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  1. Have you listened to the exclusive podcasts with Albert and The Vacuum yet? The crazy thing is that they BOTH brought up this cover, independently. It's like something was in the air... When the art then showed up with Scott Dunbier to be scanned for Jim's Artist's Edition, Albert told me "It's going to Heritage." He knew. Based on nothing except his observation that whenever something buried like this becomes public, the next step is sale.
  2. Hey everyone, a couple of notes: 1. Many collectors know The Vacuum privately, but he prefers to keep a low profile, publicly. Also, "The Vacuum" is more fun to say than his CAF handle "JL". 2. His CAF is representative of his taste, but is just a sliver of his overall collection. 3. SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART is an off-shoot of my regular podcast that's exclusive content for those who have donated to my cancer charity. For more information, write me. 4. My regular podcast, The Felix Comic Art Podcast, can be found here: Also, on iTunes. Check it out if you haven't already. If you like it, you'll *love* SECRET STORIES. 5. There are 3 episodes released of SECRET STORIES so far. Featuring arguably the 3 biggest collectors in the hobby: Albert, David Mandel, and The Vacuum. More episodes to come! Thanks, talk soon!
  3. Far from the most impressive piece in his impossible collection...but for him, his most important one. Find out why! Our chat with the reclusive super-collector known as the The Vacuum drops TODAY! Episode 3 of our exclusive SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART podcast! SECRET STORIES is our fundraiser for the cancer charity Thanks to our generous listeners, we have raised over $25K for this important patient/caregiver advocacy group. To donate, and to get access to the show, write me! Thx!
  4. Thanks for the mention. I just want to note that things were selling out on the site long before Tradd became so hot. We opened up the site in 2014; our first drop was for Bryan Lee O'Malley and 100 pieces sold out in 48 hours. That also includes Tradd's work, before SSB. Three years ago, for example, I put up his UNPUBLISHED issue of SUICIDE SQUAD...and yes, it still sold out, despite being unpublished: We're around 90% sell through overall. Scroll down the last three months of newly added art, for a snapshot: Note that Tradd's work only shows up once. Everything else has still sold very well. To whatever degree there's speculation going on, I'll just say that commissions also sell out, and NO ONE speculates on commissions. We'll take long lists, too, upwards of 60 requests. Also, most of what we sell is not Big Two. My observation is that fans appreciate the high level of craft from our artists, and our art is still priced low enough (in the vast majority of cases) that it's relatively affordable. Fans can still collect for the sheer pleasure of it, without having to get too caught up in values. I regularly host chats with collectors on the site: The conversations there are VERY different from the ones that happen here. Almost no talk of vintage art (perhaps not a surprise), but also very little (if any) talk of values. It's really just about the art. The fans are excited by the art and also by the artists. I believe a lot of OA collectors here collected slabs, first. So much of their collecting ethos is informed by that. Whereas there don't appear to be too many of our customers who care about slabs at all. Some do, but I think the majority don't. They read books, discover artists on social media, and then buy the art as a result of that. The idea of speculating/flipping slabs isn't part of their DNA, so then it doesn't factor into their OA collecting. Another four cents from me, sorry!
  5. My two cents... I don't know if there are bots being used, but I do know that there will always be those who will try to gain an edge. That's just the nature of competition. All I can say is that there isn't a single buyer who gets what they want at every drop. I'm not sure there's anyone who's even successful half the time these days. No one's found a fool-proof way yet to "win" every time. The flip side is that no one "loses" every single time, either. It's win-some, lose-some, across the board, for those who try their luck at drops consistently (I'm not counting those who have been to the site once and are 1-1 or 0-1). I don't impose limits. But those who have been at this for a while know that their best chances are to order one piece at a time. Those who stock their carts with multiple pieces, usually lose out because so many other buyers have ordered those same pieces individually already. What generally happens is that anyone who is able to get multiple pieces, is able to do so because the initial frenzy has subsided. Those who order indiscriminately and try to pick/choose after the dust has settled, I will cancel their entire order. If someone orders multiple pieces, and is successful in getting all of them, then they are responsible for paying for all of them. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, the piece(s) then go to the next person who requested it. Lastly...we don't get a lot of flippers buying from us. Whether it's because they know I don't like it, or there's no opportunity, we very rarely see it. In terms of complete issues, I wouldn't sell one to someone I believe is only buying it to break it up. I know some are looking ahead to Tradd's next project. If that were to happen, barring some extraordinary circumstance, I just wouldn't sell another complete issue to them, again. Maybe that was four cents...
  6. This piece is oversized, at 18"X24" (what we call our "Wall Power" option for commissions). $10K was the rate when this commission was arranged. For his latest list, the rate was $12K for for two characters in our Wall Power option. And since AKIRA was mentioned in another post, Tradd's doing a Wall Power AKIRA commission on this current list. Will share here when it's done.
  7. Thanks! I never had much use for social media personally, but for business...if I'm in, I might as well max it out. I've noticed a lot of other dealers, reps, and even collectors have been following suit there. And in other ways, too. I believe it makes for a better hobby for artists and collectors. A lot more content being created, at the very least. As well, younger, newer collectors have largely been underserved, IMO. As much as anything else, it's a matter of self-preservation to bring in new blood. That is, and will always be, where I direct a large percentage of my efforts.
