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  1. The first episode of 2021 is here! Finally! Featuring filmmaker S. Craig Zahler, writer/director of BONE TOMAHAWK, BRAWL IN CELLBLOCK 99, and DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE. And now writer/artist of the graphic novel THE FORBIDDEN SURGERIES OF THE HIDEOUS DR. DIVINUS. And, as it happens, a dedicated original comic art collector! We cover it all: The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 42): S. Craig Zahler Thanks to Zahler for the chat! Also, thanks to all the podcast fans and listeners for your patience with our very sporadic release schedule these days. I've got several episodes in the c
  2. I was previously unaware of the environmental impact of crypto. Once I learned about it, no longer felt OK with participating. So cancelled our rollout. Was still going to go through with the initial artist drop, though, because it had already been scheduled, and I felt a responsibility to the platform, who had worked with us in good faith. But then the artist also had misgivings, so we pulled the plug on that, too. Lots of respect for this artist, who walked away from the biggest projected payday of his career. Despite all this, that platform just called me this past week to discuss their
  3. I haven't followed the boards the past few years as closely as I did before. But you have always been one of my favorite posters. Always looked forward to reading your posts. Hope to meet you in person some day. On a separate note, I mentioned this on social media a couple of weeks ago: We are stepping back from NFTs. Decided this shortly after the YouTube show, and cancelled our launch. I'm grateful to the platform for being understanding. We may reengage later, but for now, we're on the sidelines. Will keep following, regardless.
  4. There's not any one centralized forum (fitting!:P), they're all spread out. And they don't look like this message board. Think reddit, Discord, Clubhouse, etc.
  5. I understand, but these "kids" do have their own forums. They're not the ones posting here and they won't be reading your future posts.
  6. Speaking for myself, absolutely not. Especially if taking the long term view. Having the same art get constantly flipped is a bad look, IMO. I'd rather it sit in a well-curated collection.
  7. This is why I don't expect much crossover from the traditional collecting base into NFTs. 1. We're old and change intimidates us (generalization, but no other conclusion to draw from overall reaction). 2. To the extent that anyone here already dabbles in crypto...they're not gonna want to pay what the real crypto guys are already paying for art. I have no disdain for prints at all. I'm just not into the idea of "monoprints". For all the reasons I mentioned on Bill's show. If you purchase a digital work, feel free to print out a copy and enjoy it on your wall. BTW, you don't need to pur
  8. No, someone paid $25K for the NFT. That the physical art was included is incidental. It didn't need to be for the NFT to sell for $25K. And we don't know if the cover would have sold for $10K as an original. It might have been more, it might have been less. But certainly less than the $25K it got as an NFT. HA is already selling NFTs and accepts payment in crypto. Hate to break it to you, but speculation isn't limited to cypto or new art. It's a driving force behind vintage art, too.
  9. Anyone who doesn't understand that what other Mark Bagley covers have sold for have zero relevance to what someone might pay for ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4...and who isn't aware that comic art collectors came into this hobby as fans of comic books (where yes, first appearances of fan-favorite characters matter a great deal)...and who thinks comic art collectors place artistic quality above all other variables...doesn't know as much about the original art hobby or market as they think they do. Pay no attention to their blatherings.
  10. The hobby has gone Tradd mad. The mania has not's only intensified. Just reported two recent sales to CAF Dealer Market Data. The cover for SILVER SURFER: BLACK #5 sold for $40000 and his 8-page story for BATMAN BLACK & WHITE #1 sold for $50000. Both direct offers. Here are some clean scans...enjoy!
  11. Following that chat with Tradd, his auction piece for our charity (The Lu Family Fund) sold for a record for us: $19,500! Truly remarkable for an unpublished piece. We are very grateful to everyone who bid (most especially the winner, of course!). And thanks most of all to Tradd, who went above and beyond in delivering a stunning piece for us. In all, we raised $80,611 from the art auctions for our charity. Here are the top 5 results (click link to view art): 1. Tradd Moore SPIDER-MAN/MS. MARVEL $19,500 2. Nick Dragotta BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE $12,500 3. James Jean PORTAL IN
  12. For the Tradd fans, we just did a chat with him on our site: Fans asked questions and Tradd gave his usual thoughtful answers. And perhaps even better, we share some never-before-seen original art! It was a blast. Enjoy the transcript/art!
  13. This has always been a major issue to me. Fake data to create fake comps. Trades with collectors reported as sales. Trades with other dealers reported as sales. Discounted art reported as full-price sales. Etc. For the record, my sales ARE sales. No trades. No discounts. Fundamentally, not my property to trade or discount, so what you see is what you get.
  14. There was a frenzy on the secondary market after we sold the art that I really thought would have subsided by now. It hasn't. It only seems to have gotten worse. I've never seen anything like this before. It baffles even me. Having said still feels too new to include here. The people who are hunting it know what it's worth to them. Let's wait a bit, at least for a public sale or two to solidify things for everyone. I did just broker a deal for a cover, and once that deal is done, I will make the purchase price public. You guys can then decide if that means anything relative