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  1. I know I was a bit aggressive on the number but did not really see any available. .. but I am open to offers if someone is interested. I do not bite or get offended,.. feel free to PM Me
  2. Hi Joe- i have a 6.5 ow/w and it is a Pedigree from the Kevin McFadden collection. I would want a bit more then 530 but I would move it. pm me if interested
  3. Yup- Going to be sad to see it go, but figure someone needs a real high grade copy!
  4. Neal Adams was having a sale on his 8x10 profiles so I grabbed this Havok. Loved seeing how the costume was designed to be by the guy who original came up with it back in 1969. Real happy with it.
  5. Only one book today but a good one! Batman 244 CGC 9.6 - my favorite Neal Adams Batman cover. Downgrading on this one as all my other Bats from Neal are a bit lower so putting this one out there. Beautiful book- graded last year . If someone wants to play the resub game I could see someone getting lucky. the last 2 sales on GPA in 2019 in this grade were 660 and 650. let’s say $700 shipped in the US (I’ll split shipping to Canada) rules- shipping included no people on any lists no returns it’s CGC paypal or check if check it will be shipped after it clears ill take it trumps any pm negotiations questions or more pics please feel free to reach out. thanks
  6. That third panel, is very familiar... it may be mystique and I think it is from the sabertooth limited series.
  7. Picked this MMC 27 up today at a local con- low grade , it looks like it was bound which stinks but it preserved the gloss! The colors really pop. And look at that vision splash!
  8. Thanks Yea if that is the case I would go by that (and you now have me thinking about any raw books I bought from them and how closely I checked). My 4.0 w detached cover was a pretty book other then that, honestly it is crappy story because either I missed the detachment or it happened while there.. I had expected a 7/8 grade when I sent it out.
  9. it depends on who's standards you are going by. CGC allows it.. I have even had a detached cover at a 4.0 from CGC
  10. He does most of it digitally now.. but this was a traditional piece and I saw him at a show. Thanks
  11. Just picked this Speed Comics 21 up and I was very surprised to see only 8 on the census. Joe Simon Hiltler cover.. I expected more. I got super lucky as I got first dibs on a GA collection a local dealer got!