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  1. I've pretty much stopped buying expensive items from ebay which may also be the culprit. My average purchase has been about $20 or less, with a lot of those being groups of cheap comics.
  2. I hate ebay. I've been shut out all year on the specials and promotions.(Maybe they hate me too).
  3. Comic Book movies that blow chunks: THE CROW WICKED PRAYER JONAH HEX GHOST RIDER SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE Non comic book movies: WILD WILD WEST- kept trying to leave and my wife wouldn't let me. This movie just pi$$ed me off as it was wrong on so many levels. VIGILANTE DIARIES-This was wrong on so many levels. You wouldn't believe me if I tried to explain it anyway. CARNAGE ROAD QUILTFACE-I've blocked this out of my memory.
  4. Forgot the other two. A Spectre graded 5.0 and a Creeper graded 5.5.
  5. Picked up the Detective as a 2.0. The Captain Marvel 2 as a 4.0. The Superman annual was ungraded. It has wrinkling, no water damage.
  6. Been a while since I picked anything up Silver age wise. Bought this one ungraded. It has the wrinkling, which I've seen quite a few times on 80+ page comics and magazines of that era. Binding looks good. I'm thinking at best a 3.0? Appreciate your thoughts on this one. Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure what the critics and fans were expecting from this movie. Shakespeare? All I wanted to see was giant monsters beating the $#!t out of each other and destroying buildings. It delivered that in spades, making my inner ten year old geek out.
  8. I remember the $#!tstorm when Keaton was announced to play Batman. I wasn't happy about it until I watched him in CLEAN AND SOBER. Then I knew he had the chops to pull it off. I'm not sure about Pattinson, but if this movie ever gets made, then I'll pass judgment. And yes, the Batman should be voiced by Conroy.
  9. Back in 1987 I got a Justice League # 1 Retailer's Preview from Moondog that is somewhere in the closet of doom.
  10. I used to visit a comic store in another city. They have their dollar boxes on the floor under the tables. I'm handicapped so usually they would let me use one of their gaming chairs to sit in so that I wouldn't be down on my knees. I would usually drop $50 to $75 on a monthly basis. Sometimes I would nab a pricey book off of the wall racks. One day I went in and didn't see any chairs. I asked the guy behind the counter if they had a chair I could use. He said "No. People keep breaking them". Taken aback I said "I promise you I will be very easy on the chair. My physical problems make it tough for me to access the boxes on the floor. Being older I can't lift every box in here and put them on the regular boxes". Didn't cut any ice. I said "Thank you", mentally said "F$#@ you and everybody in here" and haven't been back since. Now they don't sell to anybody that doesn't have a pull list.
  11. Start the process with ebay by filing for a refund. Include the photo.
  12. And this is why I'm selling off what I can on MCS.
  13. I haven't gotten a discount coupon or an ebay bucks special in about three months. As a result, I've curtailed my buying this month drastically. Probably won't make the $5 cutoff at the end of the quarter.
  14. Got an email stating it was a technical error. Ya' think?
  15. Anybody who spent their ebay bucks from last quarter get an email today from ebay telling you that you have until 5/2 to spend them?
  16. Actually, it is "baged" in the first description. I'm wondering if a bagel comes with it or if it was rubbed with a bagel.
  17. I miss the days where you could actually look up a buyer's bidding history and determine if they were just a shill bidder or not. If these are true bidders, you won't go broke if you never underestimate the stupidity of the human race.
  18. These people vote and breed. Scares the hell out of me.
  19. Somebody else on another thread asked this, so here is my same old story. A friend of my brother had the entire run of Playboy, the first twenty or so slabbed. He went through Heritage Auction.#1 went for close to $22000, and the other twenty or so netted around $50,000. Contact them.
  20. .."it sold yesterday and the website just hasn't been updated yet". For your safety we have issued a BROWN ALERT! This means that the Bull S#!@$ you were handed is at a high level and precautions should be taken. Please put on safety wear such as Hip waders, air filter masks and goggles should you encounter this again. In the meantime, please make sure your wallet and credit card info stays in a safe place. Monitor for further updates as warranted.
  21. I also picked up a Canadian Price "variant" of 323 which is on the way to me.