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  1. Here’s what my scanner does to magazine size. The cover just barely fits
  2. Thanks for taking the time to scan these. They look amazing. Did you just get the scanner? Is it possible to buy a new scanner these days that can handle graded magazine size?
  3. Welcome back. I’m a huge fan of the early Bill Everett covers for JIM and they are definitely on my want list. I’ll probably only get 1.5-2.5 grade copies though cause I’m cheap. Ha ha
  4. I can’t remember who it was, but someone mentioned Orrgo’s eyes were Mole Man henchmen (moloid?) eye prototypes. Hilarious and true.
  5. I wonder why DC didn’t sue Marvel over the name Metallo?
  6. On Wednesday night I had insomnia and ended up buying 9.8 copies of the John Byrne run on Incredible Hulk from the mid-80's. All were available online except for #319 (The wedding of Bruce and Betty). I had buyer's remorse the next day but it's gone now that I got the first one in the mail. The cover is so white. I love it.
  7. Sweet, Sweet Lou. Did you ever notice that Overstreet calls it an Iron Man prototype issue? I’m glad CGC didn’t put that on the label. The worst “prototype” issue in my opinion is this Hulk one in TTA #21. He’s not anything like Banner
  8. I’m trying to find 9.8’s of Swamp Thing #124, #143, #147, and #170. If you have them, PM me. Also if you check the copper age Fantastic Four thread, there are a couple of people trying to put together 9.8 runs from the 80’s and 90’s and are missing some issues that you may have. I have to believe that there are hard core completists that want your high grade copies (maybe)
  9. There was kind of a weird little Beyonder story in #351 which is why I bought it back in the day. The skimpy Sue Storm costume in #374 is just the worst in my opinion.