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  1. Hey everyone,looking to purchase the san diego comic con variant of Sentry #1 in any condition but raw copies only please.Thanks.
  2. KuagiC

    WTB Sentry SDCC #1

    Still looking,does anyone's LCS have this around?
  3. KuagiC

    WTB Sentry SDCC #1

    Thanks but none in my price range at the moment.Wanting to spend from $25-40 on it.
  4. Hello everyone, Soon I will be back in the USA,18th june,and would like to sell most or all of my comic books.Pics are below.Thanks for looking.PAYPAL. VARIANTS UXM 529-$30 UXM 500 DF 5000 COPIES-$20 Amazing Spider-Girl zombie 25-$15 UXM 507 Planet COMICON-$10 UXM 497-$20 UXM 505-$15 Deadpool 2 McGuiness-$20 UXM 500 dodson women colour -$15 UXM 500 dodson women sketch-$200 UXM 500 turner-$80 Daredevil 111's aja and dodson-$90 Deadpool 611 2nd print-$35 Captain America 34 Alex Ross DF 4000 COPIES-$90 War of Kings GOTG 8 THANOS-$30 Thunderbolts 110 VENOM-$40 ALL VARIANT BOOKS ARE NM+ COPPER/MODERN KEYS Preacher 1 VF-$120 Adventures of Superman 14 1st print NM+-$15 Edge of Spiderverse 2 1st print NM+-$130 Deadpool 1 1997 VF-NM-$60 UXM 266 NM-$100 DC Comics Presents 26 VF-NM-$120 DC Sandman Master of Dreams VF-NM 1-$70 PICTURES WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.THANKS FOR LOOKING.
  5. Got this beautiful set up for sale.$1600 or nearest offer in Manhattan takes them all home.Transaction takes place in person.NOW ACCEPTING PAYPAL.SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED DEADPOOL #1-SOLD INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 NEW MUTANTS #87 AMAZING SPIDERMAN #298-301-SOLD DEFENDERS #17 WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 AND #33-PENCE ISSUE-SOLD X-MEN #101 STAR WARS #42
  6. I can take pics of whatever you want mate,just hit me a PM.Apologies to all who messaged as well but was busy past day.
  7. Yeah mate thanks for that,I currently am in the process of completing setup.Waiting for the credit card 4 digit number.