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  1. Hey all, I purchased a Spider-Man Noir #1 today from MyComicShop. Then i went on Ebay to check out some more to see the rough price of more and noticed that A LOT of them do not say 1st Appearance of Spider-Man Noir and the other half does. I am glad the one i bought does say 1st Appearance of Spider-Man Noir. But what the deal here?
  2. I did compare it to sending 6 books and for 6 books it was $180 which is must better. Ill have to save for a little longer and just trust the system and get 6 to 10 books done at once. It's tempting to not just go local and do Halo Grades instead. However a 6.0 ASM 129 Halo compared to a 6.0 ASM 129 CGC is no competition. CGC all the way.
  3. Hey all, I have been a member of CGC for almost a year now and finally built up the courage to submit a book. I wanted to do a trial by sending my copy of Batman #181 by itself just so i can get used to the process before i start sending books in bulk. Everything was ready to go, my credit card details entered but then the total appeared. $80 US for shipping of one book. Now I am aware that I am in Australia, but I have bought bulk comic books from HA and not been charged this much. Is there a reason it's so high for 1 comic? I only had the one postage option as well. Is it possible to get it sent to a friend in the US then have them send it to me? Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi! I have been collecting CGC comics for a while and since CGC doesn't come to Australian comic con I have no choice but to send my books across the world! My questions are, In terms of Econmy and the max price being $400, is that the max price of the comics that I am sending? For example I want to send, Spider-Man 300, secret wars 8, batman 181 (first poison ivy) and quite a few others. I am assuming itll equal over $400 so does that mean I need to send them separately or when entering the declared value, will it see that it is over that price and just create another invoice type thing? Thanks!
  5. That Iron Man Series is a great set!
  6. I am sending it back tomorrow. Like I said it was a blessing in disguise.
  7. After I made this post I actually did more research on the book and completely missed the fact that it was restored. If it wasn't restored I still would of gladly paid the extra money to own the book since it's hard to find in Australia for a decent price. But yes the cracks are a huge blessing in disguise and one that won't happen again. I am fairly new to collecting CGC comics and struggle to find a solid answer to the value of a comic. Just today someone on my local buy swap sell was selling a comic for $400, I jumped on ebay and saw that that price was pretty consistent with what else was on eBay and even though I talked him down to $300 I'm still not sure I got a good price. ALSO I just clicked that ebay link and it said It sold for $3000. I actually only bought it for $2100 AU which is $1600 US. Thoughts?
  8. Not me personally but i have purchased books with his signature that he didn't write. I guess in essence he has something to do with every marvel book since most say Stan Lee presents. Thanks for the reply!
  9. If you were to compare a First Appearance of Deadpool same grade, both in CGC but one was signed by Stan Lee and one wasn't, would they be the same value or does having stan lee make it worth more or less?
  10. One last question instead of making a new thread! Does having a Marvel comic that is CGC signed by stan lee but not written by him devalue a comic? For example the first Deadpool appearance. If that was signed by stan lee would that decrease its value or not? Thanks heaps!
  11. Thanks for the responses. I have had another close look and it is extremely hard to tell if the book itself is damaged. it's a 7.0 graded Amazing Spider-man 14. First Green Goblin. So I would love to keep this book. I have attached another image, there seem to be some decent damage on the top left of the book (not from the delivery) but it makes me concerned that it isn't a 7.0 rating. Thoughts? Oh and just to clarify more, the "UPS" (I'm in Australia so we have "POST") is totally at fault here BUT if the seller wrapped it better it could of been avoided.
  12. Just received this comic book from an Ebay seller and the insufficiently_thoughtful_person didn't wrap it properly and it got damaged in transit. Hes an insufficiently_thoughtful_person but I still feel for the guy since if I ask for a refund, the postal service will probably stiff him with insurance. What are the odds that the book itself is damaged with case damage like this? I am considering asking the seller for a partial refund of $500 so I can send this book back to CGC for a new case. Thoughts?