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  1. That ASM is so tempting... but the timing is just not right... GLWS
  2. Unstoppablejayd

    Terrificon at Mohegan Sun Expo Center on August 17-19th 2018

    I am going up saturday and sunday... first time at this show... any tips?
  3. Unstoppablejayd

    PGM TTA 44

    Thanks everyone... this is more along the lines of what I was thinking but was not sure. keep the thoughts coming!
  4. Unstoppablejayd

    PGM TTA 44

    Team CGC I picked this Tales To Astonish 44 up with the 15% off eBay coupon last week. And I was wondering what you think the grade is in this . Please and thank you
  5. Unstoppablejayd

    Quick press for signature series....

    After- I know you can do a full press after signature but for quick press I was not sure.
  6. So I am going to Terrifcon with a good amount of books I want to get signed... if I have 15 moderns can i option into the quick press on them? Sorry for the question but I am trying to figure out exactly what I want signed and some of the books need to be pressed. Thanks
  7. Unstoppablejayd


    That is the first thing I thought of when i saw the listing... If you own that book- send it to CGC or its shady
  8. Unstoppablejayd


    Who wants to role the dice lol... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Fantasy-15-PGX-3-5-1962-1st-Spider-Man-Holy-Grail-Like-CGC-G11-cm-au/352426283309?hash=item520e3e512d%3Ag%3A
  9. Unstoppablejayd

    eBay 15% OFF Coupon Today

    I love these! I grabbed a nice raw mid grade TTA 44
  10. Unstoppablejayd

    Terrificon at Mohegan Sun Expo Center on August 17-19th 2018

    Who runs this thing... Lets get Chris Claremont added... I need some dual Alan Davis/Claremont signatures!!
  11. I have a X-men signed by John Byrne and would like to add a claremont signature... I do not really care what show just that it gets there done and submitted. Pressing is a plus PM Me Thanks
  12. Unstoppablejayd

    Daredevil SA BA and Millers

    Via PM!