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  1. No pics just yet but if they do manage to remove it,is that considered restoration?or does it depend on what the stain really is
  2. Hello everyone, I have a CGC SS Old man logan sketch variant and there's what I believe staple rusting stains on the both front and back covers. Question is if CCS cleans it,will it become a restored comic? Is this my only option as the book is CGC Sig series? Would personally like to have the best grade on it but wouldn't want to have the restoration label on it. Thanks for your time
  3. Still looking,does anyone's LCS have this around?
  4. Thanks but none in my price range at the moment.Wanting to spend from $25-40 on it.
  5. Hey everyone,looking to purchase the san diego comic con variant of Sentry #1 in any condition but raw copies only please.Thanks.
  6. I can take pics of whatever you want mate,just hit me a PM.Apologies to all who messaged as well but was busy past day.
  7. Got this beautiful set up for sale.$1600 or nearest offer in Manhattan takes them all home.Transaction takes place in person.NOW ACCEPTING PAYPAL.SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED DEADPOOL #1-SOLD INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 NEW MUTANTS #87 AMAZING SPIDERMAN #298-301-SOLD DEFENDERS #17 WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 AND #33-PENCE ISSUE-SOLD X-MEN #101 STAR WARS #42
  8. Yeah mate thanks for that,I currently am in the process of completing setup.Waiting for the credit card 4 digit number.
  9. Hello everyone, Soon I will be back in the USA,18th june,and would like to sell most or all of my comic books.Pics are below.Thanks for looking.PAYPAL. VARIANTS UXM 529-$30 UXM 500 DF 5000 COPIES-$20 Amazing Spider-Girl zombie 25-$15 UXM 507 Planet COMICON-$10 UXM 497-$20 UXM 505-$15 Deadpool 2 McGuiness-$20 UXM 500 dodson women colour -$15 UXM 500 dodson women sketch-$200 UXM 500 turner-$80 Daredevil 111's aja and dodson-$90 Deadpool 611 2nd print-$35 Captain America 34 Alex Ross DF 4000 COPIES-$90 War of Kings GOTG 8 THANOS-$30 Thunderbolts 110 VENOM-$40 ALL VARIANT BOOKS ARE NM+ COPPER/MODERN KEYS Preacher 1 VF-$120 Adventures of Superman 14 1st print NM+-$15 Edge of Spiderverse 2 1st print NM+-$130 Deadpool 1 1997 VF-NM-$60 UXM 266 NM-$100 DC Comics Presents 26 VF-NM-$120 DC Sandman Master of Dreams VF-NM 1-$70 PICTURES WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.THANKS FOR LOOKING.