  8. Tradd's next big project is not SSB...but it's such a perfect followup that I don't think anyone will mind! His art is obviously labor-intensive, so between that and the pandemic shuffling scheduling, may be a while before it's announced. But I have no doubt fans will approve! In the meantime, there are a couple of smaller, but very high-profile, gigs that I'll be able to share soon. I'll make sure to also do that here!
  9. No one got more than one page from last week's drop. However, there are a few collectors who have more than one, having also gotten lucky at the previous drop last year. I also know one lucky bastich who has 18 pieces!:P The aftermarket on these pages has gone supernova in the past week. I hear crazy offers have been thrown around on the publicly-known pages, and that there have been at least two five-figure all-cash deals. Owners have been writing me asking if they should sell. Yes, sell, because this is STOOPID!:P (With the understanding that they're unlikely to be able to replace.) I'm as big a Tradd fan as anyone, and I didn't see this coming (obviously). Not so soon, anyway.
  10. Of the 16 who got a page from last week's drop, I only recognize one as ever having been on the boards here. The boards really only represents a tiny subset of OA collectors. Just letting you know so you don't feel ignored!
  11. Hey vodou...I'm thinking you're mistaking this collector for someone else? I've dealt with him a lot, and he's always kept his word. As far as that goes, I wouldn't describe him as "dishonorable" at all. I bet neither would any other buyer or seller he's interacted with. Quite the opposite and actually an unfailingly nice kid. (If you're younger than me, you're a kid!:P)
  12. Thanks, filmboyuk. Our guys have caused a lot of collectors into making that exception;) And nice avatar...I used to own that page!
  13. For the Tradd fans, some special art you may not have seen before: A couple of SSB commissions from this year. Both commissioners are Tradd/SSB superfans and went all out by going with our Wall Power option (18"X24"). Truly spectacular in person. Tradd's style evolves from one project to the next. He's constantly experimenting and trying new things. To this point, his style has had very distinct stages, with sometimes dramatic changes every few years. So this may be the only time a SSB commission will look like SSB proper; no guarantee it will have the same look/feel even just a year from now. Tradd mentioned this to me specifically, that he was glad he go to do this while he was still in this SSB headspace. Too bad Marvel doesn't appear to have any sort of relevant poster program anymore. Either one of these (or both!) would be perfect for it.
  14. If anyone checked out the chat on my site yesterday, there was a lot of Tradd/SSB talk there, too: Several buyers who were able to get pages showed up. And perhaps of most interest, so did the collector who originally owned this issue. He sold it back to me when something popped up that required a sacrifice. The complete issue could accomplish his fundraising goal in one fell swoop; can't beat that for efficiency. Emotionally, it was also easier to accept than having to find a dozen (or whatever) other pieces to "trade". Especially since he got to keep his favorite SSB DPS. (That was the deal, I bought back all the art except for the DPS he kept.) Still, I pleaded with him not to do it. To find other ways to fundraise. Because he'd regret it. A complete SSB issue isn't something that's going to happen again. A complete Tradd anything is unlikely to happen again; Tradd made an exception selling all of the SSB art. He usually keeps personally meaningful pages from all his works. I would consider it a mistake to let this go. I also warned him that if I got it back, the art would get broken up. I would be telling other collectors who had missed out on the previous drop that they'd be getting another chance. And I wouldn't go back on that. I gave him several chances to reconsider. In the end, he still decided to go through with it. Does he regret it? Listen to our upcoming podcast to find out! (Shameless plug) And just so everyone knows, Tradd benefits from the appreciation in his art from this sale. I treated it like his art again, minus the acquisition cost. So besides the 16 lucky collectors who won yesterday, so did Tradd. Great to see so many Tradd fans here. He deserves it.
  15. For those who just can't get enough OA-related content, I host a chat on my site every so often. A lot of collectors whose names you might know will show up. And there can also be surprise appearances from my artists. Those who have participated before include Cliff Chiang, Daniel Warren Johnson, Ryan Stegman, Ian Bertram, and Andrew MacLean. Yesterday, Paul Pope popped in: Some fantastic back-and-forth between Paul and collectors would yield gems like this: Italians understand LIGHT, and shadow. And I think there is a certain---insouciance-- to southern Euro cartoonists that I find magnetic. There is a theory about European artists that suggests the Northerners (Herge, etc) understand light and volume, because the light is diffused....the southerners understand contrast and line, because the light is applies to classical painters as well, it's an interesting theory. And I am very committed to keeping in the line of Caniff/Eisner/Pratt/Miller, so I want to find deeper understanding in the brush... We also got an appearance from Albert Moy. A lot of fun, check it out. And join us for the next one! And speaking of Albert...our first episode of SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART dropped last week for Paltown donors. Our first ever podcast guest was Albert, so fitting that he should be first for our exclusive series, too. He doesn't disappoint. If anyone is interested in having access to this special edition series (currently slated to be six episodes, maybe seven), write me! For now, thanks so much to donors. We have raised almost $25,000 for Paltown in a little over a week. More fun stuff on the way!