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  1. There are plenty more, but these were the easiest to find.
  2. Nice looking book, but you'll probably drop more money than it is worth if you get it slabbed.
  3. I'm thinking 2.5. No idea on the clean and press situation.
  4. Oh, I agree. The prices for Silver Age at MCS just keep going up steadily.
  5. We actually got mail today...and it is a Federal holiday!
  6. I've bailed on buying any slabbed books, so it has been years. Every once in a while something comes along and is tempting, but I usually pass.
  7. It is the 1st appearance of Mephisto, hence the skyrocketing price. I'm in the 6.0 to 6.5 camp, and a great buy for 100 clams.
  8. As it is, I would say 3.0. But I'm a harsh grader.
  9. Not a phone call about our investments that anyone would want to get: "Hi Bob. Sorry to call so late. Yeah, about that Hulk #1 that you own $500 of. There's been a mishap. We were showing it to an investor last night, and well, he dropped it. Bob, don't scream like that, please? Anyway, when it hit the floor it bent the corner of page 7. We were lucky it didn't damage the cover. But the bad news is..., well Bob, I don't really know how to say it. That corner of page 7 was what you invested in. So, your shares are practically worthless. Bob, please, stop crying. What's that? I can assure y