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  1. Matt, Can you please make a set for Star Wars: Jedi 2003? There is one for Mace Windu, Yoda, Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, and Count Dooku. I know they say one shot on them, but they all have matching style covers and are going for crazy prices graded right now. Thanks CGC#3697321003 cgc#3717913010 cgc#3717913007 cgc#3717913009 for references.
  2. They should have their own slot due to them having a different price on the cover.
  3. HELLO, Can you please add Star Wars: Episode II or make a complete set that includes Episodes 1, 2 and 3 combined. Thanks. CGC#2125612008 as reference for Episode II
  4. I agree with you Lookin4Newsstands. I have been trying to get the Price Variants their own slot as a Variant for Star Wars. They are rarer and harder to get in 9.8 the the US versions.
  5. Matt, Please build Star Wars: Vader Down set. Here is a reference. CGC #1431622009 and #1431622016. Thanks Unfortunately, this is a one-shot and is not eligible for its own set. Thank you
  6. Matt, Please add Star Wars Special: C3PO set. Thanks This is a one-shot comic and is not eligible for its own set.
  7. Matt, Can you please make a set form Star Wars: Chewbacca? Use cgc#2121253011 and #2121253012 and #2121253013 and #2121253014. Thank you Set created on 11/20/20. Thank you
  8. Matt, Please make a set for Star Wars: Mace Windu. Cgc References #1253868019, 1253868020, 1253868021, 1253868022, 1253868023. Thank you Set created on 11/19/20. Thank you
  9. Hi, please add to Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt. Slot added. Thank you
  10. Matt, they should have their own slots. There are less Canadian comics and are more rare. Can you please make them have their own slots?
  11. The slots do not show up for Canadian Editions so you can input the comics. Please look at my profile and see. I have inputted all of the canadian variants and they do not sow up. @WithUisTheForce!!!!!!!, The books are sharing the slots with the U.S. copies. You are only able to add one book (The U.S. or the Canadian Edition) per slot.
  12. Matt, the slots are not available. I tried to put my comics in but it replaced the ones I currently have in the regular slot. Also, the annuals need to be added and Return of the Jedi has Canadian Variants. I have #2 3 and 4 in Return of the Jedi Canadian Variants. They are listed in my sets now if you need a cert#
  13. Can you add Darth Vader 2017 set? CGC#2009682025 as a reference. Thank you This set already exists. Thank you