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  1. Halloween approaches! Help me out haha - bump
  2. Someone has to have a low grade sitting around somewhere!
  3. As much as I want it on the cheaper end with lower grade, I'm malleable. Seeing as how I am having trouble finding a low grade in CGC - open to buying a low grade copy that can be sent through CGC.
  4. Not sure on rules for bumping old posts vs making a new one, but still looking into getting the above as described! Would love to get something for under $100 Canadian shipped. So definitely prefer on the lower end of the scale for grading
  5. So I can confirm my question was meant for the noob section lol. That is extremely helpful! It is for the Phoenix one in May and I do see someone has posted for it. I have someone already helping me out with it, so I'll try to see where to go from here. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello all, I am looking to get a few comics signed by Jeff Goldblum and thought I'd get some opinions off people. I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death in advance and realize it is somewhat preference based. Unfortunately, CGC will not be at the event and so I cannot get them through signature series. The rest of my collection is through CGC and so I understand if I get the signatures and go through CGC, I would receive a green qualified label. Whenever I have seen discussions for green labels - it always seems like people believe it is pointless. I know there is the option to go for a blue label and take the hit for the grade, but I think I rather the 'true' grade be shown. My questions is, is it more appealing to people to then get a verified/red or authenticated/yellow through CBCS instead? I have never gone through CBCS and I am not very familiar with them. Either way, thought I'd inquire and see what people think Thanks!
  7. I hope CGC ends up going as well.
  8. Just got an email from Ebay and so I phoned them and they refunded my order. With the conversion from US to Canadian - I actually gained $2 so that is a win! There was an instant refund, took 2 minutes of my time on the phone. This adventure is all said and done at this point. Although, they did say even though they have the buyers account under review, the product may still show up? I don't get how that works. I'm assuming this will be my last post about this though. If something shows, I'll be sure to update, but highly unlikely.