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  1. Because 99% of the time it IS online fraud and thievery instead of something bad happening to someone.
  2. He died of Covid 2 years ago? Ok.... There's literally fraud and people stealing money all over the internet and yet here its "Lets assume something bad happened to him" instead of "lets just assume he intentionally stole peoples money". That's so strange to me. First time I've ever encountered that when 99% of the time, people leave and you never hear from them again because they are thieves.
  3. Why are people assuming that something bad happened to him or that he is dead because he no longer posts on a forum? People have done this for years on the internet without speculating of "is s/he dead"?
  4. I have his address and plan to send a letter tomorrow to see if that will somehow make its way to him. If no response i'll pay the money for a background check to track down his phone number which will be stated in the letter.
  5. There's plenty of other shows that had pop culture appeal and made shows but then fizzled. There's no reason to think this will be any different. Deadly Class, Umbrella Academy, Preacher....a few examples of shows that made the value pop and only the #1 for the most part held some type of value.
  6. I can't say I agree with what you are saying. I mean isn't taking peoples money and not shipping anything "gross misconduct"? I'm still out money 2 years later....maybe something did happen to him but none of us know and the fact remains that he took money from more then a few people and didn't ship anything. Whether he pops back up or not really shouldn't make a difference to what he did back in 2018 and the forum members reaction to defending him instead of focusing on the part of him not shipping items while stealing peoples money. It happens all the time in the world where a thief takes money and then disappears. Surprised me to see people in such defense of him instead of being concerned with people losing money. I think that bothered me (and still bothers me to some extent) more than anything today. I look back at his profile and see that his occupation was "lover" and he spent so much time in the water cooler being a clown so in the end, I guess i'm not really surprised to see him out of all people doing this.
  7. Haven't seen a lot of action lately here but just got a single book back yesterday and it's pretty bad.
  8. 1.5 and i'd send it in to get slabbed. Shouldn't be restored and should be a blue label 1.5 with notes of tape on inside cover.
  9. I bet at some point they will offer cross grading service once they get rolling like CGC did with comics graded by other companies.
  10. There's a lot to be unseen. Most of what you are saying are hypothetical's surrounding the show. I mean it was just released. Seems a little premature to be considering this a sure fire bet. Even if people talk about it now, doesn't mean they will talk about it in 6 months.
  11. It'll be a gem mint 10! Who knows with these pictures. You can see some spine ticks but really hard to tell inside the bag. Hopefully the bag crease can be pressed out. I see a misinformed consensus with newer collectors that polybagged=better condition but the bag can also hide actual defects on the book that can not be pressed out.
  12. Those good ole Hofstra sports cards shows. I used to go to those all the time as a pre-teen/teenager growing up in the early to mid 90's. I don't follow cards anymore as closely but I do check into the blowoutcard forums every once in a while. That would be your best bet for information.
  13. Have to say that I was a little bothered by people immediately rallying around him when some people were out money. I never got my money back or any books. He deserves to be in the HOS IMO but i'm not even sure enough people would care to vote in the poll.