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  1. I think that a lot of bookstores and libraries get their books from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, or some other distributor. I've had an account with Simon and Schuster for about 20 years and they ship product straight to my house. During the pandemic, though, their warehouses were closed for a period of time and they were using Ingram to ship product. I opened my account when I was working at a comic book store (that also carried science fiction books), but I've continued to get stuff for myself since the store closed. This is pretty small scale compared to your average bookstore, but they
  2. PRH is also in the process of trying to purchase Simon and Schuster which would make them even larger and have them distributing trades for Boom and Oni as well as manga for Viz if the sale goes through.
  3. I picked up 40 issues from Series II and 6 issues from Series I in 2020. I think that a couple of those were in person transactions back in February before the pandemic hit here. I have already picked up 6 issues from Series II in 2021 to bring the total that I need down to 99 Series II issues and 19 Series I issues. I'm not looking to upgrade any issues so thankfully don't have to worry about that. I haven't completed any hundred series either, though #694, 1016, and 1164 are the only issues I need in those particular hundred series. My longest unbroken run then is from 1017-1163, a
  4. These two arrived in the mail today. I am down to needing exactly 100 issues from Series II now.
  5. Very cool. I'd love to get a copy of this one in nice shape, but the only copy that I keep seeing is way overpriced.
  6. I'm currently re-reading Raft by Stephen Baxter. I first read it when it came out, but never read the rest of the books in the Xeelee series. I plan to change that this year. I'm also reading Magdeburg Noir by David Carrico, a collection of three stories set in the 1632/Ring of Fire series.
  7. I usually place my order around the middle of the month. I email them with a list of shortages whenever there are any. They used to reply pretty quickly, but now it is often a week or two before they get back to me. The reason is almost always that Diamond shorted them.
  8. I've been having problems with books being shorted for the past couple of years. They are usually Dark Horse hardcovers and trade paperbacks. Many of these are eventually filled after a delay of 2-3 months or more. I've had to pick up a Phantom Dailies book and an EC Archives book elsewhere. Another EC book wasn't filled and I haven't found a decently priced copy yet. They also cancelled a Dragon Age hardcover. There were also a few of this year's FCBD comics that they didn't get in and a few other books with small print runs over the past few years. I currently have 7 Dark Horse bo
  9. Cool book. That's one of 105 issues I still need in Four Color Series II. I'm hoping to get one next year.
  10. I received another order in the mail today which will probably be my last golden age for the year. Four steps closer to finishing off Our Gang. Now I just need #3-9 and 13.