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  1. My Hulk #181 was restored, unbeknownst to me when I bought it years and years ago. Now that I know, I have to replace it. Uggg. 5.5’s are like $2500.
  2. M.O.D.O.K is more popular than I thought. He’s the main bad guy in the Avengers video game that just came out
  3. Me too. I was surprised by how cheap it was when I bought it because I thought it was a key book. Your copy looks really nice. Are you going to send it in to get graded?
  4. I just checked my mid grade copies of these and none had white pages unfortunately. Considering what you’re willing to spend, I’m really surprised you haven’t found them yet. Good luck
  5. I used to own 4 golden age Batman’s until recently but now i sold 3 of them and kept my favorite.
  6. I actually like the cover to Atomic War #1 better, but this will probably be the only exploding D.C. cover I’ll ever own
  7. I thought these variants were cool too. There is a Moebius variant with a great Thing cover, but it's more money than I'm willing to spend on a modern comic.
  8. It’s two issues with wrap around covers. They are the Art Adams variant covers for #1 and #2 of the latest volume of FF.
  9. I can’t find Gideon, Miracle Man, or Sue Storm’s dad.
  10. I just got these four as a lot. I really like the Elektra cover.
  11. The back looks fine too. It looks a lot better than my Journey into Mystery #83 CGC 1.8 which also has a detached cover.