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  1. Can you post some clearer closer pictures? ( I am in bergen county and may be interested) thanks
  2. SO you think the Brothers Donnelly bought it?
  3. As of 2011 it was in possession of Lynn Varley according to there divorce battle https://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com/2020/04/original-art-stories-miller-vs-varley.html?spref=fb&fbclid=IwAR2zSJfiF-bTxFrGWyI06h4bjRlN15nUTxhE1zeGcLWu3wu0JTh8rhmPxpk
  4. I am not sure it is all a matter of bragging... I post all my stuff on CAF for a few reasons, and none of it is Bragging. One it is an easy orderly place for me to look at/sort/chronicle my collection. Two I like to know where art I may want is, so I assume others do too and CAF makes it all searchable so you can find things that may not be available no matter how you scorch the earth. Three I like to look at art even when it is not mine so I assume others do too , sharing is caring. Four we all trade art.. seeing or showing what you have can go a long way to make it easier.
  5. Pretty funny question to me Grant, because just last month I was given a somewhat similar question, obviously not on the same scale but similar none the less. A friend who is a massive collector but a known black hole collection offered me a page of something he knew I would love but the caveat was that I could not post it anywhere because he did not want other people bugging him for stuff. I was going to do it but while trying to pull the cash together he rescinded the offer within 24 hours. So i guess you can count me in the give me the art category!
  6. Jealous... if you ever break that up keep me in mind !
  7. This is the part I never understand.... I do not have many pre-Lims- but I am definitely not against them. I think it is a great way to get a piece of art for a much more reasonable price then not only the published stuff (obviously) but even better then con sketches (those prices have skyrocketed) - Alan Davis is a great example as I have been looking at some of his prelims - they are tight and nicer then his sketches at a fraction of the price. here is one I do own. A Joe Madureira (and we know what his art sells for) prelim of the X-men Excalibur crossover. It is 11x17 light pencils full size on one side and then four smaller layouts on the back one being very tight. And I think I paid under 60 bucks in a heritage auction 😜
  8. That is pretty crazy... but I can tell you I saw and bought from Dan personally at NYCC last year and he was not, how can i put this nicely, in a good place/state of mind. Awesome story and ultimately you have a story of your favored characters no one else does and a alternate ending !
  9. Depends how you want to look at it.. the 9x12 start at 4k so I guess your accountant could use that number and go from there? It is art so it is subjective I would think.
  10. these are smaller then the ones from that con.. those were 15k at 11x17 and you can still order- these are the 9 x12 that I think Moy charges 4-6k depending but you obviously can pick who you want but will have to wait ... and people told me I was crazy when I bought my 2 character 11x17 for 4k
  11. Just got these back? I havent submitted in a while but I heard they have gotten very tight.