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  1. While searching out my last few issues I came across this anomaly for 110. Some sort of old reproduction? Anyone know anything about these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Flash-110-Silver-Age-Classic-Replica-Edition-1st-Kid-Flash/324251494820?hash=item4b7ee529a4:g:nccAAOSwP49fGf5g I wouldn't want to get one, but wow! I guess you gotta be on the look out for these?
  2. That's from the new run 759 or 760, right!? Do you have that O.A. already Terry!? I love the inks! It's even more powerful in black and white IMO
  3. Just amazing, seeing these early SA DC books in such high grade, such a treat!!! Thanks as always for sharing!
  4. As long as you haven't picked any of the last 5 books mentioned as my last issue to get you are safe
  5. How are their international shipping charges?