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  1. First, I appreciate this discussion, it's been really informative. I haven't had a chance before now to respond because a few hours after I posted I had a family emergency crop up and I had to fly to California to help out. Two other things: in line with kimik, I found his back issues on the wall astonishingly overpriced. Second, he said he'd tried selling online through eBay, but it was too much work. Again, thanks for all the discussion. Since coming back to collecting a year and a half ago, these boards have been a wealth of helpful information, including topics that don't reach any consensus but intelligently (for the most part) discuss the issues.
  2. I went into a local comic book store I had never visited before (two others are closer), mostly just to see what it was like. I got to talking with the owner, and we got onto the topic of selling. I told him I was back to collecting after a break since the mid-'80s. I brought up the changes since then, such as the internet and eBay, but also third party grading and pressing (if there was cleaning and pressing around in the mid-'70s to mid-'80s, I wasn't aware of it). I happened to mention my first pressing and grading/slabbing experience, and one book in particular that I thought was probably around VF/NM, and after I had it pressed and graded, it came back from CGC graded 9.8. That set him off, and he immediately became angry. "That's why I hate CGC!!" he said, not quite yelling. I asked him why, and he said you shouldn't be able to press a book into a 9.8. I then asked him what he meant by that, but he was already ranting about how he was not going to get in a discussion about CGC and he repeated his "You shouldn't be able to press a book into a 9.8!" Next he went on about people he knew who got their comics slabbed, didn't like the grade, cracked and resubmitted and got a different grade. Finally he told me again that he wasn't going to discuss it because he just hates CGC -- although by this time it was clear he didn't hate CGC versus other grading services, CGC was just standing in for all grading and slabbing. I didn't say anything at all after that, and left soon afterward, but I realized his rant had actually made me uncomfortable. Is this attitude common among LCS owners, or is this guy just special?
  3. I've seen some minor transfer of ink onto a front cover from the back cover ad of the copy that was apparently stacked on top of it, but I've never seen one quite as obvious before. The letters in the Surfer's board in the logo are clear enough that I could match them exactly to the ad on the back cover. How common is this, and what effect does it have on grade? This particular comic isn't valuable of course, but the transfer was so extreme it got me to wonder about the effect on grade in general, and I figured it was a good example to raise the question. Thanks.
  4. He wasn't a bad inker, though... at least when he had Barry Smith's pencils to work with.
  5. New to selling on the boards. Thanks to BuscemasAvengers for being willing to try someone with no track record here.
  6. One of the most difficult things with grading for me is judging the impact on grade of general wear on the front cover, where color has essentially been rubbed off in places. This is overall a pretty solid copy, but as you can see there's a fair amount of color loss around the edges. Any thoughts on this issue in addition to estimated grades would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. You're right, I wouldn't expect a refund. I also hadn't meant to suggest that your point wasn't spot on as far as the most reasonable approach when something like this comes up. In fact, it is the best approach to results from pressing or grading, because it keeps you from going crazy. I was just bringing up a very unusual situation, because it was such a great outcome -- a complete outlier which, for me, meant doing something out of the ordinary. As much as anything, cutting that extra check was a way for me to express my appreciation for all the great work Joey has done for me. As is telling this story, I suppose.
  8. Actually, when @joeypost turned my Giant-Size X-Men #1 from a 9.something into a 9.8, as far as I was concerned the book had jumped up into the next tier of his pricing -- 1% of Estimated Value for comics over $2,500. So I did cut him a check for an extra $80. It actually seemed unfair to pay him only $10 for his pressing work and hand delivery to CGC of a book of that value.
  9. New to posting, but have been reading for over a year and learning a lot. Started collecting while in college, in the early '70s, quit for various reason in the mid-'80s. Kept everything bagged and boarded and boxed, took them with me everywhere I lived. Bought an Overstreet Guide every 2 or 3 years to follow the field from afar. Noticed an apparent acceleration in Guide prices a few years ago, then what seemed an even steeper acceleration 2 years ago -- at least in early Bronze Age comics, which formed the bulk of my collection. Decided I might start to sell part of my collection since I'm getting to be an old fart nearing retirement. Spent a year doing a lot of research into the state of collecting, including a lot of reading on these boards. Learned about slabbing, which didn't exist when I was collecting, and pressing, which may have existed, but if it did I wasn't aware of it. Bought a membership here at CGC. Researched pressing services, selected one. Put together my first batch and sent it for pressing and then on to CGC for grading and slabbing. Two of the comics in that first batch were Amazing Spiderman #129 and Giant-Size X-Men #1, both of which I bought at cover price when they were first released. Submitted those two through the Standard Tier since I knew they were my most valuable comics and estimated that one or both might have a market value around $700-800. My best day in comic collecting was the day I saw on my account that those two comics were graded and shipped, and then learned that my ASM #129 was graded 8.5, and my Giant-Size X-Men was graded 9.8 with white pages. I'll take some credit for properly storing my comics for all those years, but I also have to give credit to joeypost, whose terrific work definitely contributed to those grades. The experience made me want to resume collecting as well as selling. I've truly enjoyed reading and learning on the boards, and now plan to participate in them, at least a little. I just wish I had more time.