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  1. Is CGC's customer service actually excellent if the same problem keeps occurring for an extended period of time? Not to mention the responses as if they are normal?
  2. I know Brittany has been doing an excellent job with damage control but why no response from her or anyone else to this thread on the continued problems? Sliding pieces of paper into a case to remove these rings shouldn't be a viable solution.
  3. Read the first 5 or 6 issues of Venom by Cates and was also underwhelmed. Have found Image and other Indie publishers to produce better stories and interior artwork for quite some time now. Marvel should put a little bit more into the interior artwork instead of putting all of their money into excellent covers with dull interiors. I haven't bought a new comic since 2018 and don't plan on going back. The hypetrain and current spec market is a big turn off while paying 4-6 bucks for nothing more than average isn't worth it week after week.
  4. Its valued fairly IMO if not slightly overpriced due to the films. He isn't on the cover either which takes away some of the pricing especially on graded books when theres usually a premium for a cover appearance since you can't see the character once slabbed.
  5. Why not just negotiate the reholder fee (which you might not even have to pay) into the price of the book and be honest with the seller? While I agree NR's can be rather hideous, to walk away from the purchase of a book doesn't sound like the best tactic and isn't quite transparent in a buyer/seller relationship.
  6. Have a family member sign a letter in their own blood and then send to CGC, that'll do the trick!
  7. Why not just email them your request for a label update? Or if you do send the book in, add some documentation stating your case....or you could just keep posting with no responses.
  8. Regie had another live session with CGC a couple of weeks ago focused on restoration. Check his video content on his YouTube page and you'll see it. I haven't watched the video from yesterday either but I am surprised they actually didn't disregard the Newton Ring issue. I thought it would be dismissed and it wouldn't be allowed to be brought up. Good on them for at least discussing it.
  9. It's live right now:
  10. Are you guys actually checking the cases at different angles? The last small batch I opened last night had NR's on 3 out of 4. The 4th was crystal clear but did have some minor scuffing.
  11. Great looking restoration with a perfect Stan Lee signature.
  12. Bought a graded book off of old_dano and purchase was as easy as I could have asked for. Arrived quickly and safely. Thanks again!