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  1. I wish someone would buy me a brand new Leica and lens , i had to pay 2000 euro for mine , body only .
  2. Sorry , I didn't mean the first JL, that is just a bad dream . I meant MOS and BVS , both had such iconic soundtracks .
  3. It's not a perfect movie , the soundtrack was one of my biggest disappointments , also some sketchy CGI . But I did enjoy it and will see it again later this afternoon . Zack Snyder clearly can't tell a story in 2 hours , but that's ok by me cause I enjoy his movies .
  4. I just started getting into 8mm and Super 8 , amazing collection .
  5. Just bought this 2.5 for $5 . I really like the cover .
  6. So a Qualified label is better than a Conserved one .
  7. I have a book missing the centerfold , i have the centerfold from another book . Besides the centerfold issue the book is about a 4.0 . If I were to send it to CGC , what label would i get Qualified or Conserved ? I’m asking cause i have seen books with the same flaw but with different labels .
  8. Does this belong to any board member?
  9. A friend bought it of ebay 4 years ago and sold it to me yesterday for a small profit , well below the FMV . That’s all i know . It needs a press and then it’s off to CGC , hoping for a 6.0
  10. Bought this today. Prices seem to be more soft lately.
  11. Forgot about Bone 1 , for some reason I always thought that was an 80's book . Last 9.8 sold for $5,400 in 2019 .
  12. What is the most valuable book of the last 30 years ? No variants . Walking dead 1 ?