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  1. I'll read the negative feedback to see if the buyer is just being a insufficiently_thoughtful_person or if there is a seemingly legit beef. I also want to see the seller handles negative feedback in general.
  2. Not a monumental score, nor is it one involving profit. Nabbed a recent BIN featuring 10 JLA related books from a seller for a shade under $21. Using my ebay bucks brought it down to ten dollars. 6 of the books I didn't care about, but the JLA/Avengers 1-4 for a dollar each after all was said and done made me a happy guy.
  3. 1) Civil War 2) Winter Soldier/First Avenger 3) Endgame 4) Infinity War 5) The Avengers
  4. Nice copy as a reader. If you were going to sell it, it might be worth looking into. I'm going with a 4.0 max.
  5. If there are no staple holes in the centerfold or spine, then it might just be possible. I've never heard of this before. Printed with one staple, yes. No staples, no.
  6. A couple of years ago I picked up a couple of lots of Monster World magazines for about $75 total. Sold them for over $425 the next week. As far as comics go, if the grade comes close, then I consider it a win.
  7. If you only paid $20, you got a deal. That being said, I'm going with a 2.0.
  8. I like this book, but what is going on with that upper staple?
  9. You know you love a book when you have the archive it was reprinted in, a cgc slab of it and a reading copy. That would be the GL 36 in gvg. Also a Tales Of The Unexpected 17 graded as a 3.5.
  10. A lot of people right now are more concerned with keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. If things get better for the economy as a whole, then we'll probably see a steady rise in prices.
  11. Nothing special, but I remember buying this one off the rack when it came out. Reprints TTA 75-77 and a NBE story.
  12. Some routing that I don't understand. I live in Alabama. (Yeah, I know, but what are ya gonna do). Bought some books from a seller in Vermont shipped media mail. The first stop was Los Angeles, California. Then Memphis. Then Atlanta. Then to Birmingham (in Alabama) and to my local USPS. Buy books from a guy outside of Atlanta just about on a weekly basis. He ships media mail. It goes to Atlanta, then to Memphis, then back to Atlanta and then to Birmingham. Every time. If I pay my electric bill by mail, it goes 50 miles to Birmingham and then comes back to to the local P.O. Box.
  13. Tape should have been mentioned. If seller missed it too, that still doesn't excuse it.
  14. Hospitals usually only want brand new minty comics for health reasons.
  15. Sort of related, but not. When companies send out complimentary dvds/blu rays either for review purposes or because you supplied materials for the movie, they will punch a hole in the UPC code on the back. Sometimes "Not For Sale" is printed directly on the disc itself.
  16. I'm not a seller, but everything inside me screams "NOOOOOOOOO!"
  17. That crease or line on the upper front cover drags it down into the fine range. Really nice pages on this baby.
  18. Forgot about the DS 169 that I've had for years, graded as a 3.0 from MCS. The CM 1 is same place, same grade.
  19. Thanks to ebay bucks, these were a buck apiece.