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  1. I stumbled upon an Australian artist Will Pleydon while checking out a new art rep company belegendaryillustrations.com - so I bought a pre done piece the Batgirl/Joker and commissioned a painted Phoenix. In less then a month they were at my door all the way from Australia.. I could not be happier with the art , the process pricing or timing. Check them out!
  2. me too.. but would have liked a couple more pages
  3. They came out with a Bazooka !! I was texting with a Big dealer (not the one I am usually texting with) while this is going down and he literally said he needs to go adjust prices up on his site lol.
  4. and it is just Hercules from hero standpoint...
  5. I agree.. one of the best story lines of that era and a fun page.. but wow
  6. Did Second Run John Buscema Avengers jump up in value when I wasn't paying attention? https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/john-buscema-and-tom-palmer-the-avengers-274-story-page-15-original-art-marvel-1986-/a/7239-95038.s
  7. See i am famous now... tell Joe Bennett to hook me up on that Wolverine commission we were talking about !
  8. Awe .. feeling so much love from everyone!! Thank you so much!
  9. UGH! Hopefully you still have some stashed... I just picked up a page from the Wildcats/Xmen silver age crossover a few months ago that I feel a lot better about after today.. unfortunately it was not one of the pages you inked
  10. I could not believe where these ended... the 90s are in vouge!
  11. I was there..it was cool. Anthony was the only "art dealer" but scott hanna had a ton of published art and I found this at the comic upstairs... A few comic dealers brought some art because they knew what anthony was doing downstairs the comic show
  12. WOW- Thank you @Will_K . I was humbled that Bill even asked and I wanted to try to make it as interesting as possible.. I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it and even more grateful you went out of your way to post here!
  13. My first banger of the New Year was a surprise! I’ve been looking for a nice Mike Zeck example for a while.. and while I was at a small comic show this beauty was sitting on top of a comic dealers wall ! Very early Zeck - issue 224 from 1978 but such a fantastic page. not sure if this is splash or a panel but either way very happy to have it!