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  1. I was hoping to add several of the Farrells to my collection but this was my only win.
  2. . . . because I was asked about it.
  3. Because its Valentines Day Cinderella Love #25
  4. 'alternative investments' would be Gold of another kind. I may need to this post in the near future.
  5. ROI +/- of collecting comics in the 20's. Macroeconomics The stock market is a public utility with the Fed monitizing debt. PLUS Microeconomics Bought your comics thru a niche auction house. MINUS Bought your comics on eBay in an auction ending on a Sunday night. MINUS Bought your comics in an estates sale. PLUS Bought your comics in a private transaction from a non-collector. PLUS Fun Fact: You don't make money when you sell. You make money when you buy.
  6. From a macroeconomics view, FED policy has been great for the hobby. I don't see the free flow of liquidity being cut off any time soon. Hence, higher resell value.
  7. I predict the twenties will see a surge in value for a sub-genre that is only now starting to fester. When tabcom's itch is scratched, I'll pull back the bandage.
  8. My thumb is numb from scrolling past the 11x2 images.