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  1. evilskip

    This guy!

    I liked the part where I didn't open the link,
  2. evilskip

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    I've had about 20 Scary Monsters Magazines arrive this week. But Scott Jackson knocks this Roger Corman themed cover out of the park. Front & back covers to enjoy.
  3. The Detective 329 is a 5.0. There are some issues with the back cover. Wonderful Infantino/Anderson cover. The Rip Hunter #8 is a heart breaker. It is a 2.5 with white pages. The only problem with the book is that the cover is detached.
  4. evilskip

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Low grade reader. Always loved the cover.
  5. evilskip

    eBay starts new managed payments

    I'm only a buyer and I tolerate Paypal, but I don't like it very much. I didn't like the fact that they wanted you to link to multiple accounts and wanted near everything but a picture of your junk. For a month they decided that all of my purchases were foreign based and tried to take multiple fees. A few months ago they wanted my SS number (and no this wasn't a scam, it was right on their site) which really pissed me off and I let them know it in no uncertain terms. Now Ebay wants to get involved again and push Paypal out of the way. If this were any other company, I might applaud as Paypal's fees for buying overseas items sucks. Seeing the steady decline of ebay's customer service and their changes that must have been initiated by feces flinging monkeys, I can't wait to see how they F$#@ this up. And they will.
  6. evilskip

    PGM Showcase #55

    5.5-6.0. Nice mid grade book!
  7. evilskip

    PGM Justice League 31

    7.5 if the pages are nice.
  8. I used to grade a decent book with a sub crease as a 4.0. But after trading with MCS the past decade, they don't grade them any higher than a 3.0. Not sure what CGC would do.
  9. evilskip

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    I've got a couple of beaters from this series coming next week that will be readable (I hope). This week, the 5 is a 4.0, although I'm not sure if that big stamp should drag it down to a 3.0. The #7 is a 5.0.
  10. evilskip

    What dId I stumble upon?

    As far as a model to buy I would suggest Hot Wheels or maybe Matchbox if you sell these.
  11. This one came in today. It was recently slabbed and I couldn't find any Newton Rings on it.
  12. evilskip

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    I wanted a beater copy of this, and here it is. It has a six inch spine split and tape on the back cover.
  13. I really enjoy the Infantino covers of Detective and couldn't pass this one up. Picked it up at OPG, so it was a deal. "Some days,you just can't get rid of a gorilla bomb!"
  14. evilskip

    For the love of PGX

    Have you bought anything from ebay lately?
  15. evilskip

    Goofiest SA DC stories?

    Weird. I just read this one this morning. I think the most terrible story that comes to mind is the Mopee abomination from Flash 167.