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  1. Flash collectors thread

    Back in those days there were no DC archives to access or Gerber photo journals. I was searching for Flash comics that I'd never even seen before. Nobody I new had ever seen a Flash 105 or 106. All I knew is that I had to have them. I had caught the Flash bug!
  2. Snart's coming back?! I hope he stays around for a few episodes
  3. Flash collectors thread

    These were some of the very first "collectors comics" I bought in the late 70's. There were no Comic Book stores back then. I bought them at an antique show.
  4. Flash collectors thread

    I just finished reading all 89 pages of this thread. I wanted to let you all know how I impressed I am with your enthusiasm and depth of knowledge of this iconic character! Most of all your amazing books!!! Your collections make mine look like a rescue shelter for the neglected and abused Flash comics. But like I always say when I take in a low grade book "at least it finally made it to a good home"😀 I feel fortunate indeed to be able to chat with the finest Flash collectors in the world. I am just 84 books away from completing the run and a dream that began way back in the 70's. I am inviting us all to share a story of those early days of collecting Flash. I think it would be fun and enlighting. Do any of us still have a book or two from those early collections? Share a photo. Lets see what we get...
  5. Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!

    What a bargain! Its in good shape too for a bargain book!
  6. Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!

    Great find! Marvel 10 centers are very rare!!! Certainly cigar worthy!
  7. Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!

    Awesome book! Have a cigar silver age collector!
  8. Flash collectors thread

    If anyone has a mid grade "beater"/ extra copy of 193 Let me know. I'm having a little trouble finding that one right now. Getting this book will tie together 176-266. Thanks Flash boardies!
  9. Flash collectors thread

    I love it! Awesome pick up! Great cover!
  10. Flash collectors thread

    Its just hard to believe that its gone up so much! I mean it was always a must have book for a Flash collector but now everybody's got to have one!!?? I would hate to have to settle for a coverless copy then again I may have to. 😀 when did it start to get so hot?
  11. Flash collectors thread

    Thanks! I think I will pass on that coverless copy then. I'll save up and try waiting a bit. Plus I really love that cover! I collect GA flash too, so that issue is very special to me. I'll have to get one eventually. When did the price go up? When I bought mine in the 90's I think I paid $130 for what would have been 7.5-8.0 copy. I even had a 3.0 copy that was probably like $40??
  12. Flash collectors thread

    It was graded 3.5 but I would have graded it a 2.0. Grading seems to have changed quite a bit since the 90's.
  13. Flash collectors thread

    My first upgade! Very modest. I've been trying to hold off on upgrades in order to put all my funds towards completing the run. But I couldn't resist. (At least I have one with a cover now!)
  14. Flash collectors thread

    Would you pay $150 for a coverless #123 if you thought you'd never be able to afford one with a cover? (Suffering from 123 envy!) I had 2 copies in the 90's!! Arrrrrrgh!