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  1. A friend bought it of ebay 4 years ago and sold it to me yesterday for a small profit , well below the FMV . That’s all i know . It needs a press and then it’s off to CGC , hoping for a 6.0
  2. Bought this today. Prices seem to be more soft lately.
  3. Forgot about Bone 1 , for some reason I always thought that was an 80's book . Last 9.8 sold for $5,400 in 2019 .
  4. What is the most valuable book of the last 30 years ? No variants . Walking dead 1 ?
  5. So i'm thinking of submitting my first order to CGC . However I have no idea what value to select for my books and not sure how much it counts in the submission process . Do I go on ebay to search sold listings ? Or perhaps use overstreet ? I tried asking these in the AskCGC section but they were never approved .
  6. How much was a 0.5 15 years ago ? Anyone remembers ?
  7. If you watched it on youtube you can go the history tab or recently viewed and you should find it there .
  8. CBCS just launched their census so anyone looking can get a more detailed picture of the total number of graded copies . Or not.
  9. Happened on some Action Comics books , I don't have the links , was doing some late night browsing yesterday . Perhaps they fixed it now .
  10. A bug I encountered and I didn't see anyone mention it . On some books when I click the zoom button I get a no picture available message even though the pictures are available in smaller resolution .
  11. 2 copies on the census . This is the highest graded . I don't think it a rare book , just no interest in it . There is a raw copy on ebay right now . Sorry about the picture , i don't have a scanner so i tried to take without glare or my reflection in it .
  12. @jhm , in the end I chose GoCollect as the price difference did not seem worthwhile . Was wondering if maybe in a future update would it be possible to add graphs for each grade with how the price varied in a select period of time . Really enjoying the service , just wish the other major 3rd party grader would get some more love as I have a few slabs from them .