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  1. One theory is a central banker, who is a collector, with access to liquidity (counterfeit) put his federal guaranteed chits on the table and received his required dopamine amplification.
  2. The Action 7 was slow to develop. Looks like 3 bidders. Eventually, there was a live bidder nibbler, but could not over come the internet bidder. Final Price $144,000.
  3. With 3 kids high on after school treats, dad needs a safety switch.
  4. I have no idea. I guess it comes down to the last bid during the live auction.
  5. One would make the reasonable assumption that supply would out weight demand on some items.
  6. In case my previous post was too cryptic -- it would take 'an offer I can't refuse' to part with the Action Comics #7. The way the comic migrated into my collection took years of perseverance. One day, in the distant future, I'd be satisfied if the comic passes on to tabcom jr. That is if someone doesn't click Buy It! As for marriaging a back cover, I'm unclear what the value of that would bring. A half a grade bump with a green label?
  7. That is what is known as the <NOT> For Sale Price.
  8. Action Comics #7 vs. Detective Comics #35