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  1. Without a peek at the pages, I would say 4.5 to 5.0 .
  2. In the past, this guy would have been gone after three of these.
  3. Nothing special. It was just one of the listings of comic books in stock. Usually if there is something major, they will list the defect(s). There was nothing, so I took a chance using trade credit. I was extremely pleased.
  4. Ok, I was a little gobsmacked when the book arrived. I still can't find the reason for the grade, which is on the bag in the photo.I've never had a book in this grade look so good save a Rip Hunter 8 that had a detached cover at 2.5. A 2.0. Amazing.
  5. I would appreciate your take on this issue. This was bought from MCS and while it does have their grade, I would like your opinion on it. In a day or two (or if nobody posts) I will reveal the grade. No missing pages, staples are tight, dos have some indentations that are slight. Thank you!
  6. I've used picclick for years and didn't know they had a completed feature!