facilitators going this year? Wanting to get a Susan Eisenberg/ George Newborn sig.
  11. Maybe it's just his store and not him, happened to me with Alex Ross. I was so hyped up he was going to be at SDCC only to find out, "yeah alex isn't here, but you could buy one of his paintings for a million dollars"
  12. I thought thats just the fan package. But damn thats a ticket! No way!!
  13. Any facilitators going? They got original cast and real ghostbusters VA going!