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  1. Hi Bill, Elementals was great. Fond memories. I have a bunch of pages and splashes.
  2. Agreed. The 300 pages are basically all splashes too. The Frankenstein Plates are pages from a book. The 300 "pages/splashes" are also pages from a book. And since there are no multi-panel pages of either Frankenstein and 300, the valuations are relevant. In other words there are only splashes, so one knows what an A level vs. a B level comp is when we're talking about these.
  3. Agree with this. For A level Frankenstein Plates, it is over 60K.
  4. Surprised you didn't own mine - #75. But cool to see all the ones that have passed through your hands Mike!
  5. I'm not surprised. IG is an incredible story and project that was widely read and brought many new readers to understand the entire Thanos saga from the 70s to that period. When you have that many readers, you will have tons of collectors with money 25 years later - the start of the peak of when those readers have money but are not yet tied down by family and l life. And that doesn't even to begin to touch on the movie tie-ins, popularity of Thanos that is only just blossoming, etc. Those of us who have been collecting cosmic art for decades have always appreciate these runs and paid mightily for the 70s art by Starlin. The IG run will reach those heights and maybe even surpass them over time. So glad I have one of the covers and some pages at this point. Bill Woo used to have four of the covers. And Albert had the other one. Not sure if they are all in the same collections now or not.
  6. Nice to resurrect this. Interesting not too much has changed, since these are ranges. Should Miller 300 move up a notch? Wood Daredevil down a notch? Ross Kingdom Come move up a notch, and leave Marvels at the lower tier? Thoughts??
  7. Sorry for the delay. It was the Seduction of the Innocent cover. My personal favorite of his.
  8. True, the best covers were 50K+ about 5 years ago. Those have to be 70K+ at the very least now, and pushing closer to the 100K for the key covers. They truly are some of the prettiest pieces in person, and unique in our hobby. As Gene knows, the last cover I bought was one he alerted me to and I bought it on ebay at 55K BIN.
  9. So what's the story? How does only half of a book get stolen? And I'm wondering what's the point of bringing all this up 15 years later after a Graphitti Edition, no police report and silence from the Miller/Varley camp? Seriously, these pages went quickly to true fans of the work - folks who would have more than likely gladly given it back to Frank if he asked. Or is this more a statement aimed at Spencer? Honestly, inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Yup, must have been late 2003 though. I was still in Philadelphia and I left there in June 2004.
  11. Thanks Scott! Not sure how long I'll be here - life and career pull me away a lot these days, but I'll try to stick around! I'll stick around longer if you sell me some goodies - you know my taste
  12. Completely agree. Buscema's art is the prettiest in my opinion - some of the most graceful, smooth and elegant art on the Surfer ever. Kirby is my second favorite, but mostly for the stories and the raw energy he drew into the Surfer. The Perez IG covers are gorgeous, but I'm a bit biased.
  13. Yes, sorry, meant Lim not Surfer! Doubt any artist is as popular as the Surfer lol!
  14. Hey Chris, Of course without considering context Perez is the superior artist to Lim. However, Lim is the artist most associated with Silver Surfer and the Thanos Sage/IG, having dong the art on Thanos Quest, which started the modern Thanos Saga, and then all the 40-50+ issues of the regular series. Perez did 4 issues of a mini-series that basically rode the popularity of the regular series and took it to a whole new frenzy. When collectors went back and re-discovered the run and art, the Perez art commanded higher prices because Perez was the "known" rock star and Lim was not yet. Remember, Perez was drawing since the 70s and made a name in multiple runs, including Titans, Crisis, etc. by then, whereas Lim was a young kid on the block. Fast forward to the present era and, like Keown on Hulk for example, Lim is a true rock star as far as Surfer fans are concerned. Thus, we have to re-evaluate the prices in that context. Truth be told, Perez is less important to Thanos/IG than Surfer is. This being said, Perez gets a big bump because those first four covers to the limited series were simply gorgeous. He is top 5 of all time as far as covers are concerned. So, all things considered, I think both artists Thanos pages will go up and stay up. Lim will catch up, trust me. Not surprised that pages will hit 10K. Not at all. I own several nice pages, splashes and covers from both artists and love them all. And then of course there's Buscema Surfer :). Blows them all away!
  15. I own page 25 from Issue #1, which isn't on your list. Love the Miller pencils and inks. First time he did this raw aggressive style. I remember getting the call to inquire if I wanted to buy a page from this issue, and having a choice of most pages still available. Wish I bought more, but alas I was still in training with (relatively) limited funds.