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  1. What would've been a million dollar book has now been reduced to pennies.
  2. Paying $250 for a no tattoo ASM 238 is definitely an odd purchase.
  3. While I get the sentiment, comparing UF4 to Spawn 1 is a poor comparison for the following reasons: UF4 print run - under 100K Spawn 1 print run - over 2 million Miles Morales - Oscar winning animated film and PS5 launch title....bright, bright future as the Spiderman for todays youth. Wait until he pops into the MCU and then we'll really find out what kind of legs this character has. Al Simmons - poorly made movie from 1997 that not a lot of people from today (especially youth) knows about with a questionable movie potentially up in the air being produced by Todd McFarlan
  4. Exactly this. Find what interests you regardless of if the value jumps up or drops. It's hard for anyone to say "you should buy THIS comic for $500" without knowing anything about you or your collecting habits. Are you more interested in collecting 1st appearances, 1st issues or complete runs of a title? What age are you looking to collect? Golden/Silver/Bronze/Copper/Modern? I'd suggest doing a lot of reading on this forum to get an idea of how others collect and what you're really interested in. The latter is the most important past of this.
  5. Should've listened to my own advice from 6 months ago. As others mentioned above, the time to strike may have passed. I don't see this lasting as many people saw the ridiculous prices and sent them in to PSA or other grading services. These companies are backlogged and taking months to return. The market will be flooded with grades all over the place and the price will come down to reality once collectors and flippers start receiving them back (just finished watching the YouTube video above and realized he said exactly this). A lot of people seeing high prices for Gem mint cards when only
  6. What's the book? Depends on what it is and the price that you can obtain it at.
  7. I'd go GSX1....has more 1st appearances that haven't quite gotten the attention they deserve; Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler while having an early appearance of Wolverine. It's also the more important comic in terms of history and making the X-Men relevant once again. At the end of the day, buy what you want most for your collection regardless of what happens to the value. If all the value came tumbling down (which I don't see happening), what would you still rather have in your collection?
  8. This forum is like the same people going back and forth again and again with the same folks being negative over and over again. Glad to have taken a break from this place.
  9. I also have an Invincible 1 CGC 9.6 that I'd sell for around GPA/GoCollect pricing.
  10. 5.5 between the corners, spine, center crease and some other wear. There's a few marks on the cover itself and around the other edges. Not a bad presenting book at all with decent color.
  11. Ill send you a PM. Have a nice 5.5 white pager i'll be selling.
  12. I'm putting my Hulk 1 CGC 3.0 for sale by this weekend if you're interested:
  13. I have a very nice 7.5 white pager I was planning on putting for sale by this weekend.
  14. It's silly to invest in any book once it becomes overhyped but those that bought that book prior to the movie announcement did very well on it. I'll let him speak for himself but I don't think he was joking at all. Again, these books like MP15 or UF4 rose exponentially upon some type of hype/spec news and then some fall harder back down to reality. Prior to those announcements, both were fractions of what they go for now. I'm not an invest in comics type of guy but plenty of people have done very well with knowing when to buy and sell.