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  1. I heard he wants total control on content and marvel unwilling
  2. I wish byrne would give in and let them publish these books...
  3. Thanks!! i would like to get a Churchill Peterson or Dodson next as the Lee hurt financially! Neal Adams is the one that may be beyond my grasp without a big liquidation of other pieces or comics.. Byrne is the same boat, but at least the elsewhen page has kinda kept that thirst at bay ...
  4. Well the day has come... the biggest hole in my collection is filled... Jim Lee and Scott Williams from X-men 2 ... Xavier vs Magneto.. the essential basis of the whole X-men mythos... two sides of the same coin.. best friends at odds over ideology and the fate of the mutant world in the balance.. massive thank you to my friend George P for letting this one come live with me. I could not be happier!!
  5. First of all .. thank you Dino for putting up so much great stuff for us to even try to buy! As far as my quoted piece, I had suggested to Bill that dealers have to at least wait at least few seconds to give the collectors a chance, and if you watch the DD regularly you will see that some dealers do not claim immediately but give others a chance.. it is pretty obvious if you watch all the time who is who.. and I have noticed and appreciate the ones that do not try to glom all the art to resell.
  6. The location change I believe is due to the covid protocols the other hotel has in place and the size of the room. The new one has a larger capacity.
  7. Umm... What the heck on the Jim Lee X-men page??? 33k for storm only???? And Actually X-men in general ?? I need to start collecting Superman ..
  8. If I am reading this correctly and the prices are in CAD - I will take this at 20% off. Thanks
  9. Yea- coming along nicely... but these prices on xmen art are not making it easy!