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  1. I was going to ask earlier, but I thought it was best price
  2. it only quotes what the next said not what they quoted, I think if you highlight the whole post and click quote selection when it appears you will get the result you want.
  3. Great info everyone.. these are very cool, I may have to seek some more out for my collection. Thank you!
  4. Thanks! I thought it came out pretty good too. Not bad at all... a bit over 100.
  5. Thanks Rich_ if I had known I would have loved to say hi and got it done lol. I did drop a bunch of stuff for signatures with desert wind at the beginning of the show, but like I said this was a last minute decision on the way out the door.
  6. There were a couple facilitators but I could only go friday and wilson's list was full. Last minute one of my friends that is a dealer told me if I could work it out with wilson he would get it for me today, this was like 20 minutes before the show closed so no time to get that part done too.. but I am happy
  7. Ron Wilson from east coast con- no cgc for this one as they had no reps and I had to have someone pick it up for me
  8. Thank you all! Team CGC rocks.. but he is still active.. how do we report this to mods?
  9. While at a show yesterday one of the dealers had something unique (at least to me). A newspaper section of the Spirit by Will Eisner from 9/3/1940. My GF wanted it because she liked the cover content of a battered woman fighting back so we grabbed it. I did not know much about it but it was not to much money so it is now here lol. After a bit of digging I have found it in Overstreet and see some have been graded by Cgc (not this one) . So I figured I would share and see what the group knows about collectibility/rarity/history etc. not really sure how to grade since there is not a traditional cover but it seems to be in decent shape- no splits tears or brittleness. Thanks to @Jim Corrigan for help with the detective work!
  10. I picked up a couple things at east coast comic con yesterday. My first piece from the 70s so I had to share . creatures on the loose 32 pg 9 by Tuska and Colletta - I am a big Kraven fan so stoked to get this. Also Larry Stroman has some pre done commission pieces I liked so I grabbed them. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1550346