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  1. Thanks. Now I just need to find a nice Action 252 at a decent price. I need 15 issues to have Action complete back to #200 and 252 is the highest number on that list (and obviously the most expensive).
  2. Superman #3 is actually my most recent Superman purchase. It arrived last week and I read it the next day and enjoyed it.
  3. I picked up a number of Humphrey issues, filling in a number of gaps. I've also picked up Little Dot #2 and two early Casper issues recently. The Caspers aren't Harvey, but it became a Harvey title shortly thereafter.
  4. They are great books. I have quite a few Four Colors in my 'To read' pile, but I've fallen behind on reading my backlog as other things have taken precedence. I'll get back to them eventually. I now need 185 out of the 1322 Four Color issues for the set. I picked up #12 Bambi, #16 Porky Pig, #27 Mickey Mouse and #29 Donald Duck recently plus a few others. The biggest ones that I still need are #9 Donald Duck, #62 Donald Duck, #33 Bugs Bunny, #38 Roy Rogers and #74 Little Lulu.
  5. If a collectible app works for somebody and they like it, I think that's cool. I just think it's way too much work. I used index cards when I first started collecting in the 1970s. My brother and I started using a word processor to keep track of the collection in 1982 and that's what I've used ever since with some refinement along the way. If it ain't broke... I can't remember when I made my first want list, but it was probably sometime in the late 80s/early 90s. I started the current want list in the late 90s and just update it a couple of times each year as I cross things off. Here's a sample page from the DC section, though it probably won't be of much interest to most.
  6. A spreadsheet is a good idea. I use a word processing document. I have a big one that includes all of the comics that I have, but I have a smaller want list with just the issues that I am looking for. I just cross out issues as I buy them so that I don't buy them again. One nice thing about the document is that I can make it into three columns and fit a lot of data on a sheet and not have it so small that I can't read it. When I first started doing this about 20 years ago, my list was 5 pages front and back. Now it is down to 2 pages front and back.
  7. I've read about 95% of the comics I have. I currently have around 90,000 comics and am a couple of months behind on some of the recent books plus 4000 or so back issues that have piled up over the last 5 years. I'm retired now, so I'm working on it.
  8. I would probably spend a small fortune for a decent copy of Action Comics #1 in hopes of turning it into a large fortune.