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  1. To the contrary, it sounds like you only agree you should "always" pay your taxes as long as you are not "the little guy." If you agree everyone should pay taxes then a 1099 makes no difference because you're paying them anyway. The only people this affects are those that are lying on their taxes.
  2. Wow, I'll have to make sure I never buy a book from you given what you're advocating the OP to do.
  3. Yes, sold it last October for $640 on eBay, about what I paid for it in 2019, minus the cost of the slab press and Sig. Like every one of my sales in the last two years, I hugely regret it. Not just due to the money since it sells for twice that, but because I'm left with one "key" book from my original thirty year old collection. I know I don't be able to afford replacing this either. Didn't realize the emotional impact it would have on me. Real bummer.
  4. Can't believe I sold my SS (Michelinie) 9.6 for a high bid of $620 last fall after holding onto it for 30 years. So dumb.
  5. Any list that features jrjr and Sal on it that doesn't have "worst artists" in the title is invalid for me. So many memories of romita's jacked up eyes on Parker or the ridiculous way he drew MJ and how his drawings of kids make them look like adults with progeria. Not to mention the Michelin man wrinkles he would give every character's clothes. Romita Jr's art during the clone saga is one of the worst periods in the book's history. Thank God I've finally passed it on my read through and I now have Mike Deodato to enjoy.
  6. This is one of the worst pages I've ever seen. I can't even tell what is going on in this sequence. I didn't even realize those were Shatterstar's knees for several minutes and thought they were his pecs. I wouldn't be able to tell he was cutting Juggernaut if not for the letterer. This kind of art would be acceptable for a new 22 year old artist on a minor title. This art is not acceptable after spending 30 years as a professional artist.
  7. Rob Liefeld is #1. I could forgive his 90s stuff if it weren't for the fact that it has been 30 years and he has not improved one bit as an artist. #2 is a guy whose name I can't recall, but he worked on spider titles around 1996 for awhile. I think his name might have begun with an F?
  8. Always a controversial opinion, but I would rank Sal buscema on my worst artist list in the #3 spot, followed closely by John Romita Jr. at #4.
  9. My banker friend said the risk is that they are worried about forgiving the loans and not getting paid back by the fed, especially since there was almost no information about not before applications opened up. That is why places like jpmorgan Chase didn't participate in the first day.
  10. Note - this is the older CGC slab with the slit in the side. Reply here if interested. Acceptable payment: PaypalShipping: Free shipping in 1 business day within the continental US by priority mailRefund Policy: Since books is graded, no returns unless book is damaged in shipment. If so, I will provide full refund and cover return shipping. Kudos/References Thread
  11. Update: Sold to Bobby Watts! Signed in gold ink by Denny O'Neil, Steve Epting, James Tynion IV, Greg Capullo, Joelle Jones, Alex Maleev, and Doug Moench. I purchased from Rich Henn for $295 last year. Have a medical bill I need to cover so looking to sell for $220. Unfortunately this book does not photograph well due to the glossy cover, and when I tried to scan it it only showed the signatures. Reply here or message me if interested. My kudos thread Acceptable payment: Paypal Shipping: Free shipping in 1 business day within the continental US by priority mail
  12. I was thinking around $40 sounded like a reasonable cut. 13,000 books is crazy. What is even crazier is that CGC has the staff to grade all of those so quickly. I have no idea how long it takes to grade but I would assume a minimum of 10 minutes. They must have prioritized these books over other submissions.
  13. I wonder how many submissions Todd ended up signing and what his cut was for each book.
  14. I should have mentioned I also had it pressed and signed by Michelinie before selling it, so i had an even bigger loss.