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  1. Just came across this thread and thought I'd share a copy I found that has an incredible (to me) stamp! Love this book, it is completely underrated.
  2. Found my other copy while digging through some boxes this weekend! Does 2 copies count as hoarding if you that's all you can find?
  3. I thought this was sharp enough to not press, oh well, I guess I’ll be flattening the rest of my CADs before subbing them. Lesson learned. Just curious, but does the off center wrap here come into play for Copper(or any) Age 9.8s?
  4. My 238 has the tatz, so at least some of them were shipped with them.
  5. Oh nice! Be sure to show him the comic and let me know what he says. Maybe the owner is super rich and would like his comic back
  6. I know right! I can’t believe they’re still open. It’s too perfect.
  7. Apparently this is the first promotional piece featuring all 4 members of the FF in costume. Kirby/Ayers. The comic cover is the Hidden Gem variant to Fantastic Four 646 (2018 Series #1). This showed up on eBay years ago and I suspect a deal went down behind closed doors because I never saw a final price.