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  1. Ebay pick up from a seller with no seller feedback . Sometimes it pays to take chances
  2. you can read this thread to get an idea about what people are buying
  3. Estimates on final price ?
  4. My first GA ducks. $5 well spent .
  5. what would be the maximum grade you could get from CGC for this book ?
  6. there is a Tales of Terror annual 3 if anyone is looking on ebay right now , beat up but seems complete . anyone cares to make any predictions on the winning bid ? i'm thinking maybe $200 ?
  7. Just saw it with my girlfriend . She is by no means a superhero movie fan but she really enjoyed this one. Theater was full and everyone seemed to have a great time.
  8. Textbook scam . Hope the buyer gets his money back , all of it .
  9. Just got home to these 2 beauties waiting for me .
  10. I did not , thanks for letting me know . @fifties Thank you for posting the cover . To answer my own question 1 month after starting this thread . It's not to late but it's harder than 5 years ago and it will be harder for people starting in 5 years from now , so theres that Now thanks to some wonderful people on these boards and their great suggestions i was able to pick a few GA PCH and Sci-Fi books . Nothing high grade or really wow , more on the low grade of things but i am ok with that, as I didn't spend that much on them. Unfortunatelly they are still in shipping so no pictures yet
  11. Silly question, how dow you recognize this pedigree?
  12. Hope no one gets upset , i have a small question about trimmed books and i thought i would piggy back this thread . What does it mean when there is no restoration level on the label just the words apparent ? Does it mean they are not sure and if let's say i submited the book 5 more times i could get a blue label from one of the submisions ? Thanks and sorry for the slight offtopic .
  13. Awesome reads , if you have more of them and the time to post them , I would really appreciate it .
  14. Yes . This is my first PCH i could actually read . The stories are pretty entertaining.