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  1. Depends on the rules set forth by the seller.. some will say an I take it trumps all like you did in your rules and which point pm negotiations mean nothing .. or they will state that whatever comes in time stamped first the pm or the ill take it.. wins. you make the rules..we make sure you follow them
  2. The forums are a self policed community... not Facebook. there are ways things are done here to make that community including standing by the rules you set forth and the rules of the boards. No one was attacking you , people were just pointing out how it is done around here and how you set your rules you need to stand by.. whether the rules are overly comprehensive or simple is up to you. but the community will police them, that is why people are so comfortable selling and buying at very substantial levels here. the peanut gallery has saved many a person from fraud around here.. I myself on a hulk 181 that was a scam.. thankfully someone butted in and found the same book and serial number listed elsewhere by a different seller and let me know before I paid. saved me a couple grand..
  3. The pm dealing means nothing here.. the book was available and a take it was presented.. the book should be sold . if it was not the person you were speaking to via PM what would you have done?
  4. @Jginsberg79 werent you looking for these early Capt marvel?
  5. The Cover to Batman 251 sold for 600k.... I think this is better so my guess (which I put in the guess thread) 780k
  6. Any inkling on the value (either trade or cash) when it changed hands over the last couple years?
  7. High bid will be 770k - if it sells that is another question considering CC puts high reserves on their best stuff....
  8. I have been thinking about this for a few days... There is SO much.. and I have checked a lot of boxes.. but top 5 within realistic budget.. I am working on my X-men project so some of these artists would need to be specific runs. JRJR- First run X-men BWS- I want something but not sure what... George Perez- Big hole in my collection because there are so many things he has done I love just have not clicked on the right one yet Bill Sienkiewicz- I keep talking myself out of none published pieces hoping I find the right published Todd Mcfarlane- hopefully I can land a hulk page before they get beyond me.. And this one does not fit because I have a couple of his pieces. but no X-men ... Jim Lee
  9. How about a mix of horror and cheesecake? Bettie Page Halloween special by Reilly Brown
  10. Just arrived and thanks to our very own @exitmusicblue an amazing John Byrne Namor half splash! Another one that hits a nostalgic home run... I loved the Namor run by Byrne when it was coming out.. I have been looking at pages at auction for a while, but not many with Namor on the page show up. When Steve posted this I was all over it .. great image of Namor, and Nazis as the villains??? Showing his GA roots! All that and a super easy trade. Thank you Steve!
  11. Santa... I would like a Dell"Otto Black paper.. please and thank you!
  12. This is a great topic! Love the stories so far (and @Brian Peck I am beyond jealous) I am relatively new to OA collecting , maybe 3 years or so, and when I started collecting art I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it, I was still dabbling and the X-men pieces that held the most nostalgia seemed just so out of reach. At the point of this story the most I had ever spent on a piece was maybe 5/600 dollars. Until I saw our very own @stinkininkin post his Uncanny X-men variant cover.. it was love at first sight , to me it touched every genre of the art and team I loved. I wanted it , again new guy who had no clue how to acquire a cover that wasn’t even out yet.. and no idea what it would cost. I didn’t even know Scott was on our boards yet... So I reached out over Twitter and Scott responded (first time for me talking directly to an artist trying to buy art). The price was huge in comparison to what I had been spending - there was no way I could swing that: I actually agreed to buy it then got cold feet and backed out. Thankfully Scott being a collector was so cool and easy, he suggested time payments (yes still had no clue at that point that everyone in this game does them) and I was back in. This would already be an emotional purchase, but it got even better because it just so happened that Scott was making an appearance at a smaller localish show right about when I would have it paid off.. so even though he is west coast based I was able to pick it up in person. He was so nice and accommodating to chat about his art and collecting in general.. it made the stretch even better and honestly what made me dive headfirst into collecting OA!