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  1. I always enjoyed Aparo's clean designs. I certainly think their are much worse covers out there.
  2. It's funny, the price collectors are willing to pay for an individual issue that used to retail for $0.10 and then the cost to have it graded and put in it's individual slab/case makes the cost of these spinner racks seem reasonable to me. But hey, to each his own.
  3. I feel quite the opposite, if than many people came out with credible stories that he actually did this, even if he didn't break age of consent law people should know. Would you let your young daughter or sister hang out with this scumbag????
  4. I think everyone should know about creeps like this. Don't help him hide from the comic community, focus some light on him to bring out other people who he may have preyed upon. Unless of course you cheer for the bad guys in all the funny books you read.
  5. What a bunch of scumbags, hope they get the book (not a comic) thrown at them.
  6. I'm late to the thread. But now that you've got him in your sights, don't let up, don't give up, don't let him off the hook. He's a lowlife scumbag. LIGHT HIM UP.
  7. From an official or regulatory standpoint the two companies will have to be separate. In practice they will do everything in their power to make sure they both are successful by sharing information, costs, discounts, resources, payroll, storage, IT, everything that you can think of to save money to compete and maximize profit.
  8. I agree. It also makes you wonder just how poorly Diamond was run as a business, poor reputation and not able to be profitable as a monopoly? I think they were either run by a complete idi0t or Diamond was just able to squeeze huge amounts of profit out of the system that lined the pockets of the owners. If they go out of business, good riddance.
  9. Canada is a great country. It's not very populated for it's massive size (about 10 times less populated than the US) and probably one of the best places on Earth to live if you are poor.