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  1. Keys_Collector

    Any Thor experts her?

    Her Thor - What If #10
  2. Keys_Collector

    Movie Hype is a PITA...list the books that are dropping fast

    Hype in the current market is being driven by a combination that is hasn't been seen before on such a wide scale. There's movie, TV, Netflix and other streaming services with rumors and actual announcements. Everything (im overstating) is being optioned for TV or movie deals driving the prices of Indie books. There's now every one and his momma making YouTube videos and Instagram posts on what the next hot book is going to be. The newer collectors are buying into this heavily, case in point Ghost Spider #1 as a variant that jumped up wildly in price for being a 1:100 and having a decent cover (very overrated IMO) and things as silly as everytime Donnie Cates opens his mouth (God Country, Venom, Carnage). I welcome all the extra info but sometimes it can be a bit much when there's a new hot every book that gets replaced with another hot book every 2.3 nanoseconds. At the end of the day, collect what you want and ignore the silliness if that's what you perceive it to be.
  3. Keys_Collector

    Worst modern covers ever

    It's from Grand Master Flash - They said It Couldn't Be Done. As much as I'm a fan of hip hop and music in general, I never liked the idea of mimicking the covers especially when most were done poorly.
  4. Keys_Collector

    Worst modern covers ever

    Enjoyed all 22 pages of this thread full of questionable cover choices. I have wondered how some of these covers do get approved and how a team of individuals says "lets go with that!". Art is definitely subjective as discussed with some choices here making me ask myself why they are in this thread. With that being said, i'll add a few that are on my personal list that I haven't seen in the thread.
  5. Keys_Collector

    Am I the only one

    All to easy to have regrets with woulda/coulda/shoulda....hindsight is 20/20 and we've just got to be happy with the decisions we make at the current moment we make them
  6. Yes and no, it all goes back to grading being subjective. Yes there are guidelines but there are clear differences in 8.0s or any grade for that matter. An 8.0 is still an 8.0 because of its flaws so I can see how some spine ticks and color breaking creases can knock it down as long as the rest of the book is near mint. On the other hand, I saw someone post a Hulk 181 as a 7.5 and everyone who guessed the grade put it at a least 1 grade point down. Upon review I thought it was a solid 5.0 and CGC decided to grade it a 7.5 white pager to which I can only say Pick up an Overstreet manual and study the grading in there to help you on your grading skills....or even browse through the 'Please Grade My' section here to see different examples of grading.
  7. Keys_Collector

    Bigger Key: ASM 3 or 14

    I'd go with #3. Earlier issue and personally I find the cover much more appealing than #14. There's only 1 Otto Octavius while there's been multiple incarnations of the Green Goblin. I'd say go for who you like better as a villain if it's for your personal collection regardless of value since they are pretty close anyway and you really can't go wrong with either one.
  8. Keys_Collector

    Grail Question

    Save your pennies for a page that actually has the character in costume if its indeed a must have.
  9. Keys_Collector

    Newton Rings

    gino2paulus2 - Thanks! Pics are up on the sketch thread and on my Instagram account. Artist is Rob Broussard who's done some work for Topps. Emailed CGC about this same Jungle Action 6 having a bent corner making it look as if it was sliced off (folded back during grading, sent in as PGX graded book and didn't have folded corner) and also mentioned that this particular book had Newton Rings. Pretty disappointed in their long winded response which i'm sure is the typical generic response but especially bothersome is "There are Newton Rings present in all of our encapsulated books, these are considered normal and acceptable." Thought this issue was getting better?
  10. Keys_Collector

    Newton Rings

    Received a book back in September (sketch cover signature series) and it had Newton Rings. Chalked it up as something of a transition period case. Received 3 books back this week and 2 out of 3 were good. 1 of them had them though so no, the problem isn't gone. 1st pic - book graded in September 2nd pic - received 2 days ago
  11. Keys_Collector

    FS: Hulk 181 - 9.4 OW/W - SS (Stan Lee)

    Beautiful signature!
  12. Keys_Collector

    Comic books (a hobby or an investment)

    Depends on the person. For me, first and foremost, it's a hobby that I enjoy thoroughly whether its grabbing back issues, digging through dollar bins or checking out the new releases. It can be an investment if enough money is put into it and smart decisions are made. The hobby aspect will keep you coming back regardless of value though.
  13. Keys_Collector

    FF#67 Record Sale?!

    The 9.8 hunters pay a premium for their books. Personally, I never was interested in his 1st cameo appearance in a freaking cocoon and would rather have his 1st app as Adam or Warlock. 11 copies out there of this book in a 9.8. Wonder how many more will pop up.
  14. Anyone ever hear back from Jeremy Smith? Has everyone who purchased from him completed their chargebacks?