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  1. Not to exciting for you long time GA collectors - but I was organizing some books so I figured I would snap a group pic of my marvel mystery comics... only like 80 more to go! Lol
  2. This is a fantastic topic... While I agree with most of what is said in the quoted post. Especially about the glut of variants currently hitting the market I do not agree that current covers can not be iconic or nostalgic. I think it comes down to the subject and the artist. I am also an X-men fan and I am fairly certain I will never be able own a Byrne/Adams/Lee X-Men cover. But what I do own are a couple recent variant covers like the one below that touch all those feelings the vintage ones would. I obviously paid a premium vs a splash but no where near what the vintage stuff commands and no current splashes would touch the collector cords this does.
  3. Prices cut on all books.. going to move some to EBAY tonight if I have the time so get them while they are here. Thanks