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  1. flashlites

    Flash collectors thread

    I need a 151 too! And a 152!!! There's a little gap in my SA collection there. Love that 153 cover though! Classic Carmine!
  2. flashlites

    Flash collectors thread

    Awesome!!! Love that cover! Congratulations! I believe that was the first John Broome story? How does it feel to own a Flash showcase? Tell us more😀
  3. flashlites

    Fantastic Four #173

    Is that a small piece missing at the bottom of the back cover? I would also say 7/7.5
  4. flashlites

    PGM Hulk 181

    I'm in the 8.0 category too considering how things went with the grading contest last month. Keep us posted. Great find!
  5. flashlites

    TOO Sentimental to sell......

    IKR? Its got to be at least an 8?
  6. flashlites

    TOO Sentimental to sell......

    Ok comic fans here's a tale of a young guy who left home at an early age. I thought I grabbed all of my comics when I left. This young guy, a few years later was now a young father. My son and I both came down with chicken pox. I had to miss a week of work and sold my comics to pay the rent. A nearly complete run of SA Flash and 3 GA Flash #29, #51 and #69. I was sad of course but grateful that Flash could come to my rescue and cover what needed to be covered. Some 20 years later my mom came for a visit and said look at what I found in the garage! It seems I'd left a few behind. My Flash Gordon collection and a precious few others from my childhood, including the 2 GA Classic Comics that really inspired me to collect. I had found them in an antique show in th 70's. It wasn't that I was a Classics fan. I was just amazed that there were comics out there from the 40's at all! I had to wonder were there Flash comics from the 40's? Although I had sold my GA Flash in 80's over the years I have bought a few. In the photos you will see a Flash #69 alas its not the original. I will feel my comic mission is accomplished when I own a #51 and #29 again. And of course complete that SA run (just 78 to go😀)
  7. flashlites

    TOO Sentimental to sell......

    Nice! I also like the fact that all those classic comics were in the trunk of a classic car. It just makes for...well a really classic story😀
  8. flashlites

    RIP Steve Ditko

    My old friend Terry who was a huge Marvel fan was the first person to introduce me to Mr. Ditko's art. Being primarily a DC fan this was a comic mind expanding moment for me! I never looked at Spider-Man the same way again. One of the very first things I taught my son about comics was how to tell a Ditko Spidey from a Romita Spidey and how truly special the Ditko version was.
  9. flashlites

    TOO Sentimental to sell......

    So great to see them again brings back memories! I was just starting to collect comics then and was fascinated that mad was a comic before it was a magazine. I'd love to have one again. I remember it being kind of hard to pull them out of the magazine.
  10. flashlites

    TOO Sentimental to sell......

    I loved Mad! Remember in the 70's they reprinted the 50's comics and had them as inserts in the magazine?
  11. flashlites

    TOO Sentimental to sell......

    Love this thread! Love the stories! This whole comic book collecting thing is all about sentiment to me. I'll pull out a few old books and share them this weekend.
  12. flashlites

    Flash collectors thread

    Too bad they don't make these in long box size! This is the first Flash themed custom box I've seen!
  13. flashlites

    Flash collectors thread

    Hey there Flash fans! Have you seen the new custom "Star labs/ Flash" boxes?
  14. flashlites

    Sub 1

    I love seeing this book! It was my first silver age Marvel purchase way back in the 70's. I would give it an 8.0. Love that cover, John Buscema! Sadly I had to sell those old books. I would love to have a copy again but I'm afraid its probably out of my price range these days. Enjoy it. Its a true treasure! Are you selling it? Had to ask lol!
  15. If anyone checks in I'd like to discuss the browning, tanning, discoloration of back covers. Like the detective comics book. Obviously it did not hurt the book too much. I would tend to knock the book down to a 9.0 or lower depending on how dark the tanning is. In the case of the round 10 book, it was in such outstanding condition I went with 9.4. Thoughts? How much should a discolored back should affect the grade?