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  1. Yeah. With Stan Lee passed on. And now this comic is now worth more. How am I going to get $5,000 or a trade of something that is valuable of the price I am asking for?
  2. Hello people of CGC. Just haven't made a post on this forum in a while. I need help trying to price my “New mutants #87” signed by the late Stan Lee and Rob Liefeld at the current market value at a grade of 9.0 off white to white pages. You see I am trying to sell this signatured key issue from 1990 at the current market value by auctioning it off. And I can’t risk on spending like $38.63 and later getting ripped off if the item does not sell for 514.99. Because ebay can’t refund sellers of the item does not sell in the auction. Which I find hypocritical. I need help on finding a reserved price at market value and see if I can exceed that amount to a premium. And if I am thinking about selling it for like $514.99. Give me an alternative to an auction site like ebay that offers selling a item at $514.99 at a cheap price. Thank you.
  3. I am looking for a comic book store or memorabilia store in San Jose and Santa Clara to sell a CGCed signed copy of the key issue "The new mutants #87" from 1990 signed by Stan Lee and Rob Liefeld at a grade 9.0 to sell at a premium. The reason I am making this post is that, when in real life I'm trying to sell like a signed copy of a key issue by the creator of the comic. And certified by CGC. They would give my a quarter of the current market value or a limited value in the triple didget value. And I tried calling stores like Illusive comics won't by my signed item because they don't buy stuff from customers. I tried Space cat they won't offer me a premium for it. I tried legends at eastridge mall they don't by graded comics. I tried heros comics in Campbell they won't offer me over $1000 not at a 9.0 grade level. I tried Milos collectibles they don't by comics even if they are signed. I tried Time tunnel they won't buy graded comics not even signed ones. I almost tried Comic collector's shop in Sunnyvale and usually the owner is out of the store. Even I tried it outside of my town. I tried Lefty's sports collectibles they won't offer me a premium for it. I tried Classic materials they don't by comics neither graded and signed. So why won't they buy it for a premium. Because usually the signed item makes the comic go up in value. I thought about it and I am thinking that these stores are trending in with other stores like Gamestop and other geek stores to rip off their customers. I think where I live i am living in a economical distopia here. Or I can't sell it in the 4th didget range becasue I think these stores have their own market. There has got to be a store that is a $$$ store which specializes in graded and signed comics in San Jose and Santa Clara. Because most of the stores I called are usually at this rate $$. I know this becasue I use Yelp. And I can't sell it at a pawnshop because places like these are dangerous and unsafe. I you know a store in real life here in the Santa Clara and San Jose area that is safe and that the store can buy my signed and graded comics at a premium like a Mom and Pop shop or a memorabilia store at a $$$$ price range that can buy signed comics even graded ones. Please leave a post here. Thank you.
  4. Well it's been a while since I posted here. But i found a marvel milestone edition "Amazing fantasies 15" signed by Stan Lee for a deal. But it's not certified by CGC.|parentrq%3A41afdee41650ab6476ca3f70fff9be0d|iid%3A1
  5. I would like to ask people this. Can the key issue "Marvel's secret wars" if the condition is 9.0 go for a premium at retail for over $1000 dollars if it has Stan Lee's autograph. Like at a memorabilia store or something?