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  1. Thanks! It is funny because he mentioned you as a reference, I was going to reach out but felt comfortable enough with him that I did not need to.
  2. And then... something even cooler happened::: that same wonderful person offered me a Buscema Avengers Cover!! The cover to 298... funny story on this I absolutely love the cover but I showed it to a friend before I bought it and he said it was ugly... now don’t get me wrong , I would love Thor swinging his hammer (who wouldn’t?) but for having no heroes I think it is great.. large character images including a giant robot.. a damsel in distress in the foreground building great perspective and a well laid out detailed city background.. oh and it happens to be an inferno tie in! Being a major X-men fan that is just a cherry on top! Thanks again @AvengersFan!
  3. I have been low key looking for a nice John Buscema second run Avengers page for a while , as that was the avengers I grew up with. A week or two ago a great boardie @AvengersFan posted a couple in the marketplace. By the time I got to him they were sold... but he offered me a different one: and how perfect it was. Full avengers team battle page... battle armor Thor.. heroes in most panels! Perfect! Thank you sir!
  4. Hey .. to each his own! If you run into a page from Uncanny 201 or 212 feel free to send it this way.. i will give the ugly ducking a forever home
  5. Rick Leonardi - When I was growing up reading X-men I hated when he filled in on Uncanny.. I called him the bubble man because of how rounded everything was. I think the disdain came from how different he was from the regular run artists on the book then (JRJR Silvestri Lee). Now a million years later I love his art , how unique his style is and the emotion he conveys.. I chalk it up to dumb kidness.
  6. the Byrne Xmen pages were all available for sale prior to this, if the reserves are just what they were listed they are not attractive.
  7. Last call!!! Invoices are all out... people who have paid are all packed and ready to go to the post. Other buyers who have not paid yet.. if you want the books to go out before next week reach out. Thank you to everyone!!!
  8. Only 3 books left.. WOW - Thank you guys! If anyone wants the last three X-men Books - I can do $75 shipped for the three above.. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the purchases!! Going to start invoicing and wrap this up tonight so...Let's Recap with a few more Haircuts on price... Here is what is left FF 50 CGC 7.0 No longer available or FF 50 Raw and signed by Sinnott $225 Sold X-men 120 vg $45 X-Men 122 F $25 X-men 123 F + $18 FF 112 $35 SOLD