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  1. Amazing books. Had my fingers crossed it was a low grade TOS39 - on the look out! GLWS mate
  2. Amazing book mate, but just trying to stick to one of the two books above. If nothing comes up though, I'll be first to reach out B
  3. With the birthday approaching, looking for a reason to snap up some beautiful history. Anyone got a page or spread from Marvel Comics 1 or Cap 1 - shoot us a dm. Cheers!
  4. Considering getting this for my birthday present. Could you pm me your best price mate? I'd love to get this slabbed as well - amazing little piece of history
  5. Love that black terror 10 - got one for myself - GLWS!
  6. Haha more like a heart breaker now, naw
  7. Bump on this post. No longer my first GA haha, but still would love all of the books above! Please PM me.. budget of up to $1k.
  8. Did the exciting comics 37 end up selling? If not pm me
  9. Box of goodness just landed! Including one silver age (sorry guys) but it's a grail, so I'm sure one will hate on it!