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  1. Same here, I was credited in the Miracleman hardcovers for the art I contributed. That was nice to see. Also, I only supply art if credited in the book and also given a comp copy. It is only fair. They need the art. I don't need the book. Seems we hold the cards. And, excuse me, but they are going to sell and market the book so let's not have them cry poverty. I will say I had one bad experience that was an accident it seems. I supplied a lot of art for the MM IDW oversized edition, and they even used my cover to MM 14 as the cover - yet they forget to send me a comp AND they forg
  2. so what's the udpate on the netflix series? Anyone know?
  3. Very interesting. I only have one page, from book 3, and it has not a drop of white out. Can't see any touchups post inking, but maybe this was a page that was spared his edits and modifications. Miller / Sienkiewicz would have been a marked and jolting transition between books 1-2, and books 3-4, if it had happened.
  4. Looking for any pages from Iron Man 154. First comic I read over and over, and I'm trying to find as many pages of the book as possible (and of course the cover if anyone has seen it!).
  5. Absolutely, but I think more obvious in some runs than it is in others. And in some cases I don't believe it matters much. Try as I may, I don't see a big difference between Miller/Jansen and Miller breakdowns/Jansen on his Daredevil run - in fact, as the storytelling got better and better the primer parts of the run were the breakdown pages. But, in other examples, such as DKR, there are clearer differences in the quality of the pages IMO. The outsourcing didn't seem to happen as much on other runs, for example Byrne/Austen, or atleast we haven't heard about it. And the consistent qualit
  6. True, LOL. I was taking the angle of a collector. As I would imagine people may not want that particular page. But, it does beg the question of how much of the books did Jansen ink and how much was outsourced? I do know that some of the books were heavily edited with lots of white out and some books were really clean. I wonder if that heavy white out pages were touched up by Jansen after outsourced inking?
  7. Yeah, any ideas on Golden Micronauts pages? Or Golden Dr. Strange?
  8. Agreed. I didn't know the range they are at nowadays, which is why I wanted the clarification.
  9. OK, added Miller Elektra Lives Again at 10-20K, and Steranko Cap at 30-40K with the rest of his panel pages.
  10. Are we talking Miller Elektra Lives Again? Just want to make sure people aren't talking about Miller Daredevil pages with Elektra.