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  1. Is this Book still available and how much is shipping to texas
  2. smitty did 2 cons in 07 and then one in 09 or 11. I have a few raw books signed by him for sale at a reasonable price. if anybody is interested pm me.
  3. First these guys are not interested in the money. I personally offered Byrne 25 grand to sign 100 books for Signature Series and He politely declined. He is disinterested with cgc because he believes it is about speculators not true collectors. As for Declan Shavley is he that big of an artist. I respect an artist having their own opinion and it is better than blanket charging everyone because you want money or don't want to be taken advantage of. But Does anybody really care if he doesn't want to sign their CGC book. There are so many artist who sign. and even a ton that sign for free. So support those artist with your comic buying dollar and your comic grading dollar.
  4. That would be an incorrect assumption. Once I politely asked Joe Kubert if he would sign 18 cards from my x-men trading card set. He said sure as long as it wouldn't upset anybody. SO he signed all 18. they are still in my collection and would never get sold. Just because somebody has multiple items or doesn't want their item personalized doesn't mean they are selling it. All it might mean is somebody is a real big fan. But people get the green eyed monster and see some people take advantage of creators then they decide to charge everybody a fee because they make assumptions as you just have.
  5. considering it is on a late 70s Early 80s marvel book and that is how he signed back then I would say yes. once an a while he will sign something that way to this day. I got one like that about 4 years ago from him personally. I was so amazed
  6. There are actually Quiet a Few. Paul Did an Oakland Supercon in 2007 and a Dallas Comic Convention in 2007. I got 3 sketch covers and a handful of signatures at both. As for copies that are for sale. There probably are not any.
  7. Perhaps you should wait and submit a book at Texas frightmare weekend. Clive's autograph is 60.00 so it might be hard to get an autograph plus grading and find a raw or blue label book in 9.8.
  8. It is real simple. Creators, celebrities, and sportsmen would not have jobs without their fans. Autograph hounds that get short boxes signed or photos cheap baseball and football signed to sell on ebay ruin that. Facilitators like twin cities, rich henn and partouch nycomics and Triston Pence provide a good service for a reasonable fee. So Boycott autograph hounds on ebay. Not people selling SS Books. Boycott Creators or celebrities who charge an upcharge for signed graded books or who wont signed graded books. And write well thoughtout letters to CGC or the other guys that explain why this is a slippery slope and how it could be problematic and leave a bad taste in consumers mouths causing them to spend their money else where.
  9. Actually Frank Miller signed for 1 hr at the dark horse booth at NYCC 2017 The signing was ticketed and free. He even signed 2 Hard Covers for me for free and we had a 60 second conversation. His manager wasn't involved and CGC wasn't because the books were hard covers. So it was incredibly pleasant and he was very nice like the 5 other times I have met him. I have 2 SS Miller books 1 that I got for free in 2005 before the pay to play game came into effect. and one for the 300 dollar price. They are both prized the the book is paid 300 for could fetch 1200 dollars any day of the week. Just wait for a free booth signing to come along and don't get the book CGC'd. It is simple the Creators believe they have the right to ask and charge descriminatory pricing. The Convention promoters and CGC do not feel they can do anything about it because it is dangerous to rock the boat and costly. The only thing that will change the landscape it to not pay any creator to sign and sacrafice getting your items signed. Yes it will hurt. Trust me I choose to forfeit getting items signed sometimes due to budget sometimes due to principle and it hurts. If for a whole year 365 days every facilitator who did not rep artist and all collectors boycotted creators who are charging fees CGC or otherwise the industry would change completely.
  10. unfortunately that signature doe not look like any of the signatures of anybody who worked on that book. The Signature looks as is it starts with Dr. which might mean somebody with a doctorate signed it but other than that I can not be of anyhelp
  11. That is really awesome. I would love to buy a Ben Affleck SS Book for 399.00. I will have to keep an eye out for one
  12. Guys the simple way to handle this is as follows. If the artist charges a fee to sign pay it or boycott it and urge others to boycott. It is a problem because we allow it to be a problem. Eventually Creators and or celebrities will either get the idea and change their stance or they won't. Changing the economic dynamic by changing how much money someone is or is not making is usually the easiest ways to force a solution. Don't pay for their autograph, don't buy their new products, don't buy commissions or artwork from them. Eventually the lack of money will change their mind and if it doesn't they will just stop attending cons and creating comics. Sure it might hurt for a while, but once the creators/publishers/promoters/dealers get the idea things will even out. Does anybody here remember the crash in the 90's. When it happened creators, dealers, publishers, and promoters realized what they did and things changed for a while. Todd Mcfarlane said it best on secret history of comics "we took advantage of our fan base and that is something you should never want to do". Now I know that he does private CGC signings but the fee is reasonable and the same across the board and he still does free public signings for non CGC stuff. He did 3 2 hour signings at NYCC. The other solution is if you don't want to sacrafice and start a movement simply pay what they are asking and move on and as time goes by the price will keep raising. Every collector has free will to choose what path they will walk but they need to choose it and stick to it without regret.
  13. It is on my nightstand at the house the 9mm is under the mattress. As for the other you are right anthony but it is better to only have to but a few things
  14. thanks. I was on cloud 9 all day knowing that I have my sketchbook back. My tool box also a couple of rare prints a statue and some other random stuff.