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  1. True, I posted the email of what I said and it was only one email and leave it at that
  2. I did mean to add I it’s true I did swear, but not attacking him, This is the email he was talking about with the swear words.
  3. I never said he sweared at me and I said I did that, I mentioned it in one of my posts and I only sweared twice in one email, not multiple
  4. I actually did apologies to him but never got a response.
  5. Actually no that’s not the case I’m in financial problems, and how is it an excuse when it’s true, sometimes they’re things I don’t understand fully
  6. Agreed, I’m pretty much going on with my life and move on, I’d like to thank everyone who posted cause it helped me understand this type of business a bit better! Is there a way to lock the thread? Cause I feel like it’s time to, nothing really more can be said edit: spoke to the mod about it, so we’ll just let the thread die off.
  7. There was a few exchanges made a few months before the heated exchange (January and December) (I thought I added that?) September was when I messaged general query questions, I received the invoice around the 23rd and didn’t respond because I didn’t think of it at the time because I thought that was for me and thought he would message me back about it on when I’ll pay for George to start, though he did 3 weeks later but said the piece was finished.
  8. True lol, I also have to say thanks to everyone who posted as these posts have helped me understand more and alerted more on the business, To be honest, this is the first time I'm seeing this, I didn't check on the CAF site, just checked online talking about the commissions and contact info, in which I asked pretty general query, but with my style of writing might've meant something else.
  9. Not trying to get off anything if that’s what is being implied, yes I do have Aspergers and do sometimes have trouble understanding things.
  10. True, I thought the invoice it was for me when I was able to pay because that's how I thought things worked, I'm still a bit new at this , And I also asked about the commission before I had financial problems and was hoping to pay soon, though my job doesn’t pay well so it would be a while to pay, I didn’t think to say anything about canceling because of that reason, around the time the piece was finished ( a few weeks after) was when my financial problems came about, also I’m slightly autistic so it’s a bit difficult to understand a few things and also why my writing style is a bit confusing. Yea, the reason I posted this was because as a lesson for others who have problems like this as well.
  11. Yes true, my writing tends to lack clarification due to the fact I'm very fast at writing
  12. That’s the thing, I did speak to him about it, he hasn’t responded to me at all after, I was hoping to work it out, I was a bit rude by to him a little because I thought the way he emailed me was a bit uncalled for (I understand he’s representing George Perez and I haven’t paid) and also he threaten to blacklist me, So I told him what was going on, why I couldn’t pay, and was a bit rudely because I was a bit mad about something that happened yesterday, I apologize and never got a response from him back after he responded.
  13. That’s pretty much it, I don’t ever recall giving a go to Spencer, I did ask about inquiries but I never gave an indication to buying it, though I did say I wanted something specific as just an example but I guess he took it as a go, then three weeks later he told me it was done and I had to pay up. And then I said I’d in like a few weeks but broke that promise because that was the beginning of the money problems, And then again cause everything was a bit better and hoping to surprise that I got it and pay him, I was should’ve said something but didn’t.