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  1. Just checkin' in Flash fans! Another post or two and we'll be on page 120....
  2. The only thing holding this book back is the moderate soiling of the back cover. I believe it would grade at 8.5.
  3. IMHO- in my humble opinion IMO- in my opinion It took me a min to figure those out when I first joined😀 OPG- Overstreet Price Guide
  4. Beautiful book! I think it has a great chance at a 9.8!
  5. Yes, I believe it is a light dust shadow (Or 'oxidation shadow' as its referred to in the grading guide). I see what you mean now. I believe it would grade at a 7.0-7.5. Here's an extreme example from the Grading Guide.
  6. A tan line is when a comic stays out at the beach too long. I'm no too clear on some of these either. Here's how I understand these defects(without the benefit of the grading guide in hand) Tanning: yellowing ageing of the paper. Dust shadow: exposed area of the comic when stored in uneven piles. Like in a garage say over years. The exsposed area collects dust and dirt, this can leave the paper darker in a straight line. There are some great examples in the grading guide. I'll take a closer look at that photo tonight on my PC. Whatever it is it must be very slight, probably won't affect the grade too much.
  7. If it's the light discoloration on the reading edge it would just be considered soiling or discoloration. It may even be a dust shadow? Depending on severity it may bring the book down half a point to a full point? Though to say from my phone.
  8. I don't see it. Can you post a close up? Maybe its just because I'm on my phone.
  9. I remember when this came out! Fun stories to read as a kid. Great memories! For the grade I will agree with a 5.5. The staple tear and the condition of the back cover are holding it back. Cool book! Blast from the past, thanks for sharing!
  10. I would say 6-6.5. If cleaned and pressed properly it could grade higher.
  11. I believe it would grade at 7-7.5. Such an awesome book to have! Congratulations! It's main issue is the condition of the back cover, if only it matched the front it would grade much higher.
  12. I believe it will grade now at a 2.5 maybe 3.0 after pressing. Sometimes CGC is generous towards books from this era. It may get a 3.5. The main issue is the chipping and the accumulation of tears and the pressing won't help there. Great book to have in any condition though!! I'm sure you're happy to have it. Thanks for sharing!! Let us know how it turns out.
  13. The missing piece does not seem to interrupt the story. So I believe it could get a 5.0 grade.
  14. If the gloss is removed it would be considered a defect. It is a small area, maybe lowering the grade by half a point I would guess.