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  1. I’ve decided to compromise a bit on titles that I collect that are still coming out with new issues. I’ll still buy an issue just to keep the numbering going, but I’m not willing to spend money on every variant cover that comes out. I also never liked buying reprints. It would pain me to be an X-Men collector and to have to buy #69-93 for a lot of money. I know you said once you didn’t like signed books but my friend who owns the LCS said that when these came out, Mr T did a book signing for his store and was really nice. He said he was especially great with all the kids. He said
  2. You and me both buddy. Although I’ve kind of given up hope lately and now have lumped it in with the Detective Comics #27 category of “Not in this lifetime”
  3. I agree! There’s a whole thread devoted to this issue on the Bronze boards that’s really cool
  4. Congratulations. These issues are hard to find because of the Spidey connection too
  5. I guess this might be super hero, but they contain a lot of monster drawings
  6. The Wolf man was my favorite classic horror film when I was little. I didn’t like the main covers to the new Werewolf by Night comic that much though. It looked really cartoony to me
  7. Have you seen the Atlas Annie Oakley’s? I don’t own any, but I wish I did
  8. It’s funny. I was never a huge fan of Manely until I saw his western covers. He was born to draw that genre
  9. I really like this one. Reed shows some emotion and proposes to Sue.
  10. My copy of #28 has a subscription crease too. It lies pretty flat, but I want it pressed anyway.
  11. My Ex-wife made fun of me so bad when I got a copy of this one. Are we loyal Dr. Strange fans or what?