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  1. I think your tin foil hat may have come loose and you let in way too many of those 5G signals.
  2. It's either a Stan Lee verified hair strand or a common folks hair strand full of Covid. Either send it to get pressed or light it on fire. Those are the only 2 options at this point.
  3. Haven't gotten around to watching that one but I'll put it on the watchlist. I do like her a lot as an actress but she didn't do anything for me in the Old Guard.
  4. You should probably spend a lot of money on it, send it into CGC for grading and then come here to drop a thread on Friday about how CGC swapped your book or something along those lines.
  5. The example you are showing is an older label before CGC was doing the combo green/yellow verified label. His book will get the green/yellow label as long as CGC doesn't make a mistake.
  6. So how do you like it? I had the X-Men vs Street Fighter on preorder and just cancelled it as I figured it might go unused for large portions at a time.
  7. I thought the first season was decent but Pedro Pascal, who is a great actor, definitely felt under utilized. I was surprised to see them reveal his face and it felt rather pointless with that minor inclusion of it. The show will go on without him very easily if that is the case. Mandalorian definitely felt like Star Wars but it was still over the top cheesy at points leaning too much on the cutesy elements of a baby Yoda. I didn't care for Gina Carano at all either. She's a bad@ss in real life but didn't care at all for her acting in the show.
  8. While not quite terrible, I did think it was rather mediocre. Agree with the poor dialogue and weak acting even from Charlize who I generally really like. I was expected a performance from her like Furiosa in Mad Max but didn't see anything like that.
  9. Agreed with both of the comments above. I thought it was ok and suffered from trying to pack in too many characters and too much content into 2 hours. I feel like content like this should be in the form of a 45 minute to hour long TV show where we can get plenty of character and plot development over some time.
  10. No its not but check with Dylan. He's the expert in trimming and additive/non-additive restoration.
  11. Why not just post pictures in the "can you spare a grade" section? Something tells me that isn't the only flaw in this comic.
  12. Agree with the above but CGC regularly grades comics from other countries so there's no reason why they wouldn't. Call 1-877-662-6642 or send them a message to
  13. I'll give the people bidding this the benefit of the doubt that they read this and are assuming that the piece is so small that the 6.0 is warranted because of the way how the rest of the book presents. I probably shouldn't and its probably people not reading which is very common in ever aspect of life with people just refusing to read descriptions and fine print. Comiclink also has been getting away with this practice for quite some time in not providing back cover scans.
  14. Sell the TMNT 1st print to me at a fraction of the FMV as I don't have a copy as of yet if you are worried about an intrinsic collectors value