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  1. I didn't know what I was looking at and just had them pull out a few and took that picture. If I'd seen this list I would have dug through the boxes for you. I'll probably go back on Sat.
  2. I just came across 3 boxes of romance at my LCS and immediately thought of you! I will look again and see if there's anything from your list.
  3. I tried grading it before I scrolled down to see what CGC put on it. I had guessed 5.0 but as I've seen overtime I am usually too harsh and am trying to calibrate. Still a great book to have, I am envious. I wish I'd held onto mine.
  4. Thanks for sharing them with us! Beautiful books!
  5. Love that cover!!! Good to know it came back a 6! Congratulations! I wish I still had a copy. Classic John B. Artwork!
  6. This would be considered "incomplete" as the cut coupon interrupts the story line. I believe it would grade 1.0. If the coupon had not been cut out it would likely grade in the 3-4.0 range IMO.
  7. I love it! I doubt i'll ever be fortunate enough to own one of the Showcase books. There is a Showcase #8 in pretty rough shape (water damage) at one of my local comic shops, but its about $800 I believe. You are indeed a fortunate Flash fan! About 3 years ago at our local con I got to hold a Showcase #4 for about 10 seconds LOL! The dealer had 2 of them! I asked to see one. He said "Do you want to see the $10,000 one or the $20,000 one?" I asked to see the lesser of the two. To me it was like getting to meet a celebrity. It's probably best you kept it in its case. You can always read the story in the Silver age volumes. Do you have any of the others Terry? How close are you to finishing the run?
  8. Such an awesome book to have in any condition!!! I'd say its a 2.0 maybe a 2.5 IMO. The missing staple does not bother me as its a bindery defect and at this grade I don't believe it would make an impact.
  9. It looks like its shaping up to be a great tournament this year so far!
  10. Beautiful looking book! It would probably grade in the 9's if it weren't for that stubbed corner (which might press out) I had a book in a similar situation a week ago and the consensus here was it would grade a 7.5. Your corner is not as bad as mine was so I would feel comfortable grading it at 8.0.
  11. I believe this would fall in the 5-6 range because of the staining to the back cover and the spine stress. I will say 6.0. But I would not be surprised if they hit it a little harder and gave it a 5 or 5.5. Let see what some of the other experts say here...