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  1. Nope, nothing. Tried to track him down and contacted a few people with the same name in the same area but came up empty handed. More upset that I didn't get that cool GA book rather than the 100 or so bucks I lost. Oh well, lesson learned.
  2. I see you've made your decision but i'll just reiterate what others have already said, buy what you think presents the best for what you collect. Some collectors go for page quality over centering, others go for a better wrap over page quality. Me personally, I've seen 4.0's with lower page qualiy that present better encased than 8.0's that are miswrapped with better page quality. At the end of the day, it's your collection so buy what you would be most happiest with. Resale value is another conversation.
  3. A very subjective topic of which are the best modern covers and there's no way I could pick 1 or even a top five. Some of my favorite are: Moon Knight #55 Platt Venom First Host #5 Javier Garron Cover B Venom #150 Dell'Otto Variant The Immortal Hulk #1 Alex Ross Spiderman #700 Copiel variant Iron Fist #1 Dell'Otto Wonder Woman #51 Artgerm Spawn #1 Mcfarlane Xmen #1 Magneto and/or Wolverine/Cyclops cover Jim Lee
  4. It absolutely does devalue a book. For one, the signature isn't verified so it could be fake and secondly, it narrows the market to people who collect signatures and don't mind a green label. Most collectors I know won't touch a book with a green label. Neither would I.
  5. I'm personally not a fan of signatures especially on a CGC case but I get it....let's say you have a comic already graded but you really want the artist to sign it because you are into those things but don't want the green unverified signature case....the only option is to have them sign the case. Plus a green label usually devalues the book so imagine having an expensive book, really wanting a signature but not wanting to devalue it....the only real option is to have them sign the case.
  6. I don't understand why there's a level of acceptance to the problem and why so many people just shrug their shoulders about it. The pressure should be on CGC to fix the problem and considering this is their forum, they should be here explaining themselves.
  7. I went ahead and reported it. Might help for a few people to report it as a fake and note that the artist has confirmed it is not his work.
  8. Chew was pretty good for some dark comedy and Black Science might be right up your alley.
  9. This should really be the /end thread until CGC decides to officially respond instead of people glossing over the problem and saying 2 out of 3 were good!
  10. Is CGC's customer service actually excellent if the same problem keeps occurring for an extended period of time? Not to mention the responses as if they are normal?
  11. I know Brittany has been doing an excellent job with damage control but why no response from her or anyone else to this thread on the continued problems? Sliding pieces of paper into a case to remove these rings shouldn't be a viable solution.
  12. Read the first 5 or 6 issues of Venom by Cates and was also underwhelmed. Have found Image and other Indie publishers to produce better stories and interior artwork for quite some time now. Marvel should put a little bit more into the interior artwork instead of putting all of their money into excellent covers with dull interiors. I haven't bought a new comic since 2018 and don't plan on going back. The hypetrain and current spec market is a big turn off while paying 4-6 bucks for nothing more than average isn't worth it week after week.
  13. Its valued fairly IMO if not slightly overpriced due to the films. He isn't on the cover either which takes away some of the pricing especially on graded books when theres usually a premium for a cover appearance since you can't see the character once slabbed.
  14. Why not just negotiate the reholder fee (which you might not even have to pay) into the price of the book and be honest with the seller? While I agree NR's can be rather hideous, to walk away from the purchase of a book doesn't sound like the best tactic and isn't quite transparent in a buyer/seller relationship.