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  1. I set a goal 6 months ago of getting GSXM1, X-Men 94, and X-Men 101. I acheived that but got them all in slabs at 6.0. Now I want a high grade for each and a lower grade for each. GSXM1 might be out of reach for me. That book is white hot right now. 101 has cooled down even before the next Phoenix movie. Might be a good tme for that.
  2. Greetings all, I am pretty new to grading my own books. I bought two raw 137's and have looked at several online. This square bound book seems to always have issues with the staples showing on the back cover. I have noticed this on CGC 9.8's too. A lot of times there appears to be some black marks around the staples. Has anyone noticed this? Is this a universal defect that can't be avoided?