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  1. It's silly to invest in any book once it becomes overhyped but those that bought that book prior to the movie announcement did very well on it. I'll let him speak for himself but I don't think he was joking at all. Again, these books like MP15 or UF4 rose exponentially upon some type of hype/spec news and then some fall harder back down to reality. Prior to those announcements, both were fractions of what they go for now. I'm not an invest in comics type of guy but plenty of people have done very well with knowing when to buy and sell.
  2. The boards are a wealth of information that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. I've told countless people on IG about these boards and I don't think any of them have signed up or contributed here. Times are changing and there is so much content to consume that sometimes its difficult for people to add something else to their already packed schedules of consuming content. I've also heard "is there an app for the forum" and a lot of people are not going to log into a website to read and type some comments in especially when they are already used to typing quickly on their phones while on the run. I think most of the reasons stated here are correct and contribute to the lack of participation at times here on these boards. 1. Too many sources of content and mass consumption of social media spreading people too thin. 2. People want the quick access to community rather than logging on and sharing comments on a message board. Having an app is crucial to this. People wouldn't spend as much time on Reddit if there wasn't an app. 3. More constant eyes over on IG, FB that can create a larger network of collectors to talk with or buy/sell/trade with. I'm a fan of the IG community but at times it does feel shallow. I've been an active member here and on IG for about the same amount of time and i've met a few people from IG in person, made some good online relationships with great people and bought and sold more over there. I'm a fan of these boards because of the wealth of knowledge. I've alluded to this multiple times before in other posts but there can be certain elitist attitudes here that can be a turn off from new people checking the board out and the water cooler can get pretty toxic (much worse in the past). I will say that most other boards I've been a member of for some time have seen a drop off in participation so I don't think it is this board or comics in general but more about technology changing the way how people consume their content and communicate with one another.
  3. The top row you mentioned are pretty far away at this point from most collectors to even consider investing in them. I think your statement is rather too broad and anyone who "invested" in copies of Marvel Premiere 15 in the single to double digits especially at high grade are doing pretty well now. That book is still a $375+ book at 9.0+. I don't think investing in comics is a sure fire way to lose money but rather being smart about comic purchases would be the way to go. Ask all the people who hoarded Ultimate Fallout 4 how they did when it peaked.
  4. That's a common misconception I see about only older collectors buying up older books. I sold most of my cheaper GA/PCH stuff last year and it was the younger kids buying it all up. I also see collectors in their 20's starting to put serious money into GA books. We need to pass our love for these older books onto the younger generation to keep the spark of the hobby alive.
  5. My answer would have been Secret Wars as my juvenile brain remembers that as epic storytelling. I re-read it last week and I was completely underwhelmed and it definitely felt very dated. Going to go back and re-read the Wolverine series and any others that are recommended in this thread.
  6. "keys collector" is very generic and not my eBay username. My eBay user id is war_hero with 100% feedback since 2001. Nice troll attempt though.
  7. 2nd the Coffee & Kareem notion but I found The Wrong Missy to be even worse. The Eurovision movie for me was right there as well. Hasn't been the best year for movies.
  8. The issues being brought up here probably will have little impact on the final hammer price. The cover being so iconic AND being featured on a site like TMZ will bring plenty of eyes and money. Chamber of Chills 19 original art cover sold for $174K and that would be even more niche than this. I wouldn't be surprised if the ASM129 piece easily breaks a million or goes above the 2 million ask.
  9. Some of the effects look cool but I'm thinking it'll just be another modern monster movie where the focus is too much on the military and the humans rather than the actual monsters.
  10. Why not just edit your first post instead of adding 2 more comments? Adds to that 7K+ post count?
  11. Send it in for pressing and expect a 9.8. Come back to post when you are disappointed and its still a 8.5.
  12. I'd highly suggest to not do that as I don't know how many times I've had people cancel bids and winning bids because they didn't take enough thought into if they actually wanted the item or didn't have the funds ready.
  13. I guess the market is such to dictate these rising prices but it does seem rather silly for a new indie book (regardless of who worked on it) to rise in price so fast because of its rarity when there is absolutely no significance so far at this point. I asked this same question on IG for the folks who were able to get a copy and most had no idea what the book was but just knew it was hot and expensive therefore making other people want the next hot and expensive book without knowing what exactly it is that they have or they are buying. The typical herd mentality of chase after what everyone else is chasing after without knowing the "why".
  14. No don't think so. Looks like Lightning got it correct and you can tell from the way the cover is tilted towards the top left thus dragging the right side making it look uneven. Besides, what would be the reason to trim a Spiderman 143 from that era?