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  1. While this may be a little off point, most banks do not own strip malls, stores and the like. They may finance the construction of said properties, and may actually grant a mortgage to the developer/owner once it is built, but that is it. Usually the only way they wind up with ownership is if the owner defaults on the loan, then the property is taken over by the bank. And they try to sell it asafp because they aren't in the business to run stores. Trust me, they don't determine retail rental prices. Rents go up because the developer/owner feels they can get it and somebody would be willing to pay it, realistic or unrealistically (usually the latter). I was in the mortgage end of a large bank for years and we had a large budget for lending, around $400 million annually. We didn't touch the business market as it was too risky.
  2. Finally found a thread where I could post this Congo Bill 2 that arrived today. Spine splits (top and bottom, one inch) are the biggest defect in this book. Never read any of these, so it should be...unusual.
  3. Let me know when he can draw feet. Then I might listen to something he has to say. (I'm tastefully not mentioning the rack he drew on Captain America back in the day).
  4. The only autograph I would want would be at the bottom of one of their blank checks.
  5. The "punchline" is that DC is going to sell a $#!%load of these to stores that will mark them up 500%. No more for me thanks, I'm driving.
  6. And I'm selling football bats.
  7. Wait a minute. You talked to somebody in the USA about this? How did that happen? I always get the outsourced divisions that are clueless.
  8. Earlier in the movie, some of the patients were walking around with something that looked like bedpans wrapped across their faces.