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  1. Nice copy. Though many books are sought after for their covers the Joker story in this issue is an excellent period piece.
  2. Very nice selection. Of all these books I think probably the hardest to find in nice shape is Detective 193.
  3. What a great array. One of the best Joker books around with such a fun story. I have two copies which I thought indulgent but owning six is spectacular!
  4. Beautiful book and great certificate. Still feel nostalgic for the original CGC labels, too. The first CGC book I ever bought, back in the summer of 2000 was from the Palo Alto Collection. I had joined ebay just because Lee’s auctions.
  5. There are well over three hundred DC Mortimer covers so plenty of scope for anyone interested to have a selection of favourites.
  6. Always been envious of your Adventure 189. I remember you bought this and the Superboy together. What a great opportunity to acquire such wonderful books.
  7. The 10c price on both your Superboy 26 and Adventure 189 are standard for the time. Clearly the Detective 196 had a 10c added at some stage in the run as not all issues have it. Likely added by someone who normally would not do so because of the different font style.
  8. Checking Detectives around this number and all are fairly consistent apart from #180 which also has an unusual price label style.
  9. It could well be the case that the price was hastily added on when someone noticed it was missing. The 10c price does vary in color from issue to issue and the style varies over time. Usually the 10c is like I have just typed, all three symbols on a straight line but on the 196 the c is raised and so looks inconsistent with what we normally see. Having said that surely there must be other DC examples from that time printed like this?
  10. I searched years and years for a nice copy of Detective 196 with its dark Win Mortimer cover. I never knew some copies do not have a 10c price so pleased to learn something new about this book!
  11. Your ongoing Sugar and Spike collection is a great achievement and surely one of the best DC runs here on the boards.
  12. One of my favorite Swan splash pages, too. Also the World’s Finest 172 posted earlier. Choosing from covers is very hard as all his work is so impressive.
  13. Very nice copy. Adventure 343 has such an atmospheric cover and the graded shades of charcoal background works really well.