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  1. Following that chat with Tradd, his auction piece for our charity (The Lu Family Fund) sold for a record for us: $19,500! Truly remarkable for an unpublished piece. We are very grateful to everyone who bid (most especially the winner, of course!). And thanks most of all to Tradd, who went above and beyond in delivering a stunning piece for us. In all, we raised $80,611 from the art auctions for our charity. Here are the top 5 results (click link to view art): 1. Tradd Moore SPIDER-MAN/MS. MARVEL $19,500 2. Nick Dragotta BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE $12,500 3. James Jean PORTAL IN
  2. For the Tradd fans, we just did a chat with him on our site: Fans asked questions and Tradd gave his usual thoughtful answers. And perhaps even better, we share some never-before-seen original art! It was a blast. Enjoy the transcript/art!
  3. This has always been a major issue to me. Fake data to create fake comps. Trades with collectors reported as sales. Trades with other dealers reported as sales. Discounted art reported as full-price sales. Etc. For the record, my sales ARE sales. No trades. No discounts. Fundamentally, not my property to trade or discount, so what you see is what you get.
  4. There was a frenzy on the secondary market after we sold the art that I really thought would have subsided by now. It hasn't. It only seems to have gotten worse. I've never seen anything like this before. It baffles even me. Having said still feels too new to include here. The people who are hunting it know what it's worth to them. Let's wait a bit, at least for a public sale or two to solidify things for everyone. I did just broker a deal for a cover, and once that deal is done, I will make the purchase price public. You guys can then decide if that means anything relative
  5. Sorry, have been swamped, so haven't had a chance to chime in. I did forward this thread to the buyer (as well as another one on Facebook). He's amused by all the speculation with regards to his motives. I doubt he'll post anything, so I'll just say that he didn't make the purchase for any tax reasons, nor will he be breaking up the issues and flipping the pages. On the latter point, I wouldn't sell a complete issue, let alone a complete series, to a flipper, anyway. As for the museum, I understand the skepticism. From my POV, though, given the buyer's track record, I personally woul
  6. Fast-forward to 3:20. Off-camera, discussed with Bob about why it was deemed necessary to include Chop-Chop. Especially that version. Suffice to say, we see things differently. He addresses it a bit in the video. An incredible jam piece (maybe most impressive ever?), and a real trick to pull off. The horrifically racist caricature, then, is...unfortunate. It just didn't need to be there. I know of at least one big collector to whom this is no big deal at all. Hell, it might even be a plus for him. But I also know others who won't bid because of it. You won't be seeing it in my CAF,
  7. Happy Holidays everyone from the Felix Comic Art Podcast. We’ve got a surprise for you: It’s the very first episode of our premium edition show, which we call SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART. SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART is our fundraiser for The Lu Family Fund and has been available as exclusive content for donors. In partnership with, The Lu Family Fund provides direct financial assistance to cancer patients to help them receive specialized care. Our goal is to improve survivorship and help redefine standard of care treatment. I’ll have more to share later, but for now,
  8. Would love to own a Miller DD cover, but very few actually do it for me. I liked the DD #166 cover as published because of the new logo and corner box art. Really popped compared to the old one. But that's no so important when it comes to the original art. As it is, DD #166 is very much a B cover to me. (It also happens to be one I do like from that second tier.) As the A covers aren't going anywhere, this is as good as it gets. And as it turns out, B costs six figures these days. Speaking for my own collection, I would take an A page over a B cover, straight-up. I would most definitely t
  9. I've owned several Darrow pieces over the years. I've also gotten to know Geoff a bit over the last 10+ years. We've talked at length about his art, and I've shared that here in the past. Unfortunately, I think a lot of old posts are now gone. In any case...the vellum he used for HB is sadly susceptible to degrading. It's most evidenced in framed pieces that were exposed to light (mat burn is more extreme than with bristol). The vellum tans to various shades, depending on conditions. As well, spotting may appear. No, this is not the same vellum that was used here. He was buying his f
  10. Love Steve's art. An all-time favorite. I just stick to Nexus, though, as there's plenty there to keep me busy. Here are a few:
  11. More with each passing year. Since I've been in the hobby.
  12. What happens when you build a world-class collection in record time...and then have to dismantle it just as quickly? Our guest for this episode is Cristian Casares, who besides having experienced a lifetime's worth of collecting in a few short years, is also the fan behind the epic DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1 recreation project. And if you want to hear all about Tradd Moore's SILVER SURFER: BLACK, Cristian played a major role in how that art got sold, too. All that and's almost two hours of solid original art talk! Our website is Sign up for our newsle
  13. There's no one guy who can represent comics like Stan did. To me, at this point in time, the one who comes the closest is Robert Kirkman. In terms of convention appearances, where Stan was a ubiquitous presence for the last 20 years preceding his death, it seems like Frank Miller, Jim Lee, and Kirkman are now being positioned to assume that same headlining guest role. But again, there's no replacing Stan.
  14. Glad folks enjoyed the panels, thanks for that. And, of course, thanks to Bill for hosting...and all his efforts for the hobby! Was glad to get Tradd for the show, especially for the fans here. He simply doesn't do these things, so was very lucky when I got him to commit. The turnout was great, with good questions. He told me after that he enjoyed it! I suspect this video will have legs in Bill's channel, and keep racking up views. I've already talked to Bill about a panel for the next CAL. Looking forward to it!
  15. Wow, you hung around to the end! Thanks to everyone who popped by today, it was fun!