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  1. I have a very good friend that I trust going to a convention in spring 2020. As a late Christmas present he is offered to get one of my books signed by a comic creator that I really admire and re-slabbed after it's witnessed. the problem is. He lives in New York and I'm in Michigan. Which means I would have to mail my book to him. The question is should I crack it out of the slab and mail it to him or not. If I crack it then it won't cost nearly as much as it would have sent it in the slab. However the slab could add extra protection. And I know that CGC will be at the convention. So I know they could crack it while he's there, since he doesn't feel confident doing it himself. So the question is when I mail my book. Should I crack it out of the slab or not.
  2. So I attend about 2 cons a year and either CGC or some facilitator is normally there. However during the winter months my Comic collecting doesn't stop and as of now I have about 4 or 5 silver age books I would like to get graded. My next con isn't until May and by then its possible I may have more. A friend says I should just self submit instead of waiting for a con that way I don't get so backed up but i'm afraid of messing up paperwork, lost books and all that jazz where if I wait a person who does this 1000 times a day buys me a piece of mind that things get done correctly. I was just wondering what most people do. Should I self submit or just wait for my local con?
  3. Considering on buying this for $500 but idk if it be worth it and worth the money to have it slabbed. I am told Golden age books are goldmines but, I thought id get some opinion grades and advice. Book is complete but pages are detached.
  4. I say 6.5. The staples look rusty and maybe its my eyes but it looks like there is a bit of color change do to it on the white. Add in all the color breaking creases on the black cover and I say 6.0 or 6.5
  5. Top staple is removed from the cover but attached to the book. It has left just a tiny little tear from where it happen. Other wise book is in tact all the way through including bottom staple of inside cover. Minor wear front cover and back cover. Some spine stress. Corners are nice and neat everything is straight. I am trying to shoot for a 4.5 or better.
  6. Hey i'm happy with it Bought it for $350 raw and since I was sending in another book to be a SS copy, I thought might as well. When or if the time comes to sell, I can at least break even on it. However, that wont be for a long time or unless I get the chance to upgrade it.
  7. @comicginger1789 @The Lions Den @joeypost @revat @mschmidt Just came back today. Thought I would share the results with you guys.
  8. I don't mind if it mentions it. I expected that. I just don't want it saying it's incomplete when all pages are there. I know that the word incomplete is going to make people want to lowball me when the time comes to sell later down the road. Yeah, the incomplete part is what I'm afraid of. even if it's a super high grade I know people are going to want to lowball me super hard just because of that one word.
  9. So last week I got a comic I always wanted since I was a little kid. The book his really high grade and I got it for a deal. However on the very last page a coupon is cut out but it doesn't effect story. While I was at the convention I sent it to CGC using a facilitator that was there. My friend says it will come back in one of two ways, A green label or a blue qualified label but saying its incomplete. I'm not to worried about the green label but I really dont want it coming back as saying incomplete. all the pages are there, just one small section on the last page has a missing coupon that doesn't affect story. now i'm worried. an anyone tell me how this is gonna play out?