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  1. I'm new to this aspect of collecting, and don't know much about it or where to find information. I only stumbled on this thread by accident. I'd appreciate any references to good sources of information about variants. I do have a specific question, regarding Fantasy Masterpieces, vol. 2, which has the Silver Surfer reprints. I only just recently learned that there were price-box (?) variants -- rectangles and diamonds. It's clear browsing around eBay and other places that the diamond variants are less common than the rectangle. But are they really that much less common? It seems that they don't really command a premium, just a little harder to find. Is that accurate? Are the variants related to distribution, such as direct vs. newsstand? And are all of the Issue #14 diamond variants 50 cents rather than 75 cents? Thanks for any info.
  2. Marvel Premiere # 19. CGC 9.6, Off-White to White Pages. Very few sales in the top two grades. Rarely on the market. First Appearance of Colleen Wing. $ 475
  3. ASM # 103. CGC 9.8, White pages. 1st Gog. Only 24 CGC graded, so few sales. Most recent sales I could find were $1,800 on eBay, $1,700 and $1,588 on ComicLink. $ 1,450.
  4. Selling several high-grade books remaining from two previous threads now closed. Relatively new to the boards and selling, but have now sold books to several board members. I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for more than 20 years, user ID carlucci2, if you’d like to check my track record there. I stopped collecting in the mid-eighties, and recently resumed now that I’m nearing retirement. I’m trying to winnow down and refocus my collection. “Take it” in the thread trumps ongoing pm discussions. Paypal, money orders, and personal checks (if you don’t mind waiting a few days for check to clear) all accepted. Shipping for each $15.00 to U.S., $18.00 to Canada. CGC returns accepted on a case-by-case basis (I think I’m a pretty reasonable person). Buyer to pay return shipping cost. First: ASM 69, CGC 9.4, White Pages. Hard to find with white pages. $ 370
  5. Mark was great to work with. Negotiations over several CGC books were pleasant, and he paid quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to him again.
  6. Almost forgot, Tomb of Dracula # 13, CGC 9.8, White pages. Origin of Blade. Only 16 CGC 9.8. Last sale $1,075. $895. *** SOLD via pm ***
  7. X-Men # 141, CGC 9.8, White pages. Days of Future Past. $320.