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  1. And here you go, latest episode is up!: Featuring artists Daniel Warren Johnson, Ryan Ottley, Stephen Green. If you didn't know them before, you'll get to know them a lot better...all are naturals. Also with cameos by Paul Pope, Geoff Shaw, and James Harren! A fun one, I really appreciate the guys stepping up. I'll be back for the next couple...shooting for late spring/early summer. Thanks to all for checking in.
  2. Yes, coming soon! An all-artist's round table! Have some more in the pipeline as well for 2019.
  3. I believe he's the brother of Simon Bisley's art rep, Andy Brown. Reach out to Andy, I bet he can hook you up.
  4. Very nice WATCHMEN page on deck: There hasn't been a good solo Rorschach page offered publicly in quite some time. This should do well.
  5. Knowing who got it in 2015 explains it all. (Hint: He's a sig guy.)
  6. Now with a slew of sigs. On the art. Does this help or hurt?
  7. Wow...that goes back a while. Art went missing from airport. Was taken to at least one area comic shop (IIRC, Mark Hay was shown the art, but didn't know value). The rest is in the video. Garage sale story eventually fell apart. Baggage handlers may have been involved. Lesson: Do not put art in check-in luggage! (A friend ended up with the AVENGERS #1 splash, so it's now safe.)
  8. Question: Have all posts pre-2015 been scrubbed off this site? Or are they archived somewhere? I was trying to find an old post from 2005 to reply to the "best piece you ever bought off the boards" thread, but looks like only posts since 2015 are viewable. Am I doing something wrong, or did all that content get lost when the boards migrated to new format?
  9. I don't think it's been discussed on the podcast. But I showed a small handful of friends a picture of it at SDCC a few years ago. Including you, so maybe you're thinking of that. Haven't said anything about it, otherwise, but I guess the cat's out of the bag now!
  10. The first episode of 2019 for The Felix Comic Art Podcast has arrived! Our guest this month is Chuck Costas. Chuck is a long-time collector who's known in the hobby as "the Mike Zeck guy". Listen and find out why! Listen as well to hear about Chuck's early start in collecting original art, his efforts throughout the years in bringing fans and collectors together (culminating in his new role as organizer of the L.A. Ultimate Comic Art and Collectibles show), and perhaps most impressively, reuniting all five of Zeck's iconic PUNISHER Limited Series covers in his collection! And when you're done, check out his Show and Tell video on our YouTube channel: Maybe not just the Mike Zeck guy after all! Our website is Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy!
  11. I've written about this a few times here over the years, but it's been a while. I went to Japan roughly 60 times in the late '90s/early '00s. Spent a fair amount of time hunting Kojima LW&C art specifically. Learned a lot. Met several collectors. Nothing published is available. There are many, many sketches out there. The one you show at the top is a common go-to pose; of all the Itto Ogami/Daigoro pieces he did, this is the one you'll see the most. All variations on a theme. Daigoro pieces were most plentiful at that time...anecdotally, it's something like 10-1 ratio of Daigoro to Itto Ogami sketches. Daigoro is considered the "hero" of the story; the original collections mostly featured Daigoro alone on the covers. Learned a bit more as well, but those are the main bullet points. I wrote about all this in a CFA-APA article years ago. I don't have it at my fingertips, but anyone who has the back issues can probably find it.
  12. Working on it! Next one comes with a video, too. Should be out in a couple of weeks!
  13. Earlier this year, I got an unexpected e-mail from the artist, Stephen Bissette. Especially surprising since we had never communicated before. He was reaching out to me because he had gotten my contact e-mail from John Totleben. Now John Totleben was someone with whom I HAD exchanged e-mails in the past...over 10 years ago! At the time, he maintained his own website, and had some beautiful art that he was selling on it (those of you around back then will remember). Except that by the time I had contacted him, he had decided to keep the pages that I wanted. No problem, I wished him well and didn't bother him about it again. Well, incredibly, Totleben hung onto my e-mail. So when Bissette asked him if he knew any serious collectors he could approach about a SWAMP THING page he had kept all these years, Totleben passed mine along as someone who wouldn't give him too much grief! Here's the page, #19 from arguably the greatest single issue of all-time, THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #21. Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, and John Totleben's game-changing "The Anatomy Lesson". Many thanks to Stephen Bissette (and to John Totleben for, fittingly, providing the crucial assist!).
  14. The EC collector was Don Lineberger (although much of his collection survived). And I think you mean Bill Pearson, the Wally Wood collector. His collection, otoh (sadly), was lost. As for Beerbohm, my understanding is that quantity/quality of the art may have been overstated. Regardless, his business never recovered from the damage/loss to the warehouse. The Berkeley shop was legendary; those of us who shopped there during its heyday will never forget it.
  15. It wasn't his shop, it was his warehouse in Guerneville, CA; same disaster took out Eclipse Comics.