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  1. Unstoppablejayd

    Bronze X-Men...moving up? Underappreciated?

    Also my favorite run and they have been creeping up. Hopefully it continues. Picked this double cover up a couple weeks ago. Both covers are 9.4 wondering if either would press higher....
  2. With a good press and clean we got a winner at a 6.0! Thanks again for the feedback
  3. You guys are fantastic! 3.0 it was
  4. Unstoppablejayd

    New Mutants Key Starter kit

    I had to buy a run of New Mutants to get some issues I needed so I have some extra keys and figured I would try them here for a few days before moving to Ebay- all the books are VF or better. $55 for the lot of them. Issues New Mutants 1 , 16 first Warpath, 18 !st Warlock and Demon Bear (Basis for the movie) 26 first Legion, 86 1st Leifeld art (newsstand),100 (newsstand) first X-force and I will throw in an X-force 1 too! Pictures to follow Rules: First in thread trumps any PMs. I refuse to sell to Probates or naughty people in general. Shipping & is included. US only at this time. Payment: PayPal preferred. Returns: Returns are ok... but just ask for more pics as it is a hassle and shipping would be on you.
  5. Unstoppablejayd

    [CLOSED] FREE -- comics digests & paperbacks

    Take... SO COOL. Thanks
  6. Unstoppablejayd

    Golden Age - 30% OFF Low Grade GGA, Crime

    At least someone took it away from the mouse before it got further lol..I wonder how cgc would grade it
  7. Unstoppablejayd

    Golden Age - 30% OFF Low Grade GGA, Crime

    Me too- but to cool of a book to pass up
  8. 1sttime going to this one... any pro hints or things i need to know?
  9. Unstoppablejayd

    Cover Detached By CGC while grading?

    It was attached by the staple when it went. An owner along the line taped the interior edges and spine preemptively - even with no tears etc. so there is tape now securing but it is off the staples.
  10. Unstoppablejayd

    Cover Detached By CGC while grading?

    Hindsight is great.. but what does any of this have to do with it was attached after the press then went to cgc and came back not attached? Also the Fury was not pressed
  11. Unstoppablejayd

    Cover Detached By CGC while grading?

    Hi Bradley- thanks for noting, but in the notes it states detached at both staples... was this considered as a downgrade to grade?