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  1. Bump Looking for any CGC 8.0+ If you have something lower, might still be interested!
  2. Hello all, I am looking for Batman: The Long Halloween #1 CGC to buy for a friend. Grades 8.0+ preferred. Let me know through a comment or PM if you have it! Thanks, Haiden
  3. Hello everyone, Looking to get my hands on a Jurassic Park 1993 CGC #1 Topps comic. I know there are a few variants to the #1, just let me know what you have. Looking for higher grade and would definitely be interested in a signature series. Still open to any label. Seen a few on other sites and Ebay, but thought I'd also inquire here. PM me or leave a comment and hopefully we can work something out Thanks!
  4. Anybody attending that I would be able to work with to get a signature CGC done? I didnt have any luck finding anyone for SDCC to help me out. Let me know or message me
  5. Just recieved my #5, #12 and #14 CGC SS. Someone has to have a #1 SS they are looking to part with!
  6. Thanks ender! Sadly no luck and din't get anyone to help me out! If anyone got one! let me know
  7. I know general rule is a week per topic, but thought I would bump as there is limited time. Musical artist Lights is going to be signing at Booth #1415 on Saturday at 1:00 PM I'm looking to see if someone can pick me up her #1 comic (Original + variant) to get them signed and to go through CGC. I would really appreciate it if someone could work with me! Haiden
  8. Just bought 3 more signature series from Joey. Looking to see if anyone has a #1 for sale.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right section to place this, but I am looking to acquire a Lights Skin & Earth #1 CGC SS. Looking to get #1 variant and original cover slabbed. She just confirmed she is going to be at SDCC and will be doing signings. Is anyone going to be there that could do this for me? I've never been to comic con so I'm not sure how it would work, but would definitely like to work with someone. If this is not the right section please guide me to where I should post. Let me know! Haiden
  10. You're right - I should have attached a picture @Jordysnordy ? Very happy! As much as I dont think I'll go for the whole collection- I am very happy with what I have so far!