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  1. I remember reading comics at the barber shop! Good times. As an adult I have on occasion brought my own book / magazine with me and stealthily left behind some comics in waiting area for kids to find.
  2. Yes, I just asked about this (see page 81)! Just finished it, it was long but a page turner and hooked be right at the start. Great read.
  3. I have not heard anything about smokers having any immunity, they are probably more as risk if anything. Older people, people will immune issues and obese people are most at risk and the numbers from China are completely unreliable.
  4. Great issue as part of a great run.
  5. Just going to do what the Bloodhound Gang do - "Giving myself a mullet, hook the Flowbee to the Kirby"
  6. I had no idea he'd cancelled that often, I've seen him 3 or 4 times so I guess I've been lucky. Great music but he sure is full of himself.
  7. Funny story, the only time I've been lucky enough to win something on the radio was the grand prize to see him in Vegas (this was not too many years after The Smith's broke up). Flew with a friend and the DJ at the radio and his date to Vegas for the show. The show was awesome but there was such a crush of people that we watched the first half of the show from the 1st row and the second half of the show from the side of the stage (we had back stage passes). Since it was Morrissey we never did see him backstage, we ran into the band at the airport later that night (they were flying out of the same terminal) but right before the airline started boarding Moz (yeah, I called him that, deal with it Moz) showed up with security and was wisked onto the plane. He never even made eye contact with the band and the place was not that busy late at night. I always envisioned him flying 1st class with the rest of his band in coach with him being picked up by a limo and the rest taking a cab, but I flew home to a different city so I'll never know. The show was fantastic in his defense.
  8. Have to say the most disappointed I was at a show was New Order back in the day. They had to pause between every song to get it together (retune and such), forgot lyrics, sounded like , etc. I think the whole band was drunk/high. They didn't sound anything like what you would hear on an album, again just terrible, nobody I've seen since has been close.
  9. Very cool to see people with a wide range of tastes in music. Live music is great and it's always interesting to see which performers are as good or even better live (and I've seen a few that I wouldn't want to see again as they were so bad).
  10. I'm not in CA so that sounds reasonable.
  11. Interesting tool to look at COVID projections (not sure I agree with them) https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america You can select CA in the drop down to see the peak is projected to be April 17 from a number of deaths prospective. The model spits out a huge range for some states.
  12. I agree with you. I would think of it as revenue shortfall compared to forecast. You just didn't see the sales you expected.
  13. Totally agree, and with you money you save every month by not having to rent a storage locker, more comics!