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  1. I hope to own one someday. I've had to sell many books over the years. Its tough. Its gotta feel good to finally get that 105!
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Just awesome, thank you for sharing! Is there a story behind this purchase that you would like to tell? Is this your first 105?
  3. Beautiful copy too!!! I loved the stories with both Jay and Barry.
  4. I think that will wrap it up for page 126 Flash Fans! Onward to 127!!! Of course mine is beat up, but still holding that place for me as I continue my life long quest to complete the entire run to 350! ( I'm down to just about 50-55 books or so now) I cant wait to see what y'all got!!!
  5. Even I got an awesome prize!!?? Thank you Warlord!!!
  6. Wow! These are amazing Terry!!! Very rare treat to see these!!! So these were 100 page specials with a Flash story or two and a Flash cover? And if I understand you correctly they were printed in the 1960's but in Australia for DC?
  7. Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the Yes logo BTW! One of my all time favorite bands Jaylam!!!
  8. Welcome to the boards!!! I took the plunge about 2 years ago and have loved every minute of it! I learn something new almost every week, just a great bunch of people here, sharing their expertise and our love for the obsession er... uh, I mean hobby.
  9. I'm sure his wife Maggie still has it. They were quite the collecting team. Comic collecting soul mates!!!
  10. Which thread will it be held in? I will keep an eye out for it!
  11. Those staple tears must have been worse than I thought. Maybe the cover was loose a one staple? I thought it would have graded a little bit higher. Still its nice to have a slabbed key in your collection!!! Most of my Flash collection is in this grade range and i'm glad to have every one of them.
  12. Shipped out my prize yesterday! I hope they will enjoy it. So much fun this year even though I did not do well. I learned a lot as always and I will recalibrate and grade more accurately in the months to come.
  13. Since my 126 copy is a little more, shall we say accessible? (raw reader copy) Let's take a look inside and see what the legendary Don Thompson had to say about about the classic Flash 123 in 'Flash Grams'!!! It looks like they sent him the original cover art of Flash 123!!!