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  1. Oh I’m also exited the way dc is moving. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and shazam( my family loved this movie). I’m also pumped about black Adam. I’m excited about this upcoming slate of movies
  2. Am I the only one that’s excited for the new gods movie? I think king will deliver an excellent -script and mister miracle will be amazing. This will be a great way to introduce Darkseid also my favorite bad guy from dc. What’s yours guys thoughts?
  3. Bought a book off eBay and I’ve never seen a 9.0 with this many problems. It says on verification that grader notes are coming soon. So I can’t buy them to see. How is this a nine and can these cases be opened and switched
  4. Wow just got the bad news a 6.5 even after press. I don’t understand that at all. I’ve got graded books that look worse graded higher and the grader notes was just the front cover. My guess the pressing damage the book
  5. I was hoping a 7.5 and with a press and clean an 8 to maybe 8.5. Thanks
  6. I’m almost certain I’m goin to have it pressed and cleaned when I send it In to get graded
  7. I’m goin to be sending this book in to get graded and wondered if a press and clean would be helpful. It lays very flatsable