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  1. I am enjoying the new run...still a few issues behind but plan to read those this weekend. They did a sort of reboot in #70 I believe I read a few of those and skipped ahead to #750. So I have to go back and read 73-88, I believe thats where they ended the old numbering and slapped a 750 on the cover?
  2. Terry, you are truly a Master Flash fan! The Yoda to my Luke! Who even knew that Andru drew Spider-Man?! I did not. (lack of interest in Marvel? LoL) As for Gil, I have a special place in my heart for him. His art in comics inspired me. I wanted to draw like him and Carmine and drew and redrew many a cover trying to imitate/emulate them both! As for Murph, I believe he did well and drew many of my secondary favorite covers. And Neil, well he was just awesome! Wow we are on 161 Flash Fans and for once I don't have my comic ready or my scanner warmed up so...lets meet up here tomorrow to show off our 161's!
  3. Andru had the misfortune of trying to follow a legend. But he held his own and I would be proud to own one of his covers someday!
  4. Your "reader" looks like my SC13! Love that 7.5! Just a beauty there Terry!
  5. Nice picks Jay! And that 163 is right around the corner (I think I have doubles of that one)...Last call for 160's Flash Fans just 5 more post to go before we turn the page.
  6. Here's a Grodd cover that should have appeared in the late 50's!
  7. If there aren't anymore 160's I'm good with taking a peak at some of those 50's gorilla covers maybe compare them with a later Flash Grodd cover. Here's a good one that I don't know the answer to...How many times did Grodd appear on the cover of Flash in the silver age?
  8. Aren't there any more 160's out there? I know you some of you guys got one. Dig it out and share.
  9. You could say Julie went kinda ape over gorillas in the 50's ... too much? The dancing banana made it even worse?
  10. My 107 is coverless so...I kinda got Grodd on the cover of my 107 . Oh how I love a good Grodd story! He was my favorite Rouge for many years.
  11. I cant seem to help but save the boxes. Sometimes they do come in handy when mailing out comics. But go figure, I seem to be buying way, way more than I'm selling. I'm trying desperately to avoid being labeled a hoarder
  12. This 80 page giant came complete with 2 Golden Age stories and a reprint of 107!!! What a deal for 25 cents!
  13. Dust off yer 160's and git yer scanners warmed up Flash Fans here we go....
  14. Just one more post to go before we get to 160 Flash Fans! I just received my latest shipment of 5 amazing issues from the end of the run. I now have just 29 issues to go to complete the series from 105 to 350! Just 8 Silver Age left. The rest are 275 or higher. Getting close to the finish line here and I'm starting to wonder what will life be like after this life long quest? And which will be the last issue left for me to get? Will it be 106? Maybe something random like 279 or 282? When I get under 20 maybe I'll post a list and you all can take odds and guess? (You'd have to do it out of view from me) I'll put up a prize for the winner