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  1. My bid anticipaties a future PHC-level respect for the genre in general.
  2. Yes, indeed. Just finished the 96 page feast for the eyes.
  3. During your visit to Galesburg, did you stop in the LCBS, 'Crazy Carl's Corn and Comics'?
  4. IMUGAO (In My Unpopular Goldenage Opinion), the beloved Mr. Shomberg gets it wrong as often as he gets it right. When does his covers get it right? When he exercised restraint and applied the 'less is more' axiom.
  5. opps, looks like Baker took inspiration from an unsourced artist over at Love Letters #13.
  6. The cover is slightly used toilet paper, but the story is in good shape.
  7. Issues where published a month apart. They deserve to be paired up.
  8. Hand was trembling as I pulled them out of a $5 bin yesterday at a local record\comics\video games show.
  9. Why does this panel look familar?
  10. No statistical evidence for support, but if you eliminate one high roller buyer who may have waited years for the right copy to appear from the market, it's hard to fill that gap with his replacement (speculator) bidder.
  11. The motivation for the topic back then was due in part to CGCs normalizing pressing of comics. There was a large segment of collectors that felt pressing was an unethical practice that would ultimately damage the market value. In hindsight, I assumed the collector market was stagnant and pressing was a price inflating gimmick. Not realizing the impact of the trending superheroes movie industry would effect the demand as greatly as it did. I'm not making any more predictions. Just a question. . . If superhero movie's faulter, will comic values follow?
  12. Nearly 8 years later, I'm curious if any original contributors to the topic have changed their opinion of the topic. Is there market data to confirm or reject the original debate of 2011? I am now ambivalent. My collecting habits are limited to local estate auctions.
  13. Price jumped from $888 this morning to $7000; before it got sniped.
  14. Collecting Detective Comics is what led me to this forum many years ago